Restaurant Reviews Joshua’s Tree | Restaurant Review

Joshua’s Tree | Restaurant Review

2021 Nov 20

Open Time:

4 to 6 hours prior notice for lunch and dinner orders.


Ask for order pick ups.


Contact No

077 734 4449



Let the foodie inside you go WOW with Joshua’s Tree!

Serving up a host of scrumptious treats, Joshua’s Tree is a delightful delivery-based experience wrapped up in adorable packaging and pop-culture references that’ll tickle your inner TV/movie geek. With simple yet comforting flavours, you can just feel the love that went into making each dish on the menu. Now to unleash our inner foodie!


Lankan Twist – LKR 750

From their Roast Paan Corner, we started off our food journey with their fan-favourite Lankan Twist. A succulent combination of bacon, egg and cheese, sandwiched between crusty bread, a single bite was all it took to make us jump right in for more. There was also a slight underlying sweetness that worked super well with the spice from the Nai Miris Pol Sambol and the saltiness of the bacon and cheese. True to its name, this was one dish that perfectly married the essence of comfort food with uniquely Sri Lankan flavours.



Catch Me If You Can – LKR 1500 

Oh this was the one! With juicy, well-seasoned chicken covered in just the right amount of crumb, every bite felt like a comforting hug. The signature sauce on top had a delicate flavour that complemented the chicken without overpowering it, and the generous dousing of melted cheese gave it that good ol’ salty kick that made for an absolute banger combination. Catch me going back for seconds!

Breaking Bad – Baked Shrimp Mac & Cheese – LKR 1250

Who’d say no to mac & cheese? Definitely not us! This was a treasure trove of cheesy goodness topped generously with shrimp. The texture was perfectly creamy, and a delight to have in your mouth. The sprinkling of parsley also worked great with the shrimp. Personally, I did end up finding the flavours a bit too mild for my palate, but for anyone looking for a wholesome bowl of mac & cheese, this might just be the dish for you.



50 Shades of Brown – Signature Chocolate Biscuit Pudding – LKR 350

A delight for anyone with a sweet-tooth, this is one dessert that’ll have you licking the back of your spoon. The chocolate flavour is super indulgent but lets the biscuit flavour stand out on its own. Bonus points for the sweetness not being too overwhelming despite being covered in an ooey-gooey fudge sauce. There was also a super satisfying crunch from the bits of shaved chocolate sprinkled on top. This is one classic dessert you gotta try!

Little fun fact!

All menu items are named after a movie or TV show. So, if you caught the reference, congrats! You probably watch a lot of Netflix.

If you’re ever in the mood for some wholesome comfort food guaranteed to be made with love, while Netflix-ing and chilling, place an order at Joshua’s Tree! Your inner foodie will thank you.

Delivery options: Place an order through their Instagram @joshuastreelk or contact 0777 344 449