Restaurant Reviews Chilli Breeze at Galle Face Hotel | Restaurant Review

Chilli Breeze at Galle Face Hotel | Restaurant Review

2022 Nov 2

Open Time:

7:00 pm - 10:30 pm


No. 2, Galle Face, Colombo 03


Going in the direction of Bambalapitiya, immediately adjacent to Galle Face Green.

Contact No

0112 541 010

The best three-in-one culinary experience in Colombo


One of the best dining experiences in Colombo is unquestionably the Friday night buffet spread at Chilli Breeze. Every Friday night, lavish Sri Lankan, Indian, and Japanese cuisine is served at The Verandah at Galle Face Hotel.

The head chef behind all this is Chef Rukmal Samarasekera but everyone calls him Chef Ruki. Ruki is highly proficient in his field and has 23 years of experience working all around the world in countries like Dubai, Italy, Oman, the USA and Sri Lanka. He also worked as the head chef in 4 of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants in Italy. We had the pleasure of talking with him and when asked about the reason behind preparing 3 elaborate Asian cuisines, his answer was simple. He told us that his team comprises other chefs that specialise in Sri Lankan, Indian and Japanese cuisines and therefore it made the most sense to play to their strengths.



Kadala and mixture station (4/5)


At the very entrance of the buffet, an elaborate spread of authentic Sri Lankan-style kadala and mixture is on display. As Sri Lankans, many of us are already very familiar with these types of street food, yet Chef Ruki explained that this station was included to bring out the authenticity of Sri Lankan culture. It also helped that the steamy kadala was tender and spicy to the taste.


Miso soup and noodles (4/5)


Looking for a simple but tasteful way to try out some authentic Japanese food? Have the miso soup and noodles at Chilli Breeze. In Japan, traditionally miso soup is made at home and consumed with almost every meal. The miso soup at Chilli Breeze resembled a traditional home-cooked miso dinner in both flavour and texture.



Sushi (California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Sashimi Cuts, Tuna Nigiri Roll, Cream Cheese and Mango Roll) with a side of Yakitori Rice and Beef Teriyaki (5/5)


The rare opportunity to have an unlimited supply of sushi is of course a dream, so I was definitely on cloud nine after the Japanese side of the buffet! As a sushi lover, I was also surprised to try out some new flavours on the spread like the Cream Cheese and Mango Roll. It was sweet and creamy and tasted like dessert even though it wasn’t one. Having unique sushi options like this sets Chilli Breeze apart from other sushi bars in Sri Lanka. The restaurant’s attention to detail and originality shine through with out-of-the-box dishes like these.


Chicken Kottu and Beef Baabath (5/5)


If I had to sum up the chicken kottu at Chilli Breeze in a few words, I’d say it was tender, juicy, and loaded with chicken. The masterful chefs at Galle Face were able to make this ordinary dish taste extraordinary. The aromatic Sri Lankan spices added depth to the dish and will leave you wanting a second serving. While it can be eaten alone, having a side of Beef Baabath with this definitely elevated the overall taste.


Vegetable Biryani with Poori, Mutton Curry, Ginga Pasinda (prawn), Pakora (deep fried vegetables), Paneer Tikka Masala and Aloo Palak (sautéed potatoes with spices) (5/5)


Every dish in the Indian cuisine looked spectacular so serving only what fitted my plate was a difficult task in and of itself. The vegetable biryani was aromatic and rich, and was the perfect base for all the other flavourful curries. My favourite curries were the Paneer Tikka Masala and Mutton Curry, because they had a unique taste to other versions of these dishes I’ve had before. A definite must-try if you go for the buffet at Chilli Breeze!



Sticky Mango Rice Pudding (5/5)


This refreshing fruity coconut-based dessert was light, and the perfect dish to have after all the heavy mains at the Chilli Breeze buffet. In keeping with the traditional way this East Asian dish is made, the addition of coconut cream made its texture gooey and sticky. I also found the unlikely combination of coconut and mango to be particularly interesting. The noteworthy presentation of the dish was also very aesthetically pleasing and honestly, there isn’t a single flaw I could find with this dessert. It was an absolute delight.


Banana Fritters with Ice Cream (5/5)


As an avid enthusiast of Banana Fritters, I was quite pleased with the ones at Chilli Breeze. They were warm and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. There was an entire fritter station dedicated to making sure this dessert was served hot and crispy.



Sri Lankan Sunrise (4/5)- LKR 2093 net


The Sri Lankan Sunrise was my favourite drink of the evening because it had the most interesting combination of ingredients included in it. Made with arrack, passion fruit, soda and lime juice, it’s the perfect kick for a Friday night! It also looked very appetising and aesthetically pleasing so this would be an ideal drink to take a few snaps of!


Cosmopolitan (3/5)- LKR 1962.50 net


The Cosmopolitan immediately got my attention because of its bright red hue. Made with vodka, triple sec liqueur and cranberry juice, it was a simple yet elevated drink. Compared to some of the other drinks I tried out, this drink was perhaps not my favourite. However, if you are someone who enjoys sweet drinks, this drink would be a good match!’



The Galle Face Hotel has already made its mark as one of the most luxurious hotels in Colombo with a perfect view of the Indian Ocean. Therefore the Ambience of the Chilli Breeze buffet, which is held on the Verandah and Chequerboard area is as beautiful as it gets. In addition to the tranquil sounds of the gushing waves, Chilli Breeze also has live musicians playing melodies that we all love. The service as usual was warm and cordial, our servers Dhanushka and Haritha were particularly helpful during our time there.

Overall Chilli Breeze should be on your buffet bucket list. They have an amazing feast of food that does not disappoint and an ambience that’ll wind you down after a stressful work week!