Restaurant Reviews Caffe Michaelangelo

Caffe Michaelangelo

2018 Jan 9

Open Time:

5.00 pm- 10.30 pm


34, 27th Lane, Inner Flower Road, Colombo 03


Behind Mahanama College, where the old Butter Boutique used to be

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If you are on the lookout for some good Italian food, great service and a little something different, Caffe Michaelangelo is definitely a place to pop by to give your taste buds an unexpected thrill! The branch located in Colombo is a small, quaint one but does have a very cosy and homey vibe going on.

Their food menu is quite the extensive one as well as affordable. I do have to give a very special mention to the staff, due to the fact that they were quick, extremely polite, and attended to our every need without hesitation. As you’ll find out below, our order was quite bulky so we did take a bit of time to gobble up the food. Nonetheless, they offered to re-heat our food just so we could enjoy it hot and fresh, frequently asked us if there was anything more that we needed, and even carried our leftovers to the car for us; if that isn’t top notch service, I don’t know what is!


They did not have an extensive range of drinks; just a few juices and so on. We picked a fresh naarang juice and ice coffee to quench our thirst. The naarang juice was tangy, quite refreshing and was definitely a great pick for a hot day.

The ice coffee wasn’t cold enough. They did, however, enquire with us as soon as we took the first sip and they brought over some ice cubes, which did make it a little better.


Complementary Focaccia Bread with Garlic and Puscetta sauce

This was a great appetizer to start with. It tasted amazing and the sauce worked wonders with my palette! It definitely gave it some freshening up!


They did have a half and half option with their pizzas, so we opted for two of those and a pasta.

Capricciosa: 9”- Rs. 1200, 12”- Rs. 1600

This topping was inclusive of mushrooms, bacon, black olives, anchovies, egg and mozzarella. It tasted pretty good and we had no complaints here, but in all honesty, I do think that Arthur’s whips up a better version of this in the form of their Bacon Biththara pizza.

Quick tip; ask them not to add anchovies if you aren’t the biggest fan, because it kind of overpowered every other element.

Sri Lankan Spicy Chicken: 9”- Rs. 1500, 12”- Rs. 1600

This was a concoction of mushrooms, chicken, bell peppers, anchovies, onions, green chillies, capsicum, black olives and mozzarella. If you love spice and flavour, this topping is a must try because it was packed with it! They were generous with the well-seasoned chicken, and it tasted pretty amazing.

Pol Sambol: 9”- Rs. 1000, 12”- Rs. 1200

They have Pizzas with a Sri Lankan twist, so this is where our food started getting interesting, because this was the first time I’ve ever heard of this classic Sri Lankan favourite being used as a pizza topping. The menu described it as fresh coconut ground with tomato, onion green chillies and lime, topped with mozzarella.

Presentation wise, the pizza was completely covered with pol sambol! They definitely weren’t stingy on that front. It did have a taste similar to eating pol sambol and bread, but it did have more of an oomph factor, probably because of the cheese. However, had they sprinkled a few pieces of Maldive fish on top, it would have been niyamai!

Hot Butter Cuttlefish: 9”- Rs. 1450, 12”- Rs. 1850

OH MY GOSH! Hats off to the brilliant individual who came up with this concept! You deserve an award my friend! This was the best out of all, and is absolutely in my top 5 favourite pizzas in Sri Lanka. It tasted absolutely delicious and was the most flavoursome combo ever. They served it hot and the cuttlefish was oh-so crispy and mouth-wateringly flavourful.

A dish that almost every Sri Lankan loves combined with one of the most loved dishes of all time; I’d recommend this to anyone!

Penne Puttanesca- Rs. 950

Yum! This was a combination of parmesan cheese, mushrooms, capers, black olives, bell peppers and tomato sauce. It had a very fresh flavour to it, was served hot and had an amazingly rich tomato taste. I also loved the fact that it had so many black olives in it. Without a doubt, absolutely delicious!


Calzone Nutella- Rs. 850

Being a huge fan of calzones, I had to give this sweet one a try. Described as a mini folded pizza with Nutella and cream cheese, the calzone had a great texture as well as consistency, and wasn’t too doughy. It was packed with chocolate, not unlike a lava cake that oozed out chocolate when cut open. The mixture with the cream cheese is probably the reason why it seemed a little watery, but that didn’t affect the taste. It was delicious and a great way to wrap up dinner. They even had a few cashews in there too!

Have you been to Caffe Michaelangelo in Colombo yet? Let us know what you think!