Everything else.. Support and Care for Children: Must-Know Organisations!

Support and Care for Children: Must-Know Organisations!

2021 Oct 2

By investing in our children, we are investing in our future, and working towards their well-being and protection is a part of our duty. So here’s a comprehensive guide to organisations working to ensure that no child is left behind. These organisations operate in diverse spheres spanning policy reform, legal protection and guidance, physical and mental healthcare, financial support, education, and fostering and caretaking.

Protection from Domestic Abuse, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

Women and Children’s Bureau

Under the State Ministry of Women and Child Development, Pre-Schools & Primary Education, School Infrastructure & Education Services. They also provide support towards Children’s Homes, Preschool Programmes, the Convention of Child Rights, Welfare Support for Victimised Children, Counselling and psycho-social Support and Counselling Programmes.

Child & Women Bureau:

Phone: 0112 444 444 / 0112 186 055

Fax: 0112 187 249

E-mail: secycdwa@gmail.com

Social Media:

Facebook and YouTube: State Ministry of Women and Child Development

Website: http://www.childwomenmin.gov.lk/institutes/womens-bureau

5th Floor,
Sethsiripaya Stage II,
Battaramulla, Sri Lanka.

National Child Protection Authority


Their mission is to ensure that children are free from all forms of abuse. Reach out to their toll-free 24-hour hotline dedicated to receiving complaints on child abuse and child right violation, and giving children an opportunity to talk when they need. The ChildLine is a private and confidential service for child-related inquiries.

Moreover, they advise the government on policies and laws on preventing child abuse and the protection and treatment of children who are victims of such abuse. They also coordinate and monitor actions taken against all forms of child abuse.

Childline: 1929

Website: http://www.childprotection.gov.lk/?page_id=6

Tele: 0112 778 911 – 12 – 14

Fax : 0112 778 915

National Child Protection Authority,
No. 330, Thalawathugoda Road,
Madiwela, Sri Jayawardenapura,
Sri Lanka.

Email: ncpa@childprotection.gov.lk

Website: www.childprotection.gov.lk

Save the Children

They are committed to eradicating all forms of violence and abuse against children. Supporting both government and community-based child protection systems to protect children, they work closely with the government authorities to reunify children who have been in state and voluntary homes with their families.

In addition, they work to make courts more child friendly. They carry out protection activities during displacement and emergencies. They also set up child protection committees and recreational spaces for children.

Telephone: 0112 555 336

Social Media:

Facebook: Save the Children in Sri Lanka
LinkedIn: Save the Children in Sri Lanka
Twitter: Save the Children in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Country Office
18, Sinsapa Road,
Colombo 6
Sri Lanka

E-mail: gmail.srilanka@savethechildren.org

Website: https://srilanka.savethechildren.net/

UNICEF Sri Lanka

Works in a wide range of areas such as Child Survival and Development, Child Protection, Education, Emergency Response,  Partnerships, Social Policy and Child Rights Monitoring. UNICEF considers the holistic development of a child — from birth through early and adolescent years into adulthood. Across each of the stages of childhood, UNICEF works with multiple stakeholders to strengthen systems, enhance coordination and improve the quality and delivery of essential social services.

Contact: 0112 677 550

Social Media:

Facebook: UNICEF Sri Lanka
Instagram: unicef_srilanka
Twitter: UNICEF_SriLanka

United Nations Children’s Fund
PO Box 143
Sri Lanka.

Office address:
United Nations Children’s Fund
No 3/1,
Rajakeeya Mawatha,
Colombo 07
Sri Lanka.

E-mail: colombo@unicef.org

Website: https://www.unicef.org/srilanka/

Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere  PEaCE (ECPAT Sri Lanka)

This is an NGO that aims to protect and promote the rights of every child and create an environment in which the safety and security of every child are assured. Their focus areas include Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (OCSEA), Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism, Trafficking of Children (SECTT), Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), Children in Prostitution and Child Forced Marriage.

