Restaurant Reviews Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Fire and Ice Pizzeria

2019 Oct 17

Open Time:

12 PM - 10.30 PM


9A Glen Aber Pl, Colombo 00400


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Initially established in Kathmandu in 1995 and then in Kolkata by Italian Annamaria Forgione, the next step was to open its doors in Colombo in order to continue serving home-cooked Italian cuisine. Now on the brink of celebrating a year of serving up delicious Italian fare in Colombo, the cozy restaurant hidden down Glen Aber Place in Colombo 04 can hold its own against the older veteran restaurants in Colombo. Mouthwatering food, a relaxing ambience, friendly and fast service makes it a place worth returning to. 



No Italian restaurant or cafe will be complete without coffee beverages, and Fire and Ice Pizzeria is no exception. Espresso drinks, both hot and cold, tea, fresh juices and mocktails are available.


Fire and Ice Delight – LKR 450

A mocktail containing crushed frozen strawberries, cranberry juice and apple juice topped with Sprite.

The combination of sweet strawberries with the tart cranberry juice resulted in a lovely balance of flavour which was enhanced by the fizziness of the Sprite. The frozen strawberries have a tendency to settle at the bottom so make sure to stir!


Fresh Cucumber Crush – LKR 450

Absolutely refreshing!

The perfect mix of sweet, sour and salty, this cucumber drink is a must have on a hot and humid day. Despite the main element being cucumber, it was not at all overpowering.




Antipasti, frittes, cheesy focaccia bread, salads and soups are on offer as appetizers at Fire and Ice Pizzeria, and they are a great way of starting your meal.


Antipasto Misto Vegetariano – LKR 1500

The typical Italian antipasto platter entails plenty of cured meats but we decided to opt for the vegetarian version which was a platter filled with mozzarella cheese, pickled vegetables, marinated artichokes, sauteed mushrooms, tomato bruschetta as well as a delicious green olive and pesto sauce topped bruschetta. Large chunks of focaccia bread accompanied the dish as well.

The pickled carrots and beans were soft but satisfyingly crunchy and the artichoke was beautifully salted. The tomato bruschetta was lovely as the tomato was fresh but seasoned well with a mixture of herbs and olive oil. A personal favourite from this dish was the bruschetta topped with a green olive and pesto paste which was perfectly briny but complemented the warm bread well. 




Fire and Ice Pizzeria boast a wide range of pizzas and pasta dishes which cater to everyone with many vegetarian and pescatarian options. Along with the traditional Italian fare of Bolognese, Carbonara and Alfredo sauces, they also have the not-so-common Puttanesca, Piccata Di Pollo and many more. They also have the option of gluten-free penne which will no doubt make a lot of gluten-sensitive carb lovers happy!

As a Pizzeria, they definitely do deliver with the number of options for delicious pizza! The menu makes deciding very difficult with 24 options for pizza, all of which are tempting.


Rompipalle – LKR 1600

This 12-inch pizza comes loaded with spicy minced beef in a tomato sauce that’s perfect for the Sri Lankan palate. The beef was seasoned in such a way that it was spicy without the chilli being prominent but instead gave out a warm heat. The cheese topping the meat complemented it while the hidden peppers gave quite the kick. All in all, the flavour was reminiscent of chilli con carne and I am definitely a fan.


Quattro Formaggi – LKR 1600

The Quattro Formaggi or Four Cheese is a popular option for cheese lovers as this has a topping of mozzarella, parmesan, scarmorza and blue cheese. As a lover of all things cheese whose go to pizza is the margharita or the four cheese, this is the best I’ve tasted in a long time! The different and diverse flavours of the four different kinds of cheese could be tasted in each mouthful, and each bite was quite the journey. Gooey, but not heavy, this pizza was extremely satisfying and definitely the reason for a second trip back.




Amore Mio with Ice Cream – LKR 650

Freshly baked Nutella chocolate folded in pizza dough served with vanilla ice cream and seasonal fresh fruits, this dessert was a dream within a dream. The ice cream was milky, smooth and was the perfect combination to the warm pie. A dessert made for two as it’s quite rich for just one individual (unless you like a challenge). 




While situated in busy Bambalapitiya, the hustle and bustle of the city soon fade away when you make your way inside the premises. It feels like you’re in your own little world, far away from the noise and dust of Colombo, which no doubt is welcome to everyone. 

The restaurant has ample space, both indoors and outdoors, and gives off an easy vibe in which one can spend hours without realizing.

So come here by yourself or with a friend and just while away the time while feasting on sumptuous food!