Everything else.. Easy-to-Make Sri Lankan Dishes

Easy-to-Make Sri Lankan Dishes

2020 Mar 28


Having to stay at home has become inevitable due to the tragic Covid-19 pandemic that has affected us all. 

However, rather than letting boredom and negativity get the best of us, even those of us who aren’t the keenest cooks, could attempt in giving our untested cooking skills a shot. Here’s a  list on some famous authentic Sri Lankan recipes that Aunty D has made much simpler for all of us. 


Easy Chicken Stir-fry

Fed up of cooking the usual chicken curry? Why not try a stir-fry dish. Take a look at the convenient but yummy-looking chicken dish that can be put together with very little time and ingredients. 


Dhal curry (Parippu Curry)

Moving into a more comfortable territory, the dhal curry. One of the most frequent dishes in any Sri Lankan meal. We can all agree that this dish would fit right in with any rice and curry or even with some warm crunchy roast paan (yum!) 

Egg Rolls 

Craving those egg rolls that you would have everyday as a mid-work snack? Here’s how to make your own at home!


Chicken Curry

Whether eaten with rice, string hoppers or bread, chicken curry is a favourite amongst us lankans. Make a bit extra and store in the fridge to last you for several meals!


Spicy Devilled Bitter Gourd

Try this method of cooking bitter gourd! You might be pleasantly surprised!


Easy Lankan Potato Curry (Ala Curry)

Potatoes… they are fantastic in whatever form they are cooked in. As much as we believe that Sri Lankan food is known for its amazing spices, Sri Lankan recipes are not always spicy. This is not only a very frequent dish for Rice and Curry, but it also works perfectly with string hoppers. 


Mutton Curry 

For all the meat lovers out there, the perfect spicy mutton curry can do nothing but satisfy our cravings for a yummy and spicy meal. This dish is a personal favourite!


Thalana Batu Curry

Yes, vegetables are an important part of the balanced diet too. Here’s a scrumptious dish both nutritious and super tasty as well. 


Tempered Kankun

Who doesn’t love Kankun? Here’s a quick recipe to make the perfect Tempered Kankun dish to compliment your meal. 


Lankan Egg Curry

The amazing thing about Sri Lankan recipes is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the preparation of most dishes. Personally, I like my eggs sunny-side up, but hey! We managed to make a fascinating combination of boiled eggs in a curry!


Cabbage Mallum

Doesn’t sound tempting enough? Aunty D has some tricks up her sleeve to make it as appealing as it can get.


Beef Black Pepper Curry

Who can say no to a mouth-watering sizzling black beef curry? This is an ideal dish to put together if you’re working on the clock or in a hurry. Don’t miss out! Relish the advantage of Sri Lankan dishes where we get to use our spices in different forms to obtain various outcomes.


Carrot Sambol

Like adding colour to your combination? This dish is the perfect fit. Along with the vitamins it brings you, this is also one of the easiest dishes you can whip up in no time.


Lankan Spicy Fish Cutlets

Finally, I’d like to brush you through one of my personal favourites when it comes to side dishes. It adds just the right amount of flavour and taste. We could also use this as a snack at any time of the day or a bite while having a drink. Cutlets will never let you down.


We sincerely hope these recipes motivated you to try your hand in the kitchen! Snap a picture and tag us in the dishes you whipped up.