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Thamasha Roshani is 24 years old and is a student of Fashion Design. She hopes to become a successful fashion designer and make her mark in the fashion industry, not only in Sri Lanka, but internationally as well. Her interests lie largely in animal rights and she wants to campaign for the cause, working on providing safe habitats for wild animals to dwell in and making sure animal abuse is abolished.


Prasadi Rajapaksha is 23 years old and holds an Advanced Diploma in Business and IT at SIBT. She enjoys spending her free time with orphans because seeing their genuine smiles brings her the biggest happiness. She believes that the best way to save our Mother Earth is the 3R (reduce, recycle, reuse), and would like to create a project that impacts pollution, reforestation, climate change, and the protection of biodiversity.


Mithma Fernando is 24 years old and holds a Monash University Foundation. She wants to be a doctor, a successful director, and a voice for the voiceless as well as raise awareness about, and protect biodiversity because Sri Lanka is a biodiversity hotspot. She also believes it is important to work on protecting the bees and other such beings that exist in our eco-system.


Oshadi Amarasingha is 20 years old. Her passions lie in dancing, acting, modelling, and sports and she thrives to become one of Sri Lanka’s top models. She looks forward to conducting many environmental projects and learning more about nature, sustainability, and the environment in the near future.


Natasha Fernando is 18 years old and holds a degree in Make-up artistry and a Language degree in Spanish. She enjoys photography and art and hopes to alter the landscape of environmental issues by launching a social media campaign to create awareness on the dangers of deforestation, thereby reducing it.


Victoria Sto.Domingo is 18 years old and currently studies design. She enjoys dancing, drawing, sports and travelling, and hopes to be a pilot or hotelier one day. She looks forward to building a hotel or shelter for abused and homesless animals as well as helping animals in captivity find better habitats. She also wants to work towards saving Endangered Animals such as Pandas, Tigers and Gorillas.


Diane Ayeshma is 21 years old and enjoys singing. She wants to launch her modelling career and work towards being a corporate Moghul whilst simultaneously working on multiple projects regarding environmental awareness and promoting sustainability.


Nadeera Walagedara is 23 years old and has graduated as a flight attendant. She enjoys reading books, collecting perfumes, traveling, and hopes to someday be an influential personality. She hopes to conduct a rainwater harvesting project and an organic gardening project in the future.


Nathasha Fernando is 21 years old and is an engineering student. She enjoys sketching, handcrafting, dress designing, reading books, and someday hopes to make her mark as a network engineer, model, and environmental and social activist. She hopes to conserve the marine ecosystem and the coastal areas of Sri Lanka and to restore the coastal habitat in the parts of the country that have already been affected.