Restaurant Reviews Kava Island Bar

Kava Island Bar

2020 Oct 15

Open Time:

5pm onwards


41 Maitland Crescent, Colombo 00700 Sri Lanka


Opposite Independence Square

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Relaxed cocktail spot by evening, party destination by night!

With its colourful, quirky interiors and drinks that come in all kinds of kitsch-y tumblers and glasses, what Kava Island Bar is most popular for is its killer events. Weekends are packed wall to wall with flashing lights and some great music. We dropped in during a balmy evening to see what it is like without all the hustle and bustle and were pleasantly surprised! This is one bar that can do both wild parties and chilled-out drink sessions. 


Birds of Paradise (LKR 1300)

This was the first cocktail that we tried out of the lot and it turned out to have the most unique taste of all. Happy tipsiness is what awaits you in the depths of this delicious drink! Tinged with tequila, this unexpectedly earthy drink carries the promise of a good night out. 

Amba yaluwo (LKR 1300) 

The sweetness of this drink balances out the sharp kick of alcohol that comes through with the first sip. Delicately seasoned with cinnamon and a concoction of other spices, this one would appeal mostly to those with a sweet tooth. 

The Zombie (LKR 1400)

We really enjoyed the strong flavour that this drink managed to retain, even after all the ice had melted down. A combination of strong ingredients provides a zingy flavour with a slightly spicy aftertaste. Overall, we think this one had the perfect balance of flavours and alcohol. 

Skux Deluxe (LKR 1000)

My superpower is making wine disappear so I was extra pumped for this wine-infused concoction. After some vigorous stirring, we were still disappointed to find that it lacked taste. This could be due to the fact that the ice in the drink had melted while we were photographing it. However, the wine comes through as you finish the drink, since it is the densest of the ingredients, making for a yummy last sip. 

Juju Juice (Rs 800)

This drink is an absolute treat for anyone who enjoys sour flavours! Vaguely reminiscent of a margarita, this drink was sweeter and fruitier, with the salt around the rim enhancing the sour undertones and balancing out the flavours of the drink nicely. You can barely taste the alcohol in this one but watch out! Too many could have you ending the night earlier than you expected! 


Coco Loco Prawns (LKR 1450) 

What would have been just a bowl of your regular batter-fried prawns was elevated to the next level with grated coconut mixed into the batter, giving it a tropical flavour. The prawns were nice and succulent and made for the perfect bite to enjoy with your drinks. It is served with a side of Kava Lava sauce, Kava Island’s signature dressing which they make in-house with bell peppers and kochchi. This dish is great if you want to prevent yourself from heaving out alcohol drunk on an empty stomach! 


Kava Lava Burger (LKR 1300)

The Kava Lava Burger has quite a different take on your regular burger and fries, and is enriched with surprising tropical flavours! With its juicy coconut and breadcrumb coated patty, pineapple chunks and a generous amount of salad, every mouthful of this burger is truly a delight. The sweet potato fries that it came with were also crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, making it the perfect addition to the meal. 

Salami, Bacon and Lingus Pizza (LKR 900)

A perfectly baked, thin-crust pizza, overloaded with the most delicious meat topping to satisfy any carnivorous soul. The first bite had the crust and all the cheese folding in with topping spilling everywhere. Definitely not one to be eaten with grace but boy, was it yummy. We were, however, looking for Kava Island’s signature tropical twist on this, which we did not find. But still. Good pizza. No complaints. 


Churros with Chocolate Dip (LKR 450) 

Still warm from frying, this came served with the most decadent chocolate dip that I have tasted in all of Colombo. The churros were just the right amount of sweetness with the slightest hint of salt and were fluffy and crisp on the outside. The dip was just the right consistency and wasn’t too sweet, which had us feeling like we could indulge in another two or three buckets of these (or five. Nobody’s counting). 


Kava Island Bar’s open interior makes it a wonderful place to visit, whether to party or for quiet drinks. There’s always a nice breeze flowing throughout the place, preventing it from getting stuffy. The bright neon colours and foliage hanging from the beams makes every corner of it absolutely instagrammable, and they’ve always got good music! What’s not to love? 

Tip – Grab your friends and make sure to order as many cocktails as possible and sample each one. Each drink has its own unique flavour!