KindleLeaf Believe: Helping Leaders Unlock Their True Potential by Shantha de Silva

Believe: Helping Leaders Unlock Their True Potential by Shantha de Silva

2021 Oct 29

This book takes you on a journey. Step by step, the book challenges your thinking, and what I love the most about this book is that it keeps you hooked and gives you hope. If you ever feel like giving up, the thought-provoking advice in this book will help you to believe in your potential. Too often- you give up when you might have been very near to achieving your goal, but how often are you able to say that when life threw a roadblock at you, you made the impossible possible? Or do you easily succumb to giving a hundred excuses and giving up on your dreams? This book dares you to make the change.

What makes a good leader?

“BELIEVE” contains a treasure of advice, not only from the fantastic anecdotes Shantha shares from his personal experiences – but also from mentors, motivational speakers and leaders as well. How did they make it happen? And if they could be successful, couldn’t you do it too?

“Impossible is nothing!” shares the author Shantha. I found this book very motivating to achieve success, and I could take away a lot of insights into it for my life. One of those great learnings was how to achieve consistency – and take on responsibilities.

If you think it’s ‘too difficult!’ Isn’t this life? The book shares many inspirational stories of how famous personalities beat all odds and achieved their hopes. So, don’t you ‘chicken out’ or shy away from responsibility. Know that there are a lot of people out there who made it through the impossible. Most of their journeys might take you by surprise. So, don’t lose hope, but explore the many possibilities out there to make your dreams come true.

So, a second insight was changing your mindset. The BELIEVE model presented in this book helps you with this. The ethical principles and morals add tremendous value to this book. For instance, be appreciative of the feedback given to you and leverage it to your advantage. Another is to appreciate what you have instead of crying over what you don’t. How often do you exercise this? And wouldn’t you be much happier if you did? As the book explains, you might even be able to turn your weaknesses into strengths!

This book is very awakening and reveals how to set your path and prevent what hinders you from achieving success. Want to become a leader? You must read this book. Shantha’s personal stories and anecdotes are bound to make you more self-aware. As Shantha says, “The only person that stands between you and your success is you.” You would be surprised at the possibilities of what could happen- once you start to believe in yourself- and act wisely.

“What I have learnt from my own experience and many great leaders in business is simple: we need to believe that we can and will succeed, but at the same time remember to face our current reality”, shares Shantha.

“BELIEVE” is a must-read if you are already in leadership a position or if you are looking for answers to achieve success.

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