2017 Mar 6

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10.00 am - 10.00 pm



Fife Road

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Happiness in the form of a little cafe


Located down Fife road, Café Bellissimo is easy to miss so do keep your eyes open. Upon visiting it, the place was packed with people since it was their opening day and there was hardly a table to sit at. We also learned that Bellissimo employed retired Parliament chefs and the runner-up from last year’s Barista competition, so needless to say, our expectations were set very high.


Strawberry Smoothie– Rs.420

The Strawberry Smoothie intrigued us since it was the only option under “Smoothies”, and being the ‘Curious George’s we were, we wanted to see what made this single item so special to be the only smoothie option. The smoothie was richly infused with fresh strawberries and had just the right amount of consistency. It was incredibly smooth and creamy, making it delightful to wash food down our throats.

Hot Almond Latte- Rs.420

Compared to the smoothie, the Almond Latte was just sad. It was simply not the best latte around. Usually we’d expect the almond latte to have no taste of almonds (and just the coffee flavor), however this was the other way around. The good thing about this drink is that you can actually taste the almonds, but sadly you can barely taste any coffee. The consistency was also not great since the latte was too watery.


Buffalo Wings– Rs.390

I’ll give this an A for presentation! For starters, this dish had a lot going on and the portion size was quite large, which made us very happy. One bite into the wings and we were even happier! The wings were bathed in BBQ sauce, topped off with sesame seeds and I must say, they were just heavenly. The wings were cooked to perfection and the meat was extremely juicy and succulent. There is no clean way to enjoy buffalo wings, but we’d say the mess was worth it. The fries that came with it were very crispy and had the right amount of salt, introducing a different texture to the plate. However, the coleslaw was the villain of this dish. In contrast to the fries having the right amount of salt,  the coleslaw tasted waayyy too salty. We were quite happy with the rest of the components in the dish but the coleslaw just robbed everything good about it.


Soups: Bellissimo Special- Rs.590

Another A for presentation! This dish consists of a Batana Pumpkin soup with a side of garlic toast and a skewer of tempura prawns and vegetables. There was a variety of textures going on this dish, from the creamy soup to the crunchy garlic toast and the soft meat of the tempura prawns. The soup was quite yummy as it was not too thick nor watery and the garlic toasts were to die for. They were very generous with the garlic paste on the toast and it felt fresh since we assume it was oven baked.


BBQ Chicken with Mashed Potatoes– Rs.680

We found the BBQ chicken dish under the “Meat Corner” and this dish was absolutely filling. With so many side dishes, we just couldn’t decide on which tasted the best but needless to say, the grilled BBQ chicken leg was the star of this dish. Grilled with such skill, the BBQ chicken took us on a journey. Compared to the other dishes we had, this was more on the spicier side. Bathed in BBQ sauce, the top layer of the chicken was crispy and the inner layer of meat was extremely moist and flavorsome. Combining the meat with the fluffy mashed potatoes impressed us so much that we almost forgot the other components on this dish. The boiled vegetables were boiled perfectly, since it was not too hard nor was it too soggy. Also not forgetting the crispy fries that tasted just as good as the previously mentioned starters dish.

Creamy Seafood Pasta- Rs.650

The Creamy Seafood Pasta came under the “Italiano” part of the menu. Although the presentation was on point, this dish was the biggest let down. The creamy Alfredo sauce tasted more like a “Mayo sauce”. This dish was infused with what we assumed was mayonnaise and upon inquiring a staff member, it was confirmed that mayonnaise was one of the key ingredients for the sauce (along with vinaigrette and tartar sauce). This robs the seafood pasta of what it could’ve (or rather should’ve) been. Other than the overpowering of mayo, the pasta tastes incredibly bland with no seasoning in it. The seafood meat was soft but held almost zero taste, which was quite a bummer since we were really looking forward to this dish. In all honesty, the highlights of this dish were the cherry tomatoes and the side of garlic toast.



Mocha Cheesecake– Rs.480

Since the usual cheesecake flavors around town are fruit based, we opted for a coffee based cheesecake. The portion size was quite reasonable for the bucks. However, the base was not crunchy and was rather soggy to my liking. While still rich in flavor, it was far too thick to be considered as cheesecake. I like my cheesecake light and fluffy. This Mocha cheesecake, on the other hand, tasted more like a slightly heavy version of chocolate/coffee mousse.  

There was not much that café Bellissimo did to contribute to the ambience of the place. We walked into something that looked like a house with a few tables in the front and no décor to engulf ourselves in. Perhaps they could add a few wall paintings or customize the place to give you the café experience that we were looking for. Unfortunately since the small café was crowded with customers, we didn’t feel quite at ease since there was little to no space to move round in. Although very busy, the staff were very friendly and helpful, which we thought was something that needed to be praised.


Tip: if you can’t locate the café, keep your eyes open for no.15 down Fife road (opposite no.14). Also avoid the Creamy Seafood Pasta.


All in all, we’d definitely head back to café Bellissimo (especially for the Buffalo Wings). Do check it out and let us know how your stay was in the comments below!