Living The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

2015 Dec 21

There’s less than a week left for Christmas and the streets in Colombo are buzzing with busy shoppers. The banks the year have gone on a promotion extravaganza where most shops offer discounts up to even a 50 percent for your credit cards. It’s the season of the annual bonus. It’s the season of late night traffic. It’s the season your pockets and wallets empty out at the speed of a blink of an eye. It’s the season shopaholics earnestly look forward to. Are you a last minute gift-shopping person? Are you another one of those typical shoppers who decide that the blouse you bought for your mom and the pair of heels for your sister are better off inside your closet? Fear not, you aren’t the only one.

If you’re still panicking over getting that special someone a Christmas gift that they’ll cherish and remember, then this article is for you. We sometimes put so much thought into getting a gift that we have so many options laid out in our heads but we find it terribly difficult to settle for one. This is your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide. Give your loved ones, a well thought out gift this season. We have a list of potentially heart-warming and sentimental gifts for the love of your life. Finding the ideal Christmas gift is near impossible, so we thought we’d help you take the stress away from your shoulders this festive season.

  1. Personalised Gifts

There’s a whole load of places now that allow you to make your own personal mugs, t-shirts, frames and so much more. Maybe a wooden carving of your partner’s favourite quote or a sentimental date for the both of you would do. You can also get mugs with Mr and Mrs printed on them, taking this idea a step higher, why not get something you use every day like your pillowcases engraved? You can also get a beautiful couples portrait printed out on a canvas. This is both really cute and something we’re sure your partner would love to have. But the downside to this is, the many places that do offer screen or graphic prints in Sri Lanka, don’t really do a good job with either the designing or the printing. Be sure to double check the quality and the texture and simplicity of your designs before you get it done. Keep it simple and classy!

  1. Bedazzle her

When Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, she was right in every sense and form. Get your lady something she’ll keep for years to come. Get her something she’ll show her friends and her family, who’s the proud man now huh? From beautiful rings, to pendants to earrings, fine jewellery is always a great option. Make her feel loved and cared for. There’s something that fine jewellery can do that most gifts you give her cant, making her feel special. Small or big, fine jewellery never fails to make someone feel loved.

  1. Man-ning it

You can get your man something bedazzle-y too. Maybe a watch or a good perfume is always a smart gift idea. A couple of stores like International Watches or ODEL have branded watches under one roof. Stores like Exclusive Lines offer a wide range of men’s perfume, ranging from brands like Hugo Boss to Calvin Klein, trust me ladies, your man is going to love getting something like this as a Christmas gift.

We decided to not have a list of different options but to sum it down to three so it makes it so much easier for you to pick what you like. All three of these gift ideas are bound to make your loved one feel special this Christmas, well that is the whole point of the season isn’t it?