KindleLeaf Bayan by Pramudith D. Rupasinghe

Bayan by Pramudith D. Rupasinghe

2021 Jan 21

“The older you are, the closer you feel to nature, and… its disorder becomes comforting.”

Bayan is the unchanging music of life. Hidden and often explicit, its pages carry philosophical yet realistic definitions to the very word ‘change’. Duality thus is a feature of this work. 

An old man, Ivan in his seventies, together with his musical instrument ‘bayan’, face the ravages of time.  Going beyond the daily routine of this unique combination of man and music, the novel speaks of multiple aspects. All of them come together to create the ultimate theme ‘The nature of life’. 

Grappling with the past and present, strength and weakness, this novel is universal. While it may seem like an endless rambling of an old man, the novel empathises and empowers the old. It gives the younger generation an empathetic outlook on their physical and psychological battles. Better, it teaches you to be patient and often sit and listen to what they have to tell you. Even when you wish to run away from them the most.

 “…my final musical realizations will silently infect those who are aging. The young will remain asymptomatic till they begin to get wrinkle on their skins, their sight begins to blur, and their ears to ignore the hums of honey bees.”

The poetic language of the author flows like the Vorskla River, where the story begins. Every line will carry you into the world of Ivan, and patience is a virtue you’ll need. When the world moves faster, Ivan grows slower, yet peaceful. He writes so you and I will age gracefully in our perspective towards life. He displays a level of understanding that the young, perhaps can only touch, but not consume.

I wouldn’t call this a gripping book. It requires effort to be understood and demands intellectual action from the reader. It is a book for thinkers and lovers. Dreamers and visionaries. Above all, it is a perfect representation of life as it is.

 – Bayan carries the whisperings of life for those who are willing to listen.