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Full’r | Food Review

2022 Oct 10

Open Time:

11.30 am - 11.00 pm


57 D. S. Fonseka Rd, Colombo 5


Contact No

077 111 4164


‘Own your mess’

As someone who is always on the look out for new burger spots to try out, Full’r had my attention since it first popped up on UberEats with burgers named ‘That’s What Cheese Said’ and ‘Grilling Me Softly’. As someone who appreciates a good pun (and burgers!), I was glad I got to try Full’r earlier this week.

I waited impatiently till the rider beat the traffic to bring me my bag of goodness, and a bag of goodness it was!



Onion Rings (LKR 649) 

The batter fried onion rings were exactly what I needed to kickstart the tasting experience. The crunchy rings dipped into the spicy mayonnaise were a real treat.


French fries (LKR 699) 

The fries I left for the end of the sides-tasting experience because everyone knows that with burgers, one must have fries – burger – burger – fries – fries – fries – burger, and I was ready to dig into the burgers at this point. The fries were yummy; they were the right mix of crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.



Hometown Hero (LKR 1,350) 

The Hometown Hero is Fullr’s signature Sri Lankan beef burger, the patty of which is infused with Sri Lankan chillies. True to its name, its ingredients are home grown or homemade, right down to the sauces. The caramelised onions, coupled with the hollandaise emulsion, cheddar, tomato and mixed greens really did this bad boy justice.


Captain Cool (LKR 1,300)

Captain Cool is the chicken equivalent of the Hometown Hero. Although I am a strong advocate for beef patties in burgers, this one took me by surprise. Its pepper cream emulsion and in-house spicy mayonnaise really brought out the flavour of the chillie-infused chicken patty. While being named Captain Cool, I did think this one had a bit of a spicy kick to it, so it’s definitely one for those who enjoy a bit of spice in their burgers.


Beef Me Up Scotty (LKR 1,520) 

Aptly named, the Beef Me Up Scotty came with two delicious beef patties stacked together on a bed of caramelised onions, tomato, cheddar, and mixed greens coated with the in-house spicy mayo. Having enjoyed the spicy mayo with the onion rings, I had a feeling I would like this one. It paired well with the sweetness of the caramelised onions, which I thought was what made this burger a definite win. A piece of advice to my fellow readers with small hands: this one is definitely a handful, and if you’re going to enjoy it, you should keep Full’r’s tagline in mind: ‘Own Your Mess!’


Major General (LKR 1,350) 

With spicy mayo as its base and sriracha as its topcoat, the crispy chicken burger is definitely one for the spice fans. Although I more than appreciated the crispy chicken that perfectly balanced the soft, fresh bun it sat between, my personal palate does not rush to entertain the tangy-sweet goodness that I have heard many say sriracha is. I believe those of you who enjoy sriracha will take a major liking to this one.


Red Rooster (LKR 850) 

The Red Rooster had my dining partner crowing with praise at the delectable fiery red sumo sauce that the juicy chicken patty was doused in, which when mixed with spicy mayo, perfectly complemented the onion rings, mixed greens, and tomato that sat atop it.


That’s What Cheese Said (LKR 900) 

This burger was the most interesting of the ones I tried. Rich, grilled cottage cheese in a tandoori marinade shared the burger bun with mixed greens, herbs, sour cream and tomato salsa. Now, I like my burgers with a bit of meat in them, but this made for an interesting vegetarian option. The tomato salsa that worked well with the cottage cheese took me slightly by surprise, and while I can’t truthfully say that I’ll pass a beef burger over for one filled with cottage cheese, I can confidently include the ‘That’s What Cheese Said’ in my top three interesting burger finds.


Most people I know in Colombo (including myself) are always on the lookout for good burger spots. Full’r is definitely one. Additionally, the only thing better than grabbing a bite to eat, is when that bite comes to you, so the fact that we could get Full’r to our doorstep truly made the experience better.


Tip: Go for the ‘Beef Me Up Scotty’. Take it from someone who consciously tries to avoid the inevitable mess of eating a burger: this one is worth it.