Phone: 0112 819 397

Social Media:

Facebook: ECPAT Sri Lanka – PEaCE
LinkedIn: Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere – PEaCE (ECPAT Sri Lanka)
Instagram: ecpatlk

39/4 Jayasinghe Rd,

Email: info@ecpat.lk

Website: https://www.ecpat.lk/

Support for Children with Disabilities and Health Conditions

Reach Beyond – Autism & Child Development Center

Reach Beyond is a not-for-profit organisation formed by a group of like-minded mothers of children with disabilities, with the philosophy to ‘accept, include and empower’. They aim to provide effective, coordinated and holistic treatment and therapy services to individuals with disabilities.

Phone: 0777 327 120 (Sinhala & English), 0777 327 121 (Tamil & English)

Email: info@reachbeyond.lk, reachbeyonddisability@gmail.com

14/7 Tickell Rd,
Colombo 08

Website: www.reachbeyond.lk

Prithipura Communities

Prithipura Communities is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. They provide a home to some of the most vulnerable in Sri Lanka, those with disabilities who have little or no family contact. They offer support regardless of ethnicity, religion or financial means. They currently support 250 children and adults with disabilities.

Phone: 0112 930 635

Email: info@prithipura.org

Social Media:

Facebook: Prithipura Communities
Instagram: Prithipura

The Secretary
Prithipura Infants Home
Prithipura Road
Wattala 11300
Sri Lanka

Website: https://www.prithipura.org/

The Children’s Heart Project of Sri Lanka

This is a registered charity approved by the Government of Sri Lanka. It was incorporated in 1993. Their goal is to improve facilities in Sri Lanka for the treatment of children with heart diseases to the point where every child receives appropriate and effective treatment as and when it is needed.

Their objectives are to:

  • Equip and improve hospitals, clinics, operating theatres and other facilities used in the diagnosis and treatment of children with heart diseases in Sri Lanka.
  • Help train state doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses and other professionals engaged in providing paediatric cardiac services in Sri Lanka.
  • Provide partial financial assistance to children requiring urgent intervention and having to seek private-sector facilities in Sri Lanka.
  • Promote awareness and understanding of the problem of CHD in Sri Lanka.
  • Maintain, foster and develop paediatric cardiac services in Sri Lanka.
  • Raise sufficient funds to cover the cost of achieving the preceding objectives.

Tel: 0115 579 915 / 0727 769 123

E-mail: info@childrensheartproject.lk

Social Media:
Facebook: Children’s Heart Project of Sri Lanka

The Children’s Heart Project of Sri Lanka
C/o Managers & Secretaries (Pvt) Limited
No 8, Tickell Road
Colombo 08
Sri Lanka.

Website: http://www.childrensheartproject.lk/

Ayati Centre

Ayati Trust Sri Lanka is a charitable trust incorporated between the University of Kelaniya, a state university in Sri Lanka, and Hemas Holdings and MAS Holdings. It is a long term national initiative which has three main aims.

  • Operating and maintaining a National Centre for children with disabilities.
  • Changing the mindset of the public to eliminate any stigma and promote acceptance of children with disabilities.
  • Extending the services to the rural areas of Sri Lanka in time to come.

Hotline: 0117 878 500

Phone: 0768 014 262 , 0114 731 777

Email: info@ayati.lk

Social Media:
Facebook: Ayati
Instagram: ayati_sl

Ayati Trust Sri Lanka

Faculty of Medicine
University of Kelaniya
P.O. Box 6 Talagolla Road
Sri Lanka.

Website: https://www.ayati.lk/

Mental Health and Counselling Services

National Institute of Mental Health

You may contact the toll-free national mental health helpline to receive mental health assistance from trained professionals at NIMH.

Helpline: 1926

Telephone: 0112 578 234

Website: https://nimh.health.gov.lk/en/

Email: info@nimh.health.gov.lk

Social Media:

Facebook: National Institute of Mental Health, Sri Lanka

Mulleriyawa New Town


Reach out to them regarding mental health concerns, child abuse, bullying at school, examinations, personal issues and matters of emotional and mental well-being.

Hotline: 1333

Social Media:
Facebook: CCC Foundation- Courage, Compassion, Commitment
Instagram: ccc_foundation

CCC Foundation Inc. (Sri Lanka),
C/O Classic Travel (Pvt) Ltd,
Galle Road,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka.

