Restaurant Reviews Mama Louie’s

Mama Louie’s

2019 Sep 19

Open Time:

Monday to Friday : 3.00 pm – 11.00 pm | Saturday and Sunday : 12.00 – 11.00 pm


No. 49, Skelton Road, Colombo 05. (Sooriya Village premises)


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Mama Louie’s – Oven fresh pizza to your heart’s content!


As soon as we stepped into view of the large picturesque house known as Sooriya Village, we couldn’t help but deeply inhale the mouth–watering aroma of pizzas, fresh out of the oven.

Nestled cozily within the Sooriya Village premises, Mama Louie’s is definitely a noteworthy go-to pizza spot to satisfy your cravings to your heart’s content!




The beverage menu is in keeping with the usual menus offered by coffee shops, with hot espresso rich drinks and hot teas, fresh juices, frappes, and smoothies. They also have a variety of mocktails for those averse to caffeine.



Mama’s Blues – LKR 480

This is the perfect drink to quench your thirst. Not only is it visually pleasing but it is also very refreshing. This mocktail is a feel–good concoction of ice, soda, lime, blue curacao and sugar syrup giving it a nice balance of sweet and tangy citrus. This thirst quencher went well with the spicy lamb pizza we had later on.



Strawberry Chocolate Blend – LKR 540

A nice chilled chocolate shake for all you chocolate lovers out there. This too, like Mama’s Blues was served in generous quantity. While this drink was visually pleasing and very chocolaty, we didn’t taste much of the strawberry element which was a little bit of a let down.





Aussie Spicy Lamb (13”) – LKR 1980

We absolutely loved this! This 13 inch pizza was topped with chunks of Aussie lamb and a generous serving of mozzarella. The lamb was nicely seasoned and perfectly cooked and not at all chewy. The bell pepper added a lovely crunch to every bite. All those out there who love spice, this is one of the best spicy pizzas we have come across.



Clinique Formaggi (13”) – LKR 1550

A generous veggie option for all you pizza lovers. This is the go to cheese pizza in town. This pizza was loaded with Mozzarella, Ricotta, Italian Blue Cheese, Parmesan and Emmental. Five types of cheese on one pizza, is definitely cheese pizza heaven.



Pollo Pancetta di Pollo Gorgonzola (13”) – LKR 1700

This yummy pizza was topped with juicy chunks of chicken, chicken bacon and blue cheese! We personally loved this dish because, well, blue cheese. For those of you who don’t like blue cheese, don’t hesitate, give this pizza a try and you’ll realize the blue cheese goes perfectly with the juicy chicken and chicken bacon. The chicken is not too spicy, so if the spice in the Aussie Lamb pizza is too hot to handle, you should definitely try this out.



Chicken Lasagna – LKR 840

A hearty portion of freshly made chicken lasagna is what we got. The Bolognaise sauce was rich and full of flavor. There was a really nice balance between the Bolognaise and the Béchamel sauces. We got a large serving of lasagna generously topped with, yup, you guessed it, cheese! This is a top favorite and definitely worth the price.





Chocolate Brownie – LKR 410

We were so excited when we received a warm chocolaty brownie topped with vanilla ice – cream. This dessert lived up to our expectation. The brownie was warm and gooey with a nice crunch in every bite as the brownie had a generous mix of nuts. The brownie was very filling and you could easily share it. The vanilla ice – cream was the cherry on top. This brownie had a nice chocolate glaze on top and was perfect!



Chocolate Cookie – LKR 200

We got one big cookie when we ordered this dessert and after the amazing chocolate brownie, we weren’t too happy with this dessert. It was a big filling cookie with an element of oatmeal and chunks of chocolate here and there. The cookie was too biscuit – like for our liking but that’s because we prefer warm chewy cookies.




All pizzas across the board were warm, fresh, and straight out of the oven. Each pizza was topped with fresh basil leaves that really gave that crunch you needed. The best part was, unlike a couple of places we have come across, the pizza was very fresh and not at all greasy. All in all, we had a feast at Mama Louie’s and were happily stuffed!

Have you tried out Mama Louie’s yet?

Tip – If you plan on taking date, go there at night, the ambience is amazing and the venue is beautiful.