Everything else.. Victims of the Easter Sunday Attack that Need Our Support

Victims of the Easter Sunday Attack that Need Our Support

2020 Apr 21

Disclaimer: Content may be triggering to some.

As we all know, the Easter attacks that took place in April 2019 took our entire nation by storm and left us all in nothing but despair and shock. These bombings were named as one of the most dreadful terrorist attacks that Sri Lanka has faced in over a decade. Sri Lanka lost over 250 lives on that day, and around 500 of our citizens faced significant injuries. Even though one year has passed since the Easter Attacks, there are many families who are still struggling with injuries, financial difficulties and minimum resources, who are incapable of taking care of themselves and their loved ones, having been directly affected by the bombings. Pulse partnered up with Kind Hearted Lankans, a charity organisation that strives to help people in Sri Lanka who lack financial stability and resources to survive, in order to gather insight on families who are still struggling to make a living, after losing so much from the Easter Attacks.

The following list provides information on the individuals and families that require immediate attention and help. If you wish to donate and help ease the strain that these families are experiencing, you can do so here. The tab ‘Easter Tragedy’ on the Kind Hearted Lankans webpage contains more information of all the families that require additional help. If you wish to help out a specific individual or family, you could type out ‘(their name) – easter tragedy’ in the Payment Details tab when making the transfer, so that the organisation can allocate that amount to the relevant family or individual. 


Case 1 – Sayuru Sathsara

9 year old Sayuru Sathsara suffered serious injuries during the blast. He was seated close to the bomber at the time of the explosion and his skull had split open. A part of it has been surgically removed and his right arm is paralyzed. Sayuru’s right leg is injured as well. Sayuru used to go to school at St. Sebestian College in Katuwapitiya and he is the youngest of 5 children. His mother left him when he was just 2 years old and still refused to come and see him after she was informed of the tragic incident. His father is a carpenter and he was raised by his grandmother. His grandmother is also currently ill and will undergo surgery soon. 


Case 2 – Saraniya Paragalathan

25 year old Saraniya’s husband passed away during the Easter attacks and she gave birth to her premature baby on the 22nd of April, the day after the attack. She sustained injuries to her right hand and leg and her skull, which is partially healed. She is currently living on rent of Rs 10,000 and she recently opened a tailoring shop to make a living, as the church has donated a sewing machine to her. However, she requires support with purchasing raw materials, to run her newly opened business. She also requires financial assistance to purchase pampers and formula powder for her newborn baby. Financial help with paying rent is also required. The church is currently supplying her with packs of dry rations, every month.


Case 3 – Debbie

6 year old Debbie lives with her aunt and uncle, and lost both her parents and eyes during the bombings. She is hoping to undergo an eye transplant in Canada.


Case 4 – Arasaretnam Yogamma Rebecca 

25 year old Rebecca sustained fractures on her legs and burns on her face, arms and legs. She is required to conduct plastic surgery and hair transplant. She is in need of financial assistance of around Rs 20,000, as Kind Hearted Lankans donated Rs 75,000 for her other medical expenses. Donations of food packs are appreciated. 


Case 5 – Mrs. W.J. Fernando

Mrs. Fernando is 58 years old and the right side of her body is paralyzed. She is suffering with Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) and Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) on the left side of her brain. She is currently being treated for depression as well. She is currently living with her sister and has been provided with a fully electric bed and an air mattress. Equipment necessary to carry out her physiotherapy sessions has also been installed in her home. However, she requires speech and language therapy as well as physiotherapy thrice a week. She requires Rs 25,000 for physiotherapy and other medical bills per month. 


Case 6 – Brigette Fernando 

73 year old Brigette Fernando has sustained multiple fractures on her body and has spinal cord injuries, 75% of her body is paralyzed. She is currently being looked after by her husband who is 75 years old. She requires financial assistance for physiotherapy. Minimum of 12 sessions per month is necessary, which is Rs 1500 per session. Rs 2000 for a caretaker is also required. 


Case 7 – L.L.D.A. Senarathne

Mr. Senarathne is 68 years old and has sustained multiple fractures on both his legs and has gone through hip-bone transplant due to the easter bombings. His wife needs to go through surgery. His daughter is 20 years old and is currently working at Sethsarana. They are currently living on rent and need financial help to pay for physiotherapy, and they require a medical bed and a mattress. 


Case 8 – Chelliyan Ithayanthan (I. Anulekha)  

Mr. Chelliyan Ithayanthan’s wife, I. Anulekha.

