Dolce Italia

2017 Dec 29

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Skelton Road, Colombo 5


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The best Italian cuisine in town!

Dolce Italia relocated down Skelton road to a bigger, more soothing environment. Walking into their newest outlet, we couldn’t help but take a look around, gazing at the décor that resembled everything Italian. They have twice the amount of tables now, both inside and out, and the staff are quick on their feet to attend to their customers. Our experience was really good and the delicious cookies we received on the house made our day even better!


Green Apple Ice Tea – Rs.150

Iced tea for 150! We were a little skeptical at first since iced tea is usually served for a higher price everywhere else, so we did doubt it’s quality/quantity. However we were proved wrong when we received a chilled glass of pure goodness. The green apple flavor is what dominates this drink however you can taste the hint of tea in it too. The fact that these two flavors gently balanced each other out was quite surprising. Although we believe the presentation of this drink could be improved, what more can you ask for Rs.150, right?

Mango Milkshake – Rs.500

Now this is what I call a milkshake! With our first impression, we expected this drink to be a bit heavy on the stomach, but we were proven wrong again! The mango milkshake had the perfect amount of density that I believe every milkshake should have! It was not oto thick, not too watery, and just the right amount of creamy! We loved how the mango didn’t overpower the milk flavor and especially how there was not a single string of mango that made its way into the drink! Definitely a must have if you’re a fan of milkshakes!


Fettucine with Shrimp – Rs.1400

We ordered the Fettucine with red sauce and we were not at all disappointed! The Fettucine pasta and the shrimp were so fresh! Usually with pasta it has a sort of rubbery effect however the pasta at Dolce Italia is so soft that it absorbs the flavor on the plate so easily! The shrimp was full of flavor and was cooked perfectly.

Risotto ala Pescatora – Rs. 1400

Who goes to an Italian Café without trying out their Risotto? Topped with cheese, with red sauce once again, we were in love. Although my Sri Lankan taste buds required an immense about of flavor and some spice, this dish did not disappoint. The rice was cooked incredible well and although it looked soggy, it had some bite to it. This dish was creamy and cheesy and all round, great to have! A little too pricey, but nevertheless pretty good.

Dolce Italia – Rs. 1500

My favorite out of the lot! The Dolce Italia pizza is a complete must-have if you ever drop by! Fit to fill 2 people, it can be shared even among 3. I believed this dish was worth the buck for its size and taste! This pizza consisted of a thin, soft crust, topped off with runny eggs, pepper and chicken bacon. 10/10 would recommend since it was packed full of flavor! Not only did it please our eyes, it pleased our hungry tummies as well!


Tiramisu – Rs. 400

Upon hearing that the Tiramisu the best out of the lot, we couldn’t help but want to find out what the fuss was about. Dolce Italia’s Tiramisu is one of the best I’ve had, although I could’ve used more Tiramisu and less whipped cream. There was quite a large whipped cream to lady finger ratio, although it did make the item a whole lot creamier.

Blueberry Cheesecake – Rs.400

This was a little bummer since we had high expectations from all the great dishes we tried out. The cheesecake was very dense and did not have the fluffy texture that it is supposed to have. The base was not at all crispy – in fact it was even more dense than he filling itself. However we did recognize the flavor of the cheese, but all in all, this item has more room for improvement.

All in all, Dolce Italia serves the best Italian dishes in town! The new joint is much more spacious and breathable, however it still does get quite packed during meal times. Also note that the above mentioned prices do not include taxes and service charge.

Tip: For all puns, do try out the ‘Dolce Italia’ at Dolce Italia!