Food Crepe Runner – Restaurant Review

Crepe Runner – Restaurant Review

2022 Jan 29

Open Time:

Tues to Thurs 2 pm – 10 pm/ Fri to Sun 2 pm – 11 pm


88, Galle Road, Bambalapitiya, Colombo


Opposite Baby Home Bambalapitiya

Contact No

077 226 0037 | 077 228 8463

A few crepes down and many more to go!

A unique food truck expanded into 04 successful outlets, Crepe Runner will have you wrapped around their line of crepes in no time! A 2019 SLIM Brand Excellence awardee, Crepe Runner is surely living up to their name. The second best thing apart from the stellar sweet and savoury crepes is their open crepe stations where you get to see all the action. We checked out their Bambalapitiya outlet and fell in love with the overall experience which is now yours to discover below!

Classic Sweet Crepes

Strawberry Maniac (LKR 480) 

Some like strawberries and some just don’t. If you are the former, this is a sweet and filling treat stuffed with thinly cut strawberry pieces, strawberry corn flakes and very generous amounts of Nutella in and out on the edges. This crepe comes with a milk chocolate option and frankly, we wouldn’t mind having it with both!

Combo Sweet Crepes

Choco Blast (LKR 680) 

Naming this crepe would have been the easiest thing! It is what it is, a blast of three sumptuous combinations of KitKat, Kinder and Cadbury! The crepe was crispy and softer towards the middle and the gooey chocolate held the layers together to form the perfect bite. A wickedly rich work of chocolate which is well worth the price.

Peanut Butter Banana (LKR 460) 

If you love peanut butter as I do, feel free to order this crepe without any reservations. It is a simple one in comparison, but make no mistake, there’s just enough peanut butter, banana and Nutella to fill you up! The peanut butter wasn’t too sweet or bitter which was another plus.

Milk Choco Crepes

Cheese Cake (LKR 550) 

I am everything cheesecake, or so I thought until this one came along. I can tell you that this is one of the best ways to wrap cheesecake, that is, in a crepe. It was filled with vanilla cheesecake pieces, chocolate and strawberry jam. All their crepes maintained the same consistency throughout and l kept nibbling at this one for the longest time as I didn’t want it to disappear any sooner.

Savoury Crepes

Stuffed Chicken  (LKR 690) 

10/10 for presentation and flavour. This crepe comes fully stuffed in very generous amounts of cheese, chicken, chips (yes chips!) and herbs. The chicken is well cooked and spiced and it is the most filling crepe of all that we tried. A full meal wrapped up in a soft crepe. Worth it!

Prawn/Isso (LKR 550)

The prawn and the crepe combination simply delivered. The prawn pieces were firm yet soft and weren’t rubbery at all. Juicy and spiced pieces of prawn in cheese and herbs make a succulent savoury treat and I’d love to try this again if I pop by. You should too.

Loaded Potato Chips

Chicken chips (LKR 500) 

Loads of chicken, chips and cheddar cheese makes it a great snack to share but you would probably want to finish it by yourself. It is as flavourful and sumptuous as it looks. The chicken and cheese nicely melted onto the Rancrisp chips and sadly, disappeared too soon.

Hot Coffee

Cappuccino (LKR 380)

The coffee’s aroma and the art were a plus but it wasn’t the best I have had. A decent drink smooth in texture nevertheless.

Nutella Shake (LKR 380)

One of the most affordable but delicious Nutella shakes out there, I almost felt it was underpriced. Crepe runner sure does use a gigantic amount of Nutella in most of their chocolaty concoctions but who is complaining when the outcome is this good!

Ambience and Service 

The staff at Crepe Runner, take a bow. The five staff members present at the time were working tirelessly every minute yet so welcoming and attentive to all the customers. Someone ran to clean and tidy the place even if it was a speck of dust. Tiny ants were running around on the tables the minute the food hit the table so keep an eye on them. We had to protect our crepes but this probably couldn’t be helped. If we cannot resist the sweetness so can’t the ants!

Fillings are power at Crepe Runner. All items are well thought out and executed. Do not forget to try a mojito and a slider if you aren’t already full from your mains. There’s enough space for a meetup with friends or family and quirky little corners to hang out by yourself. Their branches are located in Bambalapitiya, Mount Lavinia, Maharagama (Cool Planet), Galle Road and Kollupitiya, also available on PickMe and UberEats.

Tip: The Cheesecake crepe and the Choco Blast Crepe must be had! Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from the staff as they are keen to guide you on their available items.