Everything else.. Where to Grab Pizza in Colombo

Where to Grab Pizza in Colombo

2019 Mar 21

The pineapple on pizza debacle is one for the ages. While the hot button issue is likely to remain stagnant on social media, it also makes one super hungry for PIZZA – the holy trinity of crust, sauce and cheese.

While some may like to dine in and others prefer delivery, Pulse has got you covered with the following list of pizza eateries in and around Colombo, with the two obvious exceptions of Pizza Hut and Dominoes.

1. Arthur’s Pizzeria and Pub

Arthur’s Pizza Express (Havelock Town)

With its main branch in Mount Lavinia, Arthur’s also has a Pizza Express branch in Havelock (0112 586 241). The Mount branch is conveniently located next to Lion Pub, and serves up a few great cocktails and of course the main event is the pizza, out of which we recommend the Bacon Biththara and Chicken Nai Miris.

Contact: 0112 713 745

2. Giovanni’s
Located in Thimbirigasyaya, Giovanni’s is known for their delectable pizzas made using their clay oven. They are also famous for their BYOB option rendering it a great date-night spot with an intimate ambience.

Contact: 0770 335 366

3. Harpo’s

Harpo’s (Mt. Lavinia) – Reviewed

Harpo’s exudes convenience with their many locations. While their main branch is located in Nugegoda they are also situated in Ethul Kotte, Mt. Lavinia and Ja-Ela. They also have a ComBank discount going on till the 31st of March so be on the lookout.

Contact: 0114 323 023

4. Caffe Michaelangelo

Caffe Michaelangelo

With two branches, one located down Inner Flower Road and one in Rajagiriya, you can contact them for delivery as well. We recommend their Hot Butter Cuttlefish Pizza where Italian meets Lankan to deliver an explosion of flavours which will leave you satisfied.

Contact: 0117 612 612

5. Rocco’s


Rocco’s is a cozy and chic eatery which has been around for quite some time now located in Rajagiriya. We recommend their garlic pizza which is definitely a better alternative to your usual garlic bread, and it’s totally worth your buck!

Contact: 0771 262 121

6. Belmio Pizza
Situated in Kotte, Belmio Pizza has a customization option allowing you to build your own pizza with a variety of ingredients to choose from. They deliver and also do great thin crust pizzas and even dessert pizzas!

Contact: 0770 123 166

7. Dolce Italia

Dolce Italia

This eatery is quite spacious and is located down Skelton Road. If you are ever in the area be sure to drop by and have their Dolce Italia Pizza which is an absolute must-try! Also, they offer Ice Tea at unbeatable prices.

Contact: 0112 559 900

8. Pasta Mania

PastaMania Sri Lanka

This restaurant which aptly gained much hype prior to its opening is located in Colombo 3, down R. A. De Mel Mawatha and is halal! Despite the fact that majority of the menu is offers pasta options, they have a great pizza selection too! We recommend their Hot Basil Chicken and The Supreme.

Contact: 0112 553 618

9. Fire and Ice Pizzeria
It has been a few months since this international restaurant chain opened up down Glen Aber Place. It is one of the super affordable options mentioned in this list with some pizzas costing only LKR 800! It is also BYOB so gather the troops and head over for a value for money meal.

Contact: 0771 146 748

10. Napoli Artisan Pizza

Napoli Artisan Pizza

Located down Rohini Road, Napoli Artisan Pizza utilises an open-kitchen concept and serves up a kochchi-pesto dip which is ideal for Lankan taste buds. They too are halal and offer yummy wood-fired pizzas like the Beef Milano, which we loved!

Contact: 0772 905 000

11. Il Cielo

Il Cielo

While this restaurant located in Colombo 2 dishes up a variety of Italian delicacies, they also have a selection of pizzas, out of which we recommend the Speciale Pizza. They do some great cocktails as well and the ambience here is ideal for a date or intimate gathering.

Contact: 0114 366 355

12. Park Street Trattoria
On the pricier end, we have PST located down Park Street (obvs). PST offers an extensive pizza menu truly covering all the bases from meaty pizzas like pollo to seafood pizzas like frutti di mare. They also have many options for vegetarians!

Contact: 0112 327 111

13. Il Ponte

Il Ponte- Reviewed

Located at Hilton Colombo, Il Ponte is also on the pricier side of Italian cuisine in Colombo, but makes up for it with its poolside view and stellar ambience. They also serve up delectable desserts!

Contact: 0112 492 492

14. Romano Italian Kitchen
This is one of the lesser known places on this list and is situated in Kotte. They have a range of delicious wood-fired thin crust pizzas which will leave you wanting more. They also have a private room for gatherings which you can book in advance for free!

Contact: 0117 292 293

15. The Bayleaf
The restaurant which Harpo’s stems from had to be on this list. Located in Colombo 7, The Bayleaf has kept their standards high for the longest time! Their 19” inch gigantic pizzas and 22” square pizzas are a must try for a crowd of people!

Contact: 0112 695 920

So there you have it folks, a round-up of pizza eateries in Colombo to get your Italian on!

Have we missed anything out? Let us know in the comments!