Restaurant Reviews Ceylon Curry Club

Ceylon Curry Club

2020 Sep 23

Open Time:

10.00 am - 3.30 pm


No. 45, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01, Fort, Colombo 00100, Sri Lanka 00100 Colombo, Sri Lanka


Delivery only


An authentic Sri Lankan fusion experience that’s just a phone call away! 

For us Lankans, no amount of  “comfort food” will really comfort us as much as a heaping plate of rice and curry. There’s nothing quite like mixing the perfect ratio of curry and rice and forming the perfect mouthful (Or so I’ve heard. This third culture kid never learnt to eat with her hands). 

Ceylon Curry Club offers delicious Sri Lankan fusion cuisine that is designed to fulfil those lunchtime cravings with Sri Lankan flavours and ingredients. They currently operate on a delivery and pick up basis and are available on PickMe, Uber Eats and Eat Meal First. Each box comes with its own custom seal that helps identify what is inside with the date of preparation that reassures you that your food is fresh. We decided to try all of the 6 tempting packs on their menu! 


Pork  (LKR 490)

Who doesn’t love a good black pork curry? Prepared with Kalu pol, this spicy curry comes with a generous helping of fragrant garlic rice, pineapple chutney and a side of veggies. The chutney added a delicate touch of sweetness to the spicy dish, making it the perfect blend of spice, saltiness and sweetness. Personally, I like my garlic rice with a heavier flavour but this preparation went better with the curry that it was served with, the peppery flavour of which really pulled the meal together. 

Prawn (LKR 530) 

This combination of spicy tempered prawns, garlic and curry leaves served on a bed of garlic rice and caramelised onions is sure to appease the appetites of all those seafood connoisseurs. The making of the prawn was simple. My favourite part was the caramelised onions that added a sweet and salty crunch to every mouthful. The pineapple chutney added more sweetness to the dish but doesn’t throw off the overall flavour.

Calamari (LKR 490)

Quite the unexpected twist on your regulation calamari. These come stuffed with a sweet and savoury filling of banana blossom and Maldive fish, which gives it an interesting texture. The calamari was also infused with the flavour, went well with the garlic rice and billin chutney that it was served with. Yum! 

Chicken (LKR 490) 

If you put ten Sri Lankans in a row, I will bet my Pink Floyd Vinyl that all ten will get excited at the sight of “Kaha Bath”. This dish was certainly a feast for the eyes as well as a feast for the appetite. The yellow rice was infused with the taste of karapincha, making it an absolute treat for the Sri Lankan palate. We loved that it had a smattering of peanuts that gave every mouthful a nice crunch. The chicken curry in red curry and eggplant was cooked to perfection, with the meat being tender and flavourful. We enjoyed every bite of this one!

Mutton (LKR 530) 

Now it is fairly Lankan to have a bowl of chickpeas for breakfast but apparently they do really well in a spicy mutton curry as well. Despite being tough meat to prepare, Ceylon Curry Club has really mastered the art of the mutton curry. The chickpeas added a more earthy taste that balanced the spiciness of the curry. It also provided it with the right amount of texture. 

The rice that is served with this curry makes this dish my absolute favourite out of the six. Cumin and Coriander infused curd rice which has a pleasantly sour aftertaste with a delicate flavour of herbs coming through. Need I say more? 

Fish (LKR 490) 

Served with two pieces of well-cooked fish in a mustard-and-lemongrass-infused curry, this mildly spicy dish is best for those of us who can’t handle a lot of spice. However, the lack of tongue searing torture is made up for with the combination of flavours that this dish carries. The rice is infused with eggplant and tahini, which gives it the smoky flavour of Middle-Eastern cuisine. Combined with the creamy and flavourful fish curry, this meal comes together quite nicely. 

Ceylon Curry Club manages to keep the authenticity of Sri Lankan cuisine that we all know and love – but takes it to the next level with their unique twists. Their delicious menu is clearly a result of clever experimentation that really hits the ball out of the grounds. No more scrolling through your phone, trying to decide what to eat during those busy lunchtimes! 

Tip – Be sure to try out the Mutton rice packet. The rice is just divine!