Restaurant Reviews Wan Ge Di Ya 

Wan Ge Di Ya 

2019 Jan 22

Open Time:

11am to 12am


5, Alexandra Place, Colombo 07.


Big red tent at The Promenade, Odel

Contact No 5 948604


Street food from 8 different nationalities in 1 location!

Wan Ge Di Ya is the latest addition to The Promenade at Odel! Walking into the restaurant, we were able to tell how much thought and effort had gone into the interior of the space. The roof was adorned with beautiful lanterns, making it an absolutely colourful escapade. The street food vibe was very prominent as well, evoked by the action stations lined up on one side, each catering to a different form of cuisine.

The space is not air conditioned, which is of course, to bring out the street food ambience and vibe. However, they have huge industrial fans which help beat the heat. With the aromas of freshly cooked food lingering in the air, Wan Ge Di Ya offers eight different types of cuisine from Japan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and Vietnam, out of which we were able to try out 7 types of food off their menu.




Thai Iced Tea – LKR 200

This drink was infused with star anise and cloves, giving it a nice spiced flavour, along with sugar and condensed milk. It wasn’t too sweet, but the overtone of cloves is definitely not for every palate. If you are into experimenting beverages, have a go at this one because it was definitely unique.

Vietnamese Salty Lemonade Tea – LKR 200

This beverage was sour and savoury, made with preserved lemon along with a salty lemon slice, ice and lemonade. Against this overwhelming heat, this drink made the weather all the more bearable.

Malaysian Syrup Bandung – LKR 300

This was the Malaysian version of a Lankan favourite: faluda. Made of rose water and condensed milk, this drink was mixed perfectly and we loved every aspect of it. In terms of beverages, the great thing about Wan Ge Di Ya is that you’ll find your value for money!




Kung Pao Chicken – LKR 1200

Colourful as ever, the Kung Pao Chicken arrived to our table warm and fragrant. Made with diced chicken and chopped red chillies tossed with roasted peanuts, this dish originates from Hong Kong. This delicacy went really well with the sticky rice we were served with the Chinese Roast Duck. The soft cubes of chicken contrasted well with the crunchy peanuts. Needless to say, we loved this dish!

Chicken Satay – LKR 550

While this dish included skewers of marinated chicken, peanut sauce and cubed onions and cucumber, the chicken was a bit too dry and should have been marinated longer. However, the peanut sauce was the star of this dish and the ideal accompaniment to the chicken.

Goi Cuon Vietnamese Summer Rolls – LKR 650

The term “Summer Rolls” is right! Packed with flavour these rolls made a perfect snack. Made up of shrimp, pork, vegetables, rice noodles and herbs, this dish was a Vietnamese treat!

Chicken and Shrimp Siu Mai – LKR 600

Chinese purse dim sum? Yes please. The Siu Mai was made with chicken and shrimp to cater to Lankan preferences, than the traditional pork and chicken. Dip them into the complimentary sauce provided for a pleasant explosion of flavours with every mouthful.




Chinese Roast Duck – LKR 1400

While this dish delivered what was promised on the menu, we were not the biggest fans of this Chinese delicacy. The duck sauce was thick and packed with flavour, but the duck and bok choy were quite bland. Nevertheless, due to the accompaniment of sticky rice, this dish was quite filling.

Char Kway Teow – LKR 1200

Hands down the best dish of our meal! Embedded in smooth flat noodles were plenty of shrimp, bell peppers, chilli, bean sprouts and BBQ pork. This dish was SO TASTY that we gobbled the whole thing up. The dark soy sauce added flavour and the portion was more than enough for one person. Highly recommended!

Prawn Pad Thai – LKR 950

This main was quite disappointing. It tasted odd and fishy, with a generous portion of undercooked prawns. This dish was not as great as we expected it to be.

Banh Xeo Vietnamese Filled Crêpes – LKR 550

This dish consists of sizzling pancakes made with rice flour, turmeric powder and is filled with bean sprouts, chicken and shrimps, served with organic herbs, star fruit and ash plantain. We were told that this dish is meant to be shared among friends or family after the ingredients are mixed into a special rice paper.

Korean Bibimbap – LKR 980

Presented beautifully, this dish is definitely worth the price considering all the ingredients that went into making this dish whole. This dish is made of a rainbow of sliced vegetables, tender strips of beef and a portion of rice topped off with a poached egg. It would have been better if the yolk was runny, however this dish tasted well.




Ice Kacang – LKR 400

This Malaysian favourite is so Insta worthy! What’s better at helping you beat the heat than a gigantic Ice Kacang? This dessert was super yummy and we highly recommend this to any sweet tooth out there. Be warned of the multiple brain freezes which are so worth this absolutely delightful dessert.

Kanom Tuay – LKR 300

Originating from Thailand, this steamed coconut pudding was to die for. With a steamed, custard-like coconut base topped with a salty coconut cream; this dessert was great in terms of flavour. The fruity flavour from the slivers of mango and the sweetness from the dollops of honey combined to form a dessert that we will without a doubt, be going back for.


All in all, we were pleased with our meal at Wan Ge Di Ya. It must be noted that most ingredients used are brought in from the specific countries the dishes originate from. Although there were a few mishaps with few of the dishes, we definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try some authentic Asian.


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Tip – Try the Char Kway Teow!