Everything else.. Janashakthi Appathon –  How Does the Competition Work

Janashakthi Appathon –  How Does the Competition Work

2016 Sep 12

The final applications for the Janashakthi Appathon Competition were accepted a few weeks ago as the deadline drew to an end. If, by some chance, you have no clue about this competition, let us fill you up with the details. The Janashakthi Full Option Appathon Challenge is on the lookout for a solution for the pesky daily problem of traffic. The best solution will win the prize worth a Rs. 1,000,000. However, it is, unfortunately, a bit too late for you to put forth your ideas for this challenge.


The competitors taking part in this challenge showed immense dedication and undivided attention. Initially, only 75 teams were supposed to be selected for the challenge. However, due to the huge turn up in participants, the organizers of the competition decided to allow the participation of a 100 teams. On the 3rd of September, these 100 teams took part in a workshop at Trace Expert City, which was the first one in this competition.

The Head of Marketing of Janashakthi Insurance , Manindri Bandaranayake, made an appearance at the workshop. Following her best wishes to the competitors, the workshop commenced. Likewise, the CEO of our go-to transport app, Pick Me, Jiffry Zulfer, delivered a speech on how the company began and his experiences. He further spoke about what how gained in his 16 years in the field of technology. Following Jiffry’s speech, Tharaka Devinda, who is a representative of the Google Developer Group, made a speech on the new trends and developments in the world of technology.

The next iconic person to take the stage was Sunesh Rodrigo, the Deputy General Manager of the Group HR at MAS Holdings, who spoke of his experiences and insights to the crowd present at the event.  The fourth speaker was the founder of Erbenlab, which also introduced Nic Nac, Savira Fernando. He said that as of now, in the field of technology, a primary issue is, no matter how many new inventors and software engineers may be there, a lack of personnel to market and develop these innovative services.

Finally, the Senior Brand Executive for Janashakthi Full Option, Thamara Kulatunga, addressed the gathering and explained the competitors about next step of the challenge. Out of the 100 participating teams, 20 will be selected to move forward in the competition.