Mr. Chelliyan Ithayanthan’s wife who is 49 years old, sustained many injuries during the blast and the right side of her body is completely paralyzed. She also has metal shrapnel inside her head. She is required to go in for a surgery in India, which costs Rs 1.9 million. Kind Hearted Lankans already donated Rs 500,000 for her surgery. (She is currently undergoing treatment in India)


Case 9 – Rohan Wanaguru

Rohan Wanaguru’s wife, Amali Chathurika Wanaguru
Rohan Wanaguru’s children

Rohan Wanaguru’s wife passed away during the Easter bombings. He has two children, a 4 year old son and a 7 year old daughter. He used to be a waiter at a hotel, but is now out of a job as he is looking after his children. They are in need of financial assistance for the children’s education.


Case 10 – Sherin Abeysingha

Sherin is 66 years old and her husband passed away during the Easter bombings. She has 5 children and except for her daughter who does farming in Anuradhapura, the rest have neglected her. She feels helpless and is in need of emotional support. She is very talented in sewing, she sews rugs and pillow cases to make a living. However, the toilet and roof in her house are in very bad condition and a few repairs need to be carried out. 


Case 11 – Kristine 

Kristine’s daughter and grandchildren

Kristine lost both her 35 year old son and daughter-in-law from the Easter attacks. Her daughter Lakmini used to work at a garment factory, but now is staying home to take care of her three children who are schooling at St. Sebestian College and Dutugemunu Central College. Their house which was under construction currently has  no doors or windows and needs plastering and cement to floor the house. They also require two mattresses to sleep on. They also need to pay the finance of their vehicle, which they are hoping to sell. Vehicle number WP 60-4346 (Rs 27,500 x 38 installments left). 


Case 12 – Kanishka Hirushi 

12 year old Kanishka used to live in Thimbirigaskatuwa with her Mother, Sister and Father but passed away during the Easter bombings. Her mother Nilani sustained severe injuries, especially in her liver. Nilani used to take care of her family, as her husband Indika is sick. He drives a three wheeler, to support his family as much as possible. Kanishka’s sister Thanushi studies at Newston Girls’ College and dreams of going abroad to study and pursue her career goals of being a teacher. Their house is currently under construction. 


Case 13 – Shiran Anton

46 year old Shiran’s entire family passed away during the Katuwapitiya blast, his 12 year old daughter Tiyasha passed away on his lap within a couple of minutes after the attack and his wife Dinesha died on the way to the hospital. Kind Hearted Lankans purchased a brand new Three Wheeler for Shiran, from their collected funds. Their house was partially built, they were living on rent but now moved back after 2 years. Shiran has been saving up for over 25 years, in order to build the house for his daughter. 


Case 14 – Anne Piyumi

Anne’s mother
Picture of Anne and her fiance who passed away

27 year old Anne along with her fiance who planned on getting married in December 2019, lost their lives to the Easter bombings. She was the breadwinner of the family, and her parents are in need of emotional support. Anne was building the house that her parents are currently living in. Her father sells bread in a mobile truck. Anne’s younger brother was working in Kuwait, but his visa got cancelled due to his sudden visit to Sri Lanka, in order to attend his sister’s funeral. Anne worked so hard to build the house for her parents, which is still under construction.


Case 15 – Rohan Susantha Perera

62 year old Rohan, lives in Kadirana and has sustained injuries to his head and left shoulder during the bombings. His wife passed away during the bombings. He used to work as a driver and has two children. Rohan’s house is partially built and he requires financial support for his treatments and transport to the hospital. 


Case 16 – Emmanuel Abishan Fernando

19 year old Abishan sustained a complete fracture on his right shin bone during the bombings and is in need of physiotherapy. He sat for the 2019 A/Level Examination and he dreams of pursuing his career in modelling. He currently lives with his sister and needs financial assistance to pay for physiotherapy. 


Case 17 – Senuri Sewwandi

16 year old Senuri Sewwandi was at the Katuwapitiya church with her entire family, just six rows away from the bomber, however the entire family survived with minor injuries. Senuri’s leg has a couple of fractures. Her father Sumudu drives a three wheeler, and they are currently living in a relative’s house, as they don’t have a house of their own. Senuri requires a pair of crutches and long term support for her treatments. 


Case 18 – Kannan Jeyanthimela 

Kannan Jayanthimela’s daughter, Kishani

35 year old Kannan Jeyanthimela’s husband passed away during the bombings and her 9 year old daughter has a nerve problem in her right hand. She has undergone surgery for the 4th time in January 2020. She is trying to start a sewing business to support her family and Kind Hearted Lankans have donated Rs 50,000 to purchase fabric. Her daughter requires physiotherapy, 15 sessions per month at Rs 1000 per session. They also live in a rented house for Rs 6000 a month.


