Charities Supporting Children and Elders Affected by Easter Attacks

Supporting Children and Elders Affected by Easter Attacks

2022 Aug 30

Albert Einstein once said, “peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be kept by understanding.”

Haasinee Halpe Andree together with her choirs, Choral Spectrum and Petite Chorale, intended to portray precisely that with ‘PEACE’, a musical concert that took place on Sunday, 14th of August 2022, at the Lionel Wendt Arts Centre. The evening included collaborative efforts by like-minded professionals as well as amateurs of various backgrounds in an initiative to bridge peace between the Muslim and Catholic communities, in memory of the Easter Sunday attacks of April 2019, and raise funds for two causes that require our undiminished attention as a nation.

Haasinee Halpe Andree hopes to contribute towards medical aid for the surviving children of the Easter attacks, in collaboration with Seth Sarana Caritas, as well as for Golden Path Mother’s Hostel, a Special Needs Elders Home in Ratmalana, after the cost of producing the concert.

The theatre was teeming with people from different stages of life, from kids to their grandparents, eager to find a glimpse of hope in rectifying the disarray – and the concert delivered just that, in full force! They joined in with singing some favourite classics in Sinhala, Tamil and English; an official reiteration of “Me Ape Deshayai” as well as “Ran Malak lesa” reverberated through the theatre with voices in unison from the stage as well as the crowd. The LED panel behind portrayed an array of photos to set the mood for each piece, from controversial journalistic photos holding proof of the struggles of the world to photos of local movements such as the Aragalaya around the current political tension.

The donation portals are open only until the end of 31st of August 2022. If you are keen and able to, do come forward in supporting this valiant effort.

To contribute towards this cause, contact Nalini on (+94) 771 938 500

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Photo credit : Faz Markar