PULSE Recipes Batter Fried Prawns

Batter Fried Prawns

2019 Aug 23

Whether covered in cult favourite sweet and sour sauce, or accompanied by a tartar dipping sauce, you can’t go wrong with this classic!



  • Prawns 15 Nos
  • Pepper ½ tsp
  • Salt ½ tsp
  • Lime Juice 1/3 tsp
  • Corn Flour ½ cup
  • All Purpose Flour ½ cup + ¼ cups
  • Salt ¼ tsp
  • Baking Powder ¼ tsp
  • Ice Water ¼ cup
  • All Purpose Flour ¼ cup
  • Salt 1 pinch
  • Garlic Powder ¼ tsp
  • N-Joy Coconut oil  



  1. Remove the shells and clean the prawns


  1. Add pepper, salt, and lime juice to season prawns


  1. Take ¼ cup of all purpose flour, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of garlic powder and mix well


  1. Take prawns one by one, coat with mixture and keep aside


  1. Take a bowl and add corn flour, all purpose flour ½ cup, salt, baking powder and ice water to make a thick paste


  1. Take prawns one by one and dip into batter


  1. Heat N-Joy Coconut Oil and fry the prawns until golden brown



Aunty D. is a full-time mom working a little magic in the kitchen whenever she’s got time on her hands. She brings to you easy and fast recipes with a twist of Sri Lankan spices and cooking techniques. Get Cooking!