Everything else.. Christmas Gift Spots in Colombo 2022

Christmas Gift Spots in Colombo 2022

2022 Dec 17

Christmas is the season of giving and we all know what that means. Yes, the frantic hunt for Christmas gifts begins.

While December is notorious for emptying out most of our pockets, it might help to have some gift inspos and affordable gift options in hand for some guidance. Fear not, that’s exactly what we got for you right here, so read on! And happy shopping!

1. House of Gifts 

Price range: LKR 100 upwards 

Tel: 0714 516 385

Address: No 06, Bagatale Road, Colombo 03

Popular items: Candles, tableware, cheese boards 

Facebook: @thehogifts

Instagram: @houseofgifts.lk

Website: www.houseofgifts.lk 

2. Who We Are 

Price range: LKR 100 upwards 

Tel: 0765 444 474 

Address: No. 97, Buthgamuwa Road, Rajagiriya

Popular items: Cards, advent calendars, cane-woven gift bags 

Facebook: @whowearelk

Instagram: @whowearelk

Website: whoweare.lk 

3. Candle House Ceylon

Price range: LKR 150 upwards

Tel: DM for inquiries

Email: hello@candlehouseceylon.com 

Address: Online store

Popular items: Scented candles 

Facebook: @candlehouseceylon

Instagram: @candlehouseceylon

Website: candlehouseceylon.com 

4. Eco Kade 

Price range: LKR 200 upwards 

Tel: 0768 621 306 

Address: Rodrigo Lane, Dehiwala.

Popular items: Eco-friendly cups and straws

Facebook: @Eco-Kade

Instagram: @eco_kade

Website: www.ecokade.com 

5. Buds ‘N’ Plants 

Price range: LKR 350 upwards

Tel: 0778 787 456 

Address: No 04, Woodland Ave, Colombo 06

Popular items: Plants with customised pots 

Facebook: @budsnplants

Instagram: @budsnplants

6. Ms Soapy Suds 

Price range: LKR 450 upwards

Tel: 0777 891 507 

Address: Online store

Popular items: All-natural soap

Facebook: @MsSoapySuds

Instagram: @ms_soapy_suds

Website: thedesigncollectivestore.com/ms-soapy-suds 

7. Sustainablee

Price range: LKR 500 upwards

Tel: 0773 840 515 

Address: Online store

Popular items: Bottle bags, customisable gift packs (Homeware gifts, portable travel kits)

Facebook: @sustainableeyours

Instagram: @sustainableeyours

Website: www.sustainableeyours.com

8. Amberry 

Price range: LKR 750 upwards

Tel: 0774 543 542

Address: 74, Galvihara Road, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 

Popular items: Customised wooden cufflinks, bow ties 


Instagram: @amberrysrilanka

Website: amberry.business.site 

9. Selyn Fair Trade

Price range: LKR 800 upwards 

Tel: 0112 596 838 

Address: No. 102, Fife Road, Colombo 05

Popular items: Tablecloths, napkins, cushion covers 

Facebook: @selynfairtrade

Instagram: @selynfairtrade

Website: selyn.lk 

10. Shoelace Studio 

Price range: LKR 850 upwards

Tel: 0773 516 606 

Address: Tribe, L – 2, One Galle Face 

Popular items: Custom ornaments, nail and string art, wall art

Facebook: @shoelacestudio

Instagram: @shoelace_studio

11. Cozy Linen Sri Lanka

Price range: LKR 950 upwards

Tel: 0777 879 888 | 0765 382 332

Address: Queen’s Road, Colombo 03 (Opposite Divine Bakery)