Case 19 – Jesuraj Ganeshan 

Jesuraj was subjected to injuries during the easter bombings and his right leg is amputated from above the knee. He is employed at DHL global and currently lives with his wife, on rent of Rs 25,000. 


Case 20 – Charles Anthony

Charles Anthony is the second from right and the little boy standing in front of him is his brother
Charles Anthony’s brother who sustained severe burns to his face
Charles Anthony’s brother who is now fully recovered

Due to the easter bombings, 12 year old Charles sustained severe burns on his face and hands. His father is a mason and he lives with his parents, his brother and two sisters. His little brother also sustained severe burns to his face and hands, but is fully recovered now. Plastic surgery has been conducted on his face, but needs to be done on his hands. He requires Rs 20,000 for his medical bills. 


Case 21 – Nagaiya Pushpam

73 year old Nagaiya sustained injuries to her leg during the bombings and still has difficulties in walking. She lives with her children, 3 daughters and 2 sons. They are living in a very small house with only 2 rooms for the entire family. She requires physiotherapy, 15 sessions per month which costs Rs 20,000. 


Case 22 – Vellayan Mahendran

Vellayan Mahendran’s 14 year old son
Pictures of Vellayan Mahendran’s youngest son’s memorial

Vellayan Mahendran’s 14 year old son sustains injuries to his face and his head, during the attacks. His face is burnt and metal shrapnels remains in his head. Plastic surgery has been conducted on his face. He is a barber and his family consists of his wife and 3 sons. The youngest son of the family passed away from the blast. Donations of food packs are appreciated. 


Case 23 – Arokiya Mary 

Arokiya Mary lives with her daughter and her son. Her 12 year old son has sustained severe injuries to his leg; 2 surgeries have been conducted and there are 3 metal shrapnel instilled in his leg. They are in need of financial support of around Rs 25,000. She also requires a teaching job to support her family. 


Case 24 – Mahalingam Yogeswary

68 year old Yogeswary sustained some leg injuries during the bombings, she can walk but her injuries are not fully recovered. She lives with her husband, son, daughter-in-law and 2 other daughters. Her daughter-in-law is suffering from loss of hearing. She is currently using a hearing aid. They have requested for a toilet bowl (commode) and for some renovations to be done to their toilet. 


Case 25 – Jeevantham Jeyaranjini

Mrs. Jeyaranjini is in need of financial assistance of around Rs 25,000. She lives with her husband, 1 son and 3 daughters as well as their children’s grandparents. They are out of jobs and the grandmother of the family, who is 55 years old, is a cancer patient while the grandfather of the family is a fisherman. 


Case 26 – Sellathambi Kulenthirajah

Mr. Kulenthirajah’s 10 year old son passed away during the easter bombings and his daughter sustained 5 pieces of shrapnel in her head. Four of the pieces have already been removed. He has his wife and two other children to take care of. They are in need of financial assistance of Rs 15,000. 


Case 27 – Miranthini Ulagasekeram 

36 year old Miranthini suffers from leg injuries and has difficulty in walking, due to the bombings. She is in need of financial assistance of Rs 25,000. She is currently living with her sister and an electric bed has been donated to her already. 


Case 28 – Tharamaretnam Kunasundari

63 year old Kunasundari sustained injuries to her leg during the bombings and is now fully recovered. She requested for a toilet bowl (commode) and for some renovations to be done to her toilet. Donations of food packs are appreciated. 


Case 29 – Arunagirinathan Suresh

Arunagirinathan Suresh’s wife

He is a businessman, living with his wife and daughter. Himself and his wife sustained injuries during the bombings, but is now fully recovered. Donations of food packs are appreciated. 


Case 30 – Francis Johnson

40 year old Francis sustained some injuries during the blast and is fully recovered now. He is a barber and lives with his wife, daughter and son. Donations of food packs are appreciated. 

There are around 150 more families and individuals that we haven’t mentioned in the article who are in dire need of help and assistance. We know that donations are a lot to ask for, especially during the current crisis that we are facing. However, these individuals have lost so much in their lives and are still in dire need of our help and assistance to look after themselves and the people that they hold dear to their hearts. Kind gestures that arise from good intentions, no matter how small, are greatly appreciated by them and has a significant impact in their lives.