Restaurant Reviews Echo- Reviewed

Echo- Reviewed

2016 Nov 16

Open Time:

Lunch: 12 noon - 3.00 p.m. | Dinner: 7.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.


77 A2, Colombo 03


Contact No


Sleek and sexy Italian dining


Date pick? YES!

One of Colombo’s oldest and sleekest dining places around and they sure know how to maintain their standards, whether it be back then or now. A great experience overall and good food – a tad bit above your average price of meals- but given the place, setting and ambience the meals truly reflect what graceful Italian dining is all about.

Echo is best described as a ‘power dining’ venue of sorts. You would usually come across diners in the high income group in the country, or businessmen or a few foreigners. Echo is one of the higher end restaurants at Cinnamon Grand Colombo – and has established themselves to cater that specific target audience – and is located right below the Angsana Club. You don’t have to walk through the hotel to the restaurant, you can drive your vehicle into the Angsana Spa and Club building situated right before Cinnamon Grand Colombo if you’re going up Galle Road from Galle Face Green.  


This is an IDEAL place for a first date – hell, I would date you instantaneously if you took me out on a date here. The ambience is super calm, settled and love is in the air! It’s got that insane luxury dining vibe and it blends in great with the kind of atmosphere you’d want on a formal date.

The waiters and their restaurant managers are so nice. With warm greetings as you enter the restaurant to constant check-ins between your meals, they ensure that they provide the best in terms of hospitality from the minute you walk into Echo.  The speed of service is really fast and they have some great recommendations of meals for you – when you tell them what your palate prefers for the night.

The only thing I’d like different is if the view from the restaurant overlooked a pool or a quite garden and not the hustling Galle Road like it does now. But oh well, it doesn’t really matter as much because it still feels secluded and special.

Food and Drinks

Drinks: Almond Chocolate Coffee – Rs.890 and Jagger Bomb – Rs. 990

It was a rainy night and my first instinct was to try out a good coffee. Upon the waiter’s recommendation, we opted for an Almond Chocolate. It was a GREAT cup of coffee. The coffee beans were perfectly brewed and it didn’t hit too hard or too light. The only downside for me was the strong taste of cherry in my coffee. But if you’re one with all the love for cherry, then this drink is your true life’s calling. Topped with some foamy whipped cream on top, the cup literally looks like it came out of a food-porn photo shoot.  


Our choice in alcohol was the Jagger Bomb, and must I say, it looked pleasing to our eyes and our souls. A Jagger Bomb is a shot mixed drink that is originally mixed by dropping a shot of Jägermeister into a glass of Red Bull or other energy drink. It’s ideally glass on glass, and is meant to be drunk together. This is when we had a bit of an issue, the pub glass was a little less dense so the shot glass wasn’t stable on top. This made it kinda difficult to enjoy the drink without the fear of spilling it everywhere. Great first time try, and it’s an exciting drink to try –makes you feel a little adventurous.


Appetizers: Insalata Fantasia Salad – Rs. 1500

Fancy and Thumbelina-like, the salad was really something great! Best described as a garden salad, with a mix of leaves with walnuts, ricotta cheese, grilled bacon and sun-dried tomatoes. The greens were drizzled heavily with olive oil. The only downfall was the bacon which was severely lacking. There were just two strips on top and the sun dried tomatoes tricked us into thinking they were bacon at first look!  Overall, wasn’t a favourite because the little chunks of ricotta cheese were everywhere. This is because personally, ricotta cheese isn’t a favourite of mine. The upside to this salad is the fact that it can even act as a main, they produce a pretty big portion for just a salad!


Aaaaand… FREE BREAD! YAY. This needn’t any further elaboration.  They give you a complementary bread dish loaded with yummy cheese sticks and bread stuffed with seasoned herbs. Yum!


Mains: Lamb Risotto – Rs.1500, Spaghetti Carbonara – Rs.1300 and Roasted Baby Chicken – Rs.1500

Our choice of mains left us pretty stuffed and satisfied. The first one on the test bench, the lamb risotto, was 4/5. The lamb was cooked perfectly and was super yummy. It wasn’t really a chunk on top or anything so in terms of the quantity of the meat, we would have appreciated a bit more. The creamy sauce the risotto sat on was creamy and indulgent. It stayed true to authentic Italian dining expectations.  


The carbonara was super creamy and nice but it wasn’t the best – we’ve had better carbonara. It felt more like a waste of money and since their menu is super varied and vast, my advice is to overlook the carbonara no matter how tempting they make it look on the menu.  Here, we’ve got no complain on the bacon, and the cheesy sauce was very thick and nice. But it was the pasta that felt a little under-cooked and hard.


The roasted baby chicken was our favourite! It was cooked perfectly and was super succulent and intensely flavorsome. The skin was super yummy and leaves you begging for more. It was a great combo with the risotto and the pasta. The chicken was accompanied by a great broth and some stuffy potato wedges.


We’d rate the chicken the highest. They’ve got a massive list of poultry and pizza options – can’t wait to come back to try some more!

Dessert: Chocolate Pudding – Rs 450 and Crème Brulee – Rs. 450

The chocolate pudding is to die for – we babsolutely recommend this! More like a lava cake with an abundance of chocolate sauce on top + a chocolate icing filled strawberry macaroon and a strawberry on the side. Definite eye candy, and soul candy if I were to describe it. This dessert is so good, it’ll leave you craving for more.


Their Crème Brulee was one of the best we’ve had in Colombo so far. With a dollop of ice cream and a strawberry on top, this dessert is the epitome of Italian cuisine. The sugar on top had caramelized to perfection and didn’t taste too burnt or tacky. The dessert was accompanied with miniature fruit cubes on top that added to the sweet.


Let us know what you think of Echo in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?