Popular items: Cushions, tableware 

Facebook: @cozylinen

Instagram: @cozylinensrilanka

12. Cane Couture

Price range: LKR 1,000 upwards

Tel: 0765 499 930

Address: 761/1, Udawatta Road, Malabe

Popular items: Cushion cases, cane-woven tissue boxes

Facebook: @canecouture.lk

Instagram: @canecouture

13. Lassana Flora  

Price range: LKR 1,000 upwards  

Tel: 0112 001 122

Address: 279C, Nawala Road, Nawala, Rajagiriya

Popular items: Cakes, flower arrangements, fruit baskets, gourmet hampers

Facebook: @lassanaflora

Instagram: @lassana_flora

Website: lassana.com

14. Barefoot 

No photo description available.Price range: LKR 1,000 upwards 

Tel: 0112 589 305 

Address: No. 704, Galle Main Road, Colombo 03 

Popular items: Batik creations, handicrafts and clothing 

Facebook: @barefootceylon

Instagram: @barefootceylon

Website: barefootshoponline.com

15. Tayo Bear 

Price range: LKR 1,000 upwards 

Tel: 0771 992 907

Address: No. 71, 2 Gregory’s Road, Colombo 07

Popular items: Doggy advent calendars, Christmas box, birthday box

Facebook: @tayobearSl

Instagram: @tayobear

Website: www.tayobear.com 

16. The Mugshot LK

Price range: LKR 1,300 upwards 

Tel: 0765 667 761

Address: Parakumba Place, Wellawatte, Colombo 06

Popular items: Gift boxes (Customised mugs, notebooks, candles) – also sold separately. 

Facebook: @themugshotlk

Instagram: @the_mugshotlk

Website: themugshotlk.com 

17. Wishque 

Price range: LKR 1,500 upwards

Tel: 0712 128 888

Address: No 374, Highlevel Road, Gangodawila, Nugegoda.

Popular items: Cakes, gift hampers (Chocolates, essential items, sweets), flowers

Facebook: @wishqueshop

Instagram: @wishqueshop

Website: www.wishque.com

18. Sweet Thingiez 

Price range: LKR 1,700 upwards

Tel: 0706 625 625 

Address: Online store

Popular items: Stationery gift packs 

Facebook: @SweetThingiez

Instagram: @sweetthingiez

19. Spa Ceylon 

Price range: LKR 3,000 upwards 

Tel: 0112 381 199  (One Galle Face) 

Address: All branches 

Popular items: Skincare gift bundles, advent calendars 

Facebook: @SpaCeylonAyurveda

Instagram: @spaceylonofficial

Website: spaceylon.com

20. Basketeer 

Price range: LKR 3,500 upwards

Tel: 0761 711 388 

Address:  68/5A, Padiliyatuduwa Road, Wattala

Popular items: Customised gift boxes (Mugs, candles, tea, Spa Ceylon oils)

Facebook: @BasketeerSriLanka

Instagram: @basketeersrilanka

Website: basketeer.lk

21. Luvessence 

Price range: LKR 3,900 upwards

Tel: 0112 083 134 (OGF Outlet) | 0776 584 848 (Hotline)

Address: LG – 29, One Galle Face Mall, Colombo

Popular items: Advent calendars, gift bundles (Perfumes, body lotion, lip balm) 

Facebook: @LuvEsence

Instagram: @luvesence_

Website: www.luvesence.com

22. Isla 

Price Range: LKR 5,000 upwards

Tel: 0777 297 635

Address: Online Store

Popular items: Laundry baskets, wall shelves, cane framed wall mirrors

Facebook: @isla.lk 

Instagram: @isla_lk

23. Kapruka 

Price range: LKR 5,000 upwards

Tel: 0117 551 111 (Hotline)

Address: 237/22, Vijayakumaratunga Mawatha, Colombo 05  

Popular items: Gift hampers (Essential items, fruits), flowers 

Facebook: @kaprukafans 

Instagram: @kapruka 

Website: www.kapruka.com 

24. Ceylon Hampers 

Price range: LKR 5,000 upwards

Tel: 0772 422 446

Address: 273, Galle Road, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Popular items: Customised gift boxes (Food items, body care, mugs, notebooks) for personal and corporate gifting  

Facebook: @ceylonhamperss

Instagram: @ceylon_hampers_gifting

Website: ceylonhampers.com

25. Boxalate 

Price range: LKR 5,500 upwards 

Tel: 0775 806 688 (for personal) | 0777 674 735 (for corporates)  

Address: 37/1, Jayasevana Mawatha, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Popular items: Customised gift boxes (Chocolates, snacks, perfumes, notebooks) for personal and corporate gifting  

Facebook: @Boxalate

Instagram: @boxalate.lk

26. Leather Collection 

Price range: LKR 10,000 upwards 

Tel: 0115 886 116 

Address: No. 26, Flower Road, Colombo 07

Popular items: Clothes, shoes, bags 

Facebook: @leathercollectionsl

Instagram: @leathercollectionsl

Website: www.leathercollection.lk  

27. Cotton + Paper 

Price range: LKR 12,000 upwards 

Tel: 0772 896 969

Address: 30, Doctor Lester, Sir James Pieris Mawatha

Popular items: Diaries, planners, greeting cards 

Facebook: @cottonandpaper

Instagram: @cottonandpaper.colombo


We hope this list helps you get the perfect gift for your loved ones. Got any recommendations? Let us know in the comments!