Everything else.. Sri Lankan Hangover Remedies

Sri Lankan Hangover Remedies

2019 Dec 30

A boozy night out in Colombo can get pretty wild and more often than not, you will wake up the next morning with the hangover of a lifetime. Following which you will swear that you are never drinking again with much dismay. But fear not fellow party people! Here are some Sri Lankan hangover remedies that are bound to get you functioning properly in no time at all.

Tamarind Juice 

Not only does tamarind maintain your immune system and boost your metabolism, it’s great for maintaining your liver function and is a proven anti-oxidant with anti inflammatory nutrients. It also regulates your blood sugar levels. All you have to do is just boil the pulp in hot water with honey or jaggery. 

Ginger Tea


As hangovers are usually accompanied by nausea and upset stomachs, sip on a cup of hot ginger tea to alleviate your symptoms (you can also contemplate your bad life choices in regards to the night before while you sip on that cuppa). This works because ginger is proven to speed up the digestion of alcohol. For an added benefit, sweeten your tea with some honey as it is high in fructose which aids in metabolizing and burning off any remaining alcohol in your system.



Being a staple ingredient in almost every Sri Lankan curry that your ammi ever made for you, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. When you are suffering from a hangover, these properties help calm down your entire digestive system (much like Angelo Mathews, it really is an all-rounder). It also helps in fortifying the liver by increasing the rate in which alcohol is processed out. So heat up some water in a mug and add as much turmeric as you can handle and gulp it down. You are now on the road to recovery.



As a result of a night of heavy drinking, your body’s potassium levels will hit an all time low the following morning. This results in dehydration, nausea, and overall feelings of regret. Enter your saviour, the humble kesel gediya. Consuming some bananas will replenish your body’s supply of potassium which will thereby stop you from feeling sorry for yourself. My advice to you would be to keep a couple of bananas by your bed so you can eat them first thing in the morning.

Minchi Sambola


If possible, incorporate a minchi sambola into your breakfast the morning after and you will not regret it. Mint relaxes your intestines, battles nausea, and gets rid of that horrible bloated feeling present in your stomach. In addition to that, it is rich in detoxifying properties which will help promote a general feeling of well being (isn’t that what we all want after a night of drinking?).


thambiliWhen hungover, cutting open a king coconut might seem like a daunting task but if you succeed it will be worth all the trouble. Coconut water contains a diverse range of anti-oxidants and electrolytes, all key components in treating a hangover. In addition to it being delicious, your body will love you for drinking it up. Hangover cures do not get more Lankan than this.

Morning Power

Stock up on a couple of these cans and you can party hard without worrying about the next day. Morning Power uses fish extract which enhances your liver’s function to neutralize alcohol’s nasty effects. Think of it as a combination of all of the above remedies except on steroids. Best of all, it is caffeine free and tastes great! So knock back one of these cans (much like how you knocked back those frosty lions last night *wink wink*) before you go to bed after a night of drinks and things you’d rather not remember  and you’ll thank me later. Have a look at our handy first-hand review and let us know if Morning Power works for you in the comments below!

So there you have it, your comprehensive guide to the best Lankan hangover remedies out there. We Lankans should be glad; we don’t need any prescription pills to ease our hangovers, for the best remedies can be found around the house. So with that in mind, go on and plan your next night out 😉 but always remember to drink responsibly. Till next time, happy drinking folks!