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Executive Car Shopping

2017 Apr 1


It’s that time of the year again. For many firms, that time is the end of their fiscal year. Naturally, any firm at the end of their fiscal year would like to be striding in with as much money as they can hold on to into the next year while also cutting down on costs for the coming quarter. This mindset has led to a behaviour that has been adopted by a large number of firms- regardless of size.

As such, the end of March usually finds firms looking to buy vehicles to cut down on taxes. This avid interest in automobiles has led to many being sold at this time.

Let’s pretend for a minute (or the length of time it takes you to read the rest of this article) that you are the head of a firm and have had a very successful fiscal year. First; congratulations on your simulated success. Second; It’s a time for rewarding those that helped your firm get where it is now. The top brass of your firm certainly deserves a reward for earning the company the “big bucks”. You don’t want to spend too much, however, due to the aforementioned “striding in with as much money as they can hold on to”.

So, what are a few vital factors you simply must consider when looking into some premium, but affordable, vehicles for your top brass? One such factor is the reliability of the vehicle. If you are paying for premium, you would want to know if your money is well spent. The reliability of the car falls on two fronts; the performance of the vehicle and the post-purchase support and service options. The vehicle’s performance must justify the buying price, but must also have appropriate service potential should some calamity befall the vehicle- which would see you rest easy knowing there are professionals who would be able to care for it. Another factor is comfort. People would see little sense in spending that extra amount for a premium option if they weren’t getting comfortable seats, a pleasant interior and that much desired extra legroom.

You’ve considered the aspects you may look for in a premium vehicle fit for your top brass, but which one would be worth the purchase? Here are some recommendations:

1. The Audi Q7

The Q7 is one of the most sought after luxury vehicles in the world, and it earns its reputation with the product it delivers. Coming in at roughly 19 Mn, it does more than enough to satisfy its price. With its impressive V6 engine and nimble handling, the Q7 leaves many of its competitors in the dust. It definitely helps that it has a luxurious interior that mixes style with the comfort of premium leather seats.

2. The Toyota Crown

The Crown has long since been a symbol of power and excellence. The car by Toyota is no different. Coming in at roughly 14 Mn, it is a fierce contender in the luxury sedan market. Powered by a remarkable 3.5L V6 engine, it provides an incredibly reliable driving experience with performance that outshines many of its competitors in outstanding comfort.

3. The BMW 520D

BMW has long been considered one of the best premium options available in the market and continues that trend with their recent 5 series lineup. The 520D comes in at about 15 Mn (depending on the variant) and is considered the most popular “executive” vehicle in Sri Lanka. The 520D comes equipped with a 4 cylinder engine and oozes performance. Filled to the brim with technological features that greatly improve safety and premium seats designed for comfort, the 520D is a tried and tested vehicle.

4. The Mercedes Benz E220

Mercedes Benz is often used interchangeably with class and performance and the E220 does not disappoint. Helmed with a 4 cylinder engine, it focuses on the best comfort and safety. Coming in at roughly 15 Mn, it justifies its price with outstanding fuel economy for its premium class.

5. The Audi A6

The A6 is generally accepted as the “all round executive vehicle” and its performance has proved that sentiment true. Coming in at roughly 15 Mn, the A6 provides just the right balances in comfort in terms of handling, seating and a great fuel economy for its price range. The notable performance and control of the A6 compliments its sleek and conservative design.

With this selection of premium vehicles, you could do no wrong. Each one of these executive class automobiles have been meticulously crafted to bring out the undeniable class one achieves when purchasing such an exceptional car.