Charities Animal Shelters in Sri Lanka 

Animal Shelters in Sri Lanka 

2023 Oct 26

As of 2023, Sri Lanka is home to an estimated 3 to 4 million roaming stray cats and dogs!

And with big numbers come significant challenges like overcrowding, animal cruelty, and the spread of diseases like rabies. This means we have something of a crisis on our hands.

While we might not be able to tackle these challenges ourselves, we can help the people who do. Here’s a list of animal shelters in and around Colombo that need your support!


In Colombo

1. Embark Passion

Services offered: Rescue and treatment, animal welfare advancement, education and awareness, advocacy, volunteer opportunities, puppy fostering and adoption. 

Tel: 0773 429 025 (general) | 0777 740 129 (adoption)

Address: 38, Dickmans Road, Colombo 05


Website: Embark Passion

Facebook: @EmbarkLK

Instagram: @embark_niko


2. Justice For Animals

Services offered: Spay/neuter pop-up clinics, medical treatment, and medical programmes. Also organises fundraising sales alongside Aluthapola – a market for a cause.  

Tel: 0777 389 009

Address: 3, Jawatte Avenue, Colombo 07




3. AWPA (Animal Welfare and Protection Association)

Services offered: Medical and treatment care, sterilisation and adoption programmes, a sanctuary at two designated no-kill animal shelters located in Dehiwala and Kahatuduwa.

Tel: 0777 708 282 (sponsoring a meal) | 0773 450 031 (sterilisation and adoption) 

Address: 107, Kadawatha Road, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Website: AWPA


Instagram: @awpasl


4. Purrs and Woofs 

Services offered: Volunteer opportunities, rescue and rehoming, feeding programmes, sterilisation and spay/neuter services. 

Tel: 0777 567 122 

Facebook: @purrsandwoofssrilanka

Instagram: @purrsandwoofssl


5. Rescue Pirate

Services offered: Feeding and emergency treatment programmes, and raising funds through musical events.  

Tel: 0777 280 420 


Facebook: @Rescuepirate

Instagram: @rescuepirates


Outside Colombo

1. The Dogstar Foundation

Services offered: Feeding programmes, cat and dog sterilisations and vaccinations 

Address: 131/B, Pamunugama Road, Pitipana South, Negombo

Tel: 0769 439 809 (emergencies) | 0728 391 803 (dog spay/neuter hotline) | 0761 001 418 (cat spay/neuter hotline)

Website: Dogstar Foundation

Facebook: @DogstarFoundation

Instagram: @dogstarfoundation


2. KACPAW (Kandy Association for Community Protection through Animal Welfare)

Services offered: Sterilisation, spaying, and neutering services 

Address: 234E, Pallemulla, Haloluwa

Tel: 0776 923 260 | 0815 628 758


Website: KACPAW

Facebook: @kacpawsrilanka


3. Animal Wellness Trust

Services offered: Provides sanctuary and medical care at two no-kill shelters in Sri Lanka, one in Paragasthota and the other in Pothupitiya. 

Tel: (must contact through the website) 

Address: Mahadeniya Road, Kapuduwa, Paragasthota, Moronthuduwa

Website: Animal Wellness Trust

Facebook: @awtsl

Instagram: @animalwellnesstrust


4. Baw Baw Animal Welfare

Services provided: Spaying/neutering, rescue and rehoming, and rehabilitation ranging from regular check-ups, vaccination programmes, medications and any other required treatment to surgeries. 

Tel: 0719 159 992

Address: Baw Baw Sanctuary, Yatikadura, Walaspitiya Watta, Kurunegala 


Website: Baw Baw Animal Welfare


Instagram: @bawbaw_sl


5. WECare Worldwide

Services offered: CNVR programmes (Catch Neuter, Vaccinate and Release), adoption services and volunteer programmes.

Tel: 0412 259 390 (general) | 0721 275 616 (emergencies)

Address: WECare Hospital, 179A, Kurunduwatta Road, Thekkawatta, Kapugama, Devinuwara


Website: WECare Worldwide

Facebook: @WECareWorldwide

Instagram: @wecare_srilanka


6. Underdogs Sri Lanka

Services offered:  Rescue, rehabilitation, sterilisation, fostering,  and re-homing of stray animals in urgent need in the Trincomalee area

Tel: 0772 559 249

Address: Ward 3, Mill Road, Trincomalee


Website: Underdogs Sri Lanka

Facebook: @underdogsrilanka

Instagram: @underdogs_srilanka


These organisations are on a mission to brighten the lives of stray animals, but they can’t do it alone. They depend on donations when they can get them. If you can lend a hand, don’t hesitate to reach out. Every animal, whether a wanderer or not, deserves some love!