Entertainment Shalini Peiris: Lanka’s Rising Hollywood Star

Shalini Peiris: Lanka’s Rising Hollywood Star

2016 Jul 20

By Shamila Naleer

Kala Keerthi Iranganie Serasinghe, who is a celebrated jewel in the entertainment industry in our nation, appeared in the renowned Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom movie and was one of the first actresses in Lanka to make an appearance in Hollywood.

In 2009, Jacqueline Fernandez made her acting debut in the Indian film ‘Aladin’ and has been famous in Bollywood ever since.

Following in their footsteps and bringing pride to our island as well as rooting “sinha-lè” in the remarkable world of Hollywood today, we present to you Shalini Peiris.

Superhero movies are definitely no stranger to any of us and DC’s Justice League, coming out in 2017, will no doubt be yet another seat-clutching, nail biting movie with all our DC favourites in one movie on a mission to save the world from total annihilation once more!


Shalini Peiris will play her part in the upcoming Justice League movie as a Bio Hazard Suit Soldier. In case you’re wondering what a bio hazard suit solder is, have no fear; we enclose a picture.


Shalini is a bright youthful woman who is chasing the dream and working hard to land among the stars. Stemming from Ceylon, Shalini graduated from Arts Educational Schools London in 2009, achieving a Masters in Acting. Prior to this accomplishment, she additionally attained a BA in South Asian & Social Anthropology in 2006 as well as an MSc. in Violence, Conflict & Development in 2008 from the School of Oriental and African Studies which is a part of the University of London.

Fun fact; she is also a qualified massage therapist! (Is there anything this girl can’t do?)

Ever since 2009, she has been grounding herself in her acting career, working with quite a few deeply ingrained corporations including the Hampstead Theatre and Theatre Royal Stratford East.


Nevertheless, Justice League is not her first Hollywood movie. Shalini also made an appearance in this year’s ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ as the character of a mother alongside well known actors and actresses including Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, Sam Claflin and Liam Neeson.

IMDb has also recognized her for her roles played in two other short films. She portrayed the character of Jena in ‘Streets in the Sky’ and Karima in the film ‘Ayesha’.

Furthermore, Shalini played a part in Theatre Royal Stratford East’s play this April called ‘The House of in Between’; a drama delving into the lives of India’s transgender hijra community.

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It would also be safe to say that Shalini has brought immense pride to Lanka and her people are proud. Lankans are teeming with gratification and this is clearly visible on social media.


And of course, Shalini is grateful that her fellow Lankans are celebrating her and is humbled at our pride in her.


I guess we all have another reason to watch Justice League in 2017!