Food 0 Calorie Food?

0 Calorie Food?

2016 Aug 22

by Akansha Naraindas

Ah, Calories, the demons of weight loss. Any compulsive weight loss enthusiast or diet fanatic can tell you about the incredulous worry of consuming more calories than being burned out. The simple fact of weight loss is that if more calories are being burned than are being consumed, weight is lost.

A common misconception is that fewer calories mean that less food may need to be consumed. What if I told you, you could actually lose more weight by eating more?

“zero-calorie” foods contain fewer calories than the body uses to break them down. This essentially means that your body burns more calories digesting the food than the actual content in the food itself. This allows you to run on a calorific deficit whilst simultaneously suppressing the need for hunger to build up or compromise in food quantities.

So what exactly are these super foods that allow you to lose weight by eating?



An entire cucumber contains only 47 calories whilst being fairly large, this water rich vegetable makes for a great snacking item as water gives your body the illusion of being full which should curb hunger pangs. “Eating foods that are high in water can help you feel full at least temporarily by taking up a lot of space in your stomach,” notes Monica Reinagel, licensed nutritionist and creator of the Nutrition Diva podcast. Additionally, cucumbers contain vitamins K and C, potassium, and a compound called silica, which helps to build and maintain connective tissue, like muscle, tendons, ligaments, and bone. This allows you to enjoy a multi beneficial approach to snacking.



A single orange contains around 62 calories. These are highly insignificant for the fat burning properties citrus contains. People with higher vitamin C levels have lower waist-to-hip ratios than those whose bodies contain less of the antioxidant, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This should make fruits like pomegranates, strawberries and oranges your best friend. Furthermore studies show that higher levels of vitamin C oxidized 25 percent more fat during treadmill sessions than those with lower levels of the vitamin, making it a great pre workout snack.



Yes back to our childhood with this one, when our parents would constantly pressure us to “eat your greens.” Little did we know back then that we probably should have listened to them. An entire pack of spinach contains as little as 23 calories (we burn 23 calories walking for 5 mins consistently) this makes it the perfect food to snack on as well as being packed with vitamin K, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and selenium and contains a hormone that allows muscle tissue to repair itself faster. Broccoli is also a viable alternative, packed with vitamin C and fibre which act together as fat loss agents.



This probably sounds like a blessing to the average curry loving Sri-Lankan. A red chilli contains around 18 calories, however its true benefits lie in the Capsaicin compound which give chili’s its kick. Capsaicin has been proven to help your body burn more calories and help curb hunger pangs due to the heat in the food, hence we tend to eat smaller portions of spicy foods.