Restaurant Reviews Bakeamazing’s Finger Food Platter | Food Review

Bakeamazing’s Finger Food Platter | Food Review

2022 Jul 18

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Bakeamazing deserves the “finger-lickin’ good” trademark

Bakeamazing is a small business operated by a homemaker, who bakes a variety of delicious food items, to say the least. Their menu is completely customisable and is perfect to enjoy as finger food. They have an array of sweet and savoury dishes that would make for a perfect evening snack, to enjoy when you have guests at home, or if you’re hosting a special occasion. And the team at Bakeamazing was kind enough to send Team Pulse their customisable finger food platter for us to try out. To say that we enjoyed it is an understatement.



Mini chicken pizza (Rs. 140) 

The base of the mini chicken pizza was not chewy or too doughy, and the filling on top was cheesy and saucy. The meat of the chicken was tender and soft and the sweet sauce added a perfect flavour balance to the entire dish. The pizza had a perfect homemade touch to it since it was not oily and didn’t feel unhealthy.


Mini chicken shawarma (Rs. 300) 

‘Mini, but mighty’ would be my tagline for the mini chicken shawarma, as it was generous despite its size. The shawarma was filled to the brim, and the coriander flavour that seeped through complemented the overall flavour of the dish. 10/10 in my books.


Sausage pastry pinwheel skewers (Rs. 140) 

The pastry was not flaky, it was buttery, and the dough wasn’t too sweet. The flavour of the sausage elevated the flavour of the pastry tenfold. These little skewers would have been perfect if accompanied by either a sweet and sour sauce or tomato sauce. One of the best dishes to snack on during a party, I would say.


Mini chicken tacos (Rs. 130) 

The taco shell was soft and easy to bite into, the filling was tangy and generous, and the overall flavour of the dish was perfectly balanced. This dish left a prominent aftertaste that would have paired well with a cocktail as well.


Creamy prawn vol-au-vents (Rs. 190) 

This was easily my favourite dish out of all the savoury snacks that I tried. The pastry was crispy, the curry was sweet, and the prawn flavour really seeped through even though the vol-au-vents were packed with flavour. This dish personally felt like a warm hug after a long and tiring day. 100/10, a must-try!


Peri peri crispy chicken waffle (Rs. 250) 

The chicken had a nice crunch to it, however, the waffle was a bit too sweet for a savoury dish, in my opinion. The balance between the sweet and savoury elements of this dish didn’t add up perfectly, at least for me. It may be your favourite, nonetheless, so it wouldn’t hurt to try it.


Prawn spring roll shooters (Rs. 250) 

This was a very creative dish, I must say. The spring roll was wrapped around the prawn and dipped into a sweet and sour sauce that was absolutely heavenly. The spring roll was crispy and the prawn also had a delicate crunch to it, which was complemented perfectly by the sweet and sour sauce.


Egg salad sandwich (Rs. 90) 

This sandwich took me back to my childhood and reminded me of the time my mom would make me egg salad sandwiches. It was creamy, a little salty, and also left an onion-y aftertaste. It was a very homely addition to the platter.


Chocolate biscuit pudding (Rs. 700)

If you’re a chocolate lover, this dish will steal your heart. The chocolate was super dense and very rich in flavour and texture. However, since the chocolate flavour and texture were very strong, the crunchy texture of the Marie biscuits didn’t stand out. This pudding would have been smashing if there was a cashew garnish on top, in my personal opinion. A great dish, nonetheless!


Passion fruit curd tartlets (Rs. 130) 

From the sweet dishes, this definitely topped the list. The pastry was very light, and the passionfruit curd literally melted in my mouth. It was sweet but also sour and tangy – which I absolutely loved! This was definitely a dish I could never get enough of for sure. 1000/10!

Tip: When you’re customising your finger food platter, don’t forget to include the vol-au-vents and the passion fruit curd tartlets!