Oz Baker

2018 Jul 6

Open Time:

Tuesday to Sunday, 8am - 9pm


302, Havelock Road, Colombo 5.


Opposite Royal Institute

Contact No



A quaint sandwich bar and coffee shop at a convenient location!

Amidst the usual Havelock Road traffic is Oz Baker, a charming and quiet café which offers a menu consisting a variety of sandwiches, pizzas, calzones, danishes, croissants and many more yummy treats, inclusive of a breakfast menu! Unfortunately we did not get to try their breakfast menu since we visited the café in the evening, but if their other delicacies are a depiction of what the breakfast menu is like, we highly recommend you’ll try those out too!


Hazelnut Shake – LKR 550

This milkshake tasted more like a vanilla milkshake than a hazelnut one but towards the end of the beverage, there was a hint of a nutty flavour along with a thicker texture. It tasted really good and was not too sweet, but we hope they improve on bringing out the hazelnut flavour more in the near future.

Fresh Lime Juice – LKR 250

Being really thirsty, we ordered this drink and we were not disappointed. As simple as it may seem, most places either make the juice too sour, too sweet or water it down too much. Oz Baker however does a very refreshing lime juice with just the right quantities of everything so if you are walking down Havelock Road on a sunny day, do drop by, order this, and thank us later.


Smoked Beef – LKR 750

You get to pick the type of bread you want for your sandwich; herb or white. This sandwich came with layers of pastrami, generous quantities of cheddar, Dijon mustard and coleslaw, and we picked the herb bread. The ingredients were combined well to make a fulfilling and satisfying sandwich oozing with cheddar and mustard. Also, they assemble your sandwich right in front of you so needless to say we were not disappointed with this one!


Chicken & Chips – LKR 800

While we are used to the usual fish and chips, Oz Baker makes a great chicken and chips inclusive of 24 hour marinated chicken fried to perfection, steak fries, and a side salad which was basically coleslaw. The chicken was seasoned well and their homemade dip was the perfect accompaniment. The steak fries were crispy and were not too salty although the salad could have been seasoned a little more. This was just a minor setback though and overall this was a pretty great dish.

White Pizza – LKR 250

This was an absolute treat! The dough was nice and soft and it was topped off with olives, mayonnaise, gooey cheese and herbs. Just biting into it was Italian goodness and we have no complaints here because this was just delicious!

Chicken Olive Calzone – LKR 250

This was a tomato based item and consisted of shredded chicken, olives and herbs. I thought it was alright but my friend loved it so it depends on your palate really. The ingredients complemented each other and the calzone itself was buttery and crispy.


Blueberry Danish – LKR 150

Oz Baker gets their pastries right! This was flaky, crispy and melted in my mouth. The blueberry pulp tasted fresh and added the moisture it needed. It tasted as delectable as it looks.

Chocolate Croissant – LKR 150

The chocolate filling could have been creamier but the croissant had just the right lamination to it. The powdered sugar on top was an added bonus. To all you sweet tooths out there, this is the pastry for you!

The staff at Oz Baker is very friendly and super accommodating. They asked us if we’d like any of the items showcased to be heated up before they brought them to us. They also deliver and have a special catering menu so do check that out!

The best thing about their food is that they do not use any preservatives or chemicals, and their bread is baked fresh daily! They also have a soft serve range to help you’ll beat the heat.

So there you have it folks, many reasons to drop by Oz Baker for a quick bite!

Tip – Try the white pizza. It’s an absolute steal!


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