KindleLeaf I am Percy Cricket Crazy by Darrshini Parthepan

I am Percy Cricket Crazy by Darrshini Parthepan

2020 Dec 4

“I am Percy, cricket crazy, but I have no mercy for cricketers, spectators and administrators who are lazy!”

At 84 years of age, Percy Gimson Mendis Abeysekera is a worldwide phenomenon, an unstoppable force in Sri Lankan cricket. This humble, often notorious personality is an unmissable sight at every match of our Cricket Team, with his giant Sri Lankan flag. I am Percy Cricket Crazy, is his story, the story of the World’s One-man Cheering Squad’. 

Authored by Darrshini Parthepan, this biographical work is the brainchild of Denzil Perera. Celebrating over 60 years of cheering for Sri Lanka, Percy recognises himself as the ‘the twelfth person of the National Cricket Team’. His hearty and humorous puns, wisecracks, and the author’s light language make this a delightful read. Beware, some events will leave you teary-eyed, but mostly happy tears I’d say!

The book relates an unbelievable number of events, and never did I come across a boring moment!  Percy’s childhood cricket sessions with family and friends, the struggles to reserve a 25 cent viewing spot and his encounters with the police and many more will keep you thoroughly engaged. It is a reflection of his loyalty to Sri Lankan cricket. Laying an almost unbeatable challenge to future cheering squads, more than five decades of passion is woven into these pages. 

The narration is extremely genuine, as your entire cricket-crazy childhood and adulthood will flash before your eyes with each turning page. While Percy’s journey is one that’s unique, this book is written for all of us. The ones with their walls covered with newspaper scraps and posters, the avid collectors, and the flag bearers, this book is for you! 

This book is a sixer. Pick it up for the love of cricket!