Everything else.. Five things that Lankan Guys have to put up with

Five things that Lankan Guys have to put up with

2017 May 2

If I could describe life in Sri Lanka, I’d have to compare it to that first cup of coffee on a Sunday morning; lazy, relaxed, and laid back. This is not always the case though, as every segregation of people in Lankan society, whether it is by age, gender, or class, have their own little issues and quirks that they just have to deal with. Putting the rest aside, here are five things that Lankan guys have to put up with.

  1. The wonders of sarongs.

Ahh the humble sarong, on a hot day at home they can really be a godsend. It is like having your own personal ventilation system that follows you around wherever you go. Rather annoyingly though, if you fall asleep in a sarong you will wake up to find that your sarong is no longer covering up your lower body….regardless of how securely you tie it up. So to prevent unwanted surprises to whoever that may walk into your room, you have no choice but to keep that door locked or you could just wear something under it but then no point noh?

2. Independence? What is that even?

After you get your first job, moving out and getting your own place is a dream in reality. This is mainly because our rents are so high, and along with all the other expenses taken into account, this is an impossibility considering what an average starting salary is like. Let’s say you get lucky though and you are able to financially support yourself. Our Lankan parents would not want us to leave home, because they want to give us a sheltered life for as long as possible. Now I’m not complaining as it is only because they care so much about us.

3. Losing your bokka to a kella

We’ve all been through this; one dude from the squad is eventually going to fall head over heels for a pretty girl. He gets so occupied with her that he might as well be dead to the rest of the set eka. Those “set wemuda?” texts stay ignored for weeks (talk about the disrespect…Thota hena gahapan bro!) He never picks up his phone but when he does it’s usually his girlfriend making up an excuse for him. Ironically though, the squad envies him. They won’t say it out aloud but each of them have secret wishes that they too could be in relationship such as that. Together as a group though, they all hate the idea (what even?)

4. Vehicle? No vehicle.

In the event that you do score a girl of your own, you aren’t going to have your own car to take her around in. Why? Well because we all know how inflated our tax rates are. So you would either have to get in touch with a leasing company and end up paying more than the value of the car (which would probably be an Alto or Nano considering the financial position of us young guys) or keep saving up until you can buy it with liquid cash…but this is going to take quite a while. So until then, you’re going to have to stay loyal to either Uber or PickMe and that’s totally okay…after all, Jeewithey kiyanne gamanak. 🙂

5. Aunties.

Questions, questions, and more questions. I really do not need to explain this because you already know what I’m talking about it. Do you have a girlfriend? Do Ammi and Thaathi know? Ah so now how much money are you making? You are a big boy now noh? See almost all the questions that aunties ask are usually to do with how you are progressing with your life. Don’t ever walk into a group of aunties at a wedding….especially if it is a wedding of a sibling, or even worse, a wedding of a younger sibling *gasps in horror* You know full well that you are getting old and your younger sister or brother is ahead in the game of life than you are but still, an aunty will come up to you and remind you of all these things…just in case you needed a reality check.

So there you have it, five things that Lankan guys have to put up with. Some of them are manageable, but some of them are pretty serious issues when considering the root cause of it all. Nevertheless, while you may not think so, these issues contribute to keep the dynamics of our Lankan society in motion. Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Till next time folks, have a good one!