Website: http://cccfoundation.org.au/

Shanthi Maargam

Reach out to them through their hotline any day of the week between 8 am and 10 pm if you are a young person in crisis or looking to help a child who’s feeling suicidal, or in need of a safe and judgment-free place to talk.

Hotline: 0717 639 898

Phone: 0112 665 126

Social Media:
Facebook: Shanthi Maargam
Instagram: shanthimaargam

1st lane,
Gothami Road 00800
Sri Lanka

Website: https://shanthimaargam.org/


The Sumithrayo centres are spread out across Sri Lanka. The organisation is focused on providing emotional support to those with suicidal ideation. They also conduct awareness programmes on suicide prevention in Sri Lanka.

Hotline : 0112 682 535 / 0112 682 570

Mobile/WhatsApp: 0767 520 620 / 0777 723 696

Social Media:

Facebook: Sumithrayo
Instagram: sumithrayosl

Email: info@srilankasumithrayo.lk / slssumithrayo@gmail.com


Head Office:
Horton Place,
Sri Lanka

Sumithrayo – Colombo

Hotline: 0112 692 909 / 0112 683 555

E-mail Helpline: sumithrayo@sltnet.lk

Horton Place,
Colombo 07

Sumithrayo ‘Mel Medura’’

Hotline: 0112 694 665

E-mail Helpline: melmedura@sltnet.lk

60 Horton Place,
Colombo 07

Sumithrayo – Kandy

Hotline: 0812 234 806

Peradeniya Road,


If a child is in need of mental health or counselling services you can channel a doctor right from the safety of your home.  They also offer COVID-19 related services such as treatment and advice.

Phone: 0770 773 333

Email: support@odoc.life

Social Media:

Facebook: oDoc
Instagram: odochq

Download the oDoc App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Website: https://www.odoc.life/

The Semicolon Effect

This is a support group for anyone struggling with any form of mental health issue. They also host informative sessions on mental health and share tips from psychologists via their social media.

Phone: 0789 072 566

Social Media:
Facebook: The Semicolon Effect
Instagram: thesemicoloneffect

Osilmo Autism Centre

This is a special education and research centre for autistic children. Their special and group therapy systems prepare children for communication and interaction. Their vision is to provide an environment for children that will enable them to integrate into society.

Phone: 0112 702 532, 0112 545 114, 0714 204 250, 0714 307 274

Email: osilmo2020@gmail.com, osilmo@yahoo.com, osilmoautism@gmail.com

No. 09,
Horana Road,
Sri Lanka.

Website: https://osilmo.com/about-osilmo/

Children’s Homes and Economic Support

Child Action Lanka

They work to assist and transform the lives of disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka. With a focus to look after the physical and mental health of children, they provide support to the families of street children, aiding in business loans, savings and expanding such businesses.

Their mission is to protect the most disadvantaged children and provide holistic education, health and nutrition promoting their basic needs, rights and interests to enable them, their families and communities to be individuals who bring positive change.

Phone: 0812 234 144

Social Media:

Facebook: Child Action Lanka
Linkedin: Child Action Lanka
Instagram: childactionlanka

No. 06,
Power Station Road
20000 Kandy,
Sri Lanka

Website: https://www.childactionlanka.org/

Hope for Children

They work to support disabled children through the provision of education, outreach support in the form of counselling, and home visits promoting the rights for disabled individuals across the country.

Phone: 0628 265 662

Social Media:
Facebook: Srilankanhopeforchildren

Website: https://srilankan-hope-for-children.nl/?lang=en

SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka

They parent 860 children through interventions and their six villages across Sri Lanka. Their work includes crisis housing groups, counselling centres, outpatient clinics and aftercare.

Children, adolescents and their families can find what they urgently need: relief, support and an opportunity for a new perspective.

Telephone: 0112 702 712

Email: donate@soscvsrilanka.org

Social Media:

Facebook: SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka
Linkedin: SOS Children’s Villages, Sri Lanka
Instagram: soscvsl
Twitter: SOSCVSriLanka

SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka
Fund Development and communication office
P.O. Box 5,

Website: https://www.soschildrensvillages.lk/

Lanka Mother and Child

Their mission is to provide a means of support to children, mothers and expectant mothers who have been left stranded without a permanent or stable support system due to extreme circumstances. The Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation currently addresses the needs of underprivileged children, mothers and expectant mothers.

Phone: 0112 510 100

Email: info@lankamotherandchild.org

Social Media:

Facebook: Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation

No. 153,
Nawala Road,
Colombo 05,
Sri Lanka.

Website: http://www.lankamotherandchild.org/

Stichting Mission Lanka
Committed to human rights for both the young and old in Sri Lanka, they help children, families and communities break the cycle of poverty. Their work includes human rights awareness, promotion of children’s rights and child education, provision of comfort to victims and minimisation of human rights violations where possible.

Phone: 0686 296 000

Email: info@stichtingmissionlanka.org

Social Media:

Facebook: Stitching Mission Lanka
Twitter: Stitching Mission Lanka

Mission Lanka Foundation,
Canon Terwindtstraat 11,

Website: https://www.stichtingmissionlanka.org/en-gb

Education and Skills Development

Friends Lanka Child Foundation

The focus of the organisation is to give socially deprived children a better future through access to free education. They aim to support children from difficult socio-economic and/or abusive family backgrounds as well as orphans and abandoned children through group education, children homes, individual educational programmes and scholarships.

Phone: 0112 812 996

Social Media:

Facebook: Friends Lanka Child Foundation
Instagram: flcflanka

Head Office Address:
No. 22/2, 1/1,
Perera Mawatha,
Sri Lanka.

Website: https://www.flcf.lk/

CDF Inspire

This is a recent initiative by the Monks of Mahamevnawa to provide quality education free of charge together with human values. Their free online programmes cover subject areas such as Spoken English and Mathematics.

Phone: 0701 286 401

Social Media:

Facebook: CDF Inspire
YouTube: CDF Inspire I Learn English for FREE

Website: https://www.serenecolombo.org/cdf-inspire/

Shilpa Children’s Development Centre

Their mission is to positively change the lives of girls and women in need by giving them access to education, skills training and support services. The Children’s Home provides residential facilities to 30 girls. The home has two dormitories, study and recreational rooms, a library, an administrative office and a computer room.

Phone: 011 236 9533

Email: shilpatr@sltnet.lk

Nawala Road Narahenpita,
Colombo 05,
Sri Lanka.

Website: https://shilpa.org/

Vajira Sri Childrens’ Development Center

Their mission is to secure the children’s right to survival, protection, development and participation. Their programmes include English programmes, computer training and psychosocial programmes.

Phone: 0112 856 146, 0718 329 308

Email: info@vajirasri.com

Social Media:
Facebook: Vajira Sri Children’s Development Centre

21/25 Ananda Balika Mawatha
Pagoda Road Pitakotte,
Sri Lanka.

Website: www.vajirasri.com

Room to Read – Sri Lanka

They envision a world where all children can pursue a quality education that enables them to reach their full potential and contribute to their communities and the world.

Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income communities by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organisations and governments, they develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.

Phone: 0112 362 832

Social Media:

Facebook: Room to Read Sri Lanka
Instagram: roomtoread_srilanka
Twitter: roomtoread

Website: https://www.roomtoread.org/countries/sri-lanka/

Without Borders

Its mission is to create high-quality, outcome-driven learning experiences that are affordable and accessible. Their projects include Idea Labs (a learning centre), CSR partnership projects,  E-learning, Tilli (a social-emotional learning tool) and more!

Phone: 0767 662 881

Email: team@withoutborders.net

Social Media:

Facebook: Without Borders
Instagram: withoutborders.lk

Sri Lanka

Website: https://www.withoutborders.net/

Hope this article helps! Children must be given the utmost protection and care in order for them to achieve success and contribute to the development of our country. There are many organisations that can extend the support these future generations need. Have we missed out on any places? Let us know in the comments below!