Restaurant Reviews Mongolian Street I Restaurant Review

Mongolian Street I Restaurant Review

2023 Aug 3

Open Time:

Daily, 11 am to 9:30 pm


318, Torrington Avenue, Colombo 05


Located at the top of Torrington Avenue when coming from the Saint Theresa’s Church side. Previously occupied by Hollybelly Cafe.

Contact No

0777 777 270




Mongolian Street; A Small Business With A Purpose 

There is more than meets the eye (or the plate for that matter) when it comes to Mongolian Street, because it definitely isn’t just your average Mongolian restaurant. The pillars behind this business are just as intriguing as the food they serve, as Mongolian Street promotes community upliftment and entrepreneurship. This is most notably seen through their staff. 

None of their servers or chefs have received hotel school training because the business itself has taken it upon themselves to employ people from all walks of life that haven’t had financial and other privileges to qualify themselves in the culinary and hospitality fields. As such, they also frequently employ people who have been struggling with drug addiction to offer them a form of employment and an opportunity to earn their living through meaningful work. Let’s take a dive into what Mongolian Street has to offer!



Hot Butter Cuttlefish – LKR 1,890 (4.5/5)

If you’re one of those Sri Lankans that likes their HBC crispy, but not too sweet or spicy, we have good news for you! The HBC at Mongolian Street is regarded as their magnum opus and we couldn’t agree more. Our favourite things about this iconic dish was the aftertaste of sweetness and of course the crunch that comes with each bite. However, if you’d prefer this batter fried goodness spicier and a little more daring, we’d recommend speaking to the staff because they’re super friendly and will definitely pass on the message to the chef!



Chilli Chicken Stir Fry – LKR 1,790 (4/5)

If you’re a spice lover, this dish is right up your alley. The Chilli Chicken Stir Fry was cooked well, and had a great texture. We liked the saucy appeal to this dish because it was delivered with a kick of heat and pepper. This is a decent choice if you’re looking to have some spicy gravy with rice, some might even consider this a bite! Overall, try out this dish if you’re looking for something to spice up your evening!  



Mixed Mongolian Rice – LKR 1,190 (3.5/5)

The Mixed Mongolian Rice, a familiar dish for Sri Lankans, was a delightful combination of chicken and shrimp. The portion of chicken was generous and it had a dark taste because of the use of soy sauce, making it a hearty and satisfying meal. While this dish lacked a wow factor, it’s a great meal for someone looking to sit back and enjoy the classic and familiar tastes of a dish we all enjoy and have craved for at some point or the other. 

Chicken Noodle Fusion – LKR 1,190 (4.5/5)

The Chicken Noodle Fusion is one of Mongolian Street’s signature dishes, making it stand out in terms of flavour and presentation from everything else on the menu. The Mongolian cuisine is something most Sri Lankans are familiar with, but this particular Mongolian inspired dish had a flair to it that slightly elevated it from the other items we tried at the restaurant. Perhaps this is on account of the use of Japanese flat noodles, which is made using wheat flour and sweet potato. Like the other mains we tried, this too did not lean into spice, making it a comfortable choice for everyone to enjoy. The reliance on soy sauce gave the dish an earthy taste, while its texture remained smooth and supple. 

Chicken Flipside Rice – LKR 1,290 (3.5/5)

Protein packed and guilt-free, this dish is for anyone looking to have a healthier meal at Mongolian Street! The origins of this dish date back to when Mongolian Street’s first outlet in Battaramulla is located near a gym. Gym-goers in the vicinity apparently approached the management at Mongolian Street and requested that they make a healthier food option so they’d still be on track in their fitness journey. Thus the Chicken Flipside was born, including a massive 180 grams of expertly cooked chicken and a reduced portion of rice.

This signature dish came with a luscious, thick sauce that added a burst of flavour. Another notable difference in this dish was less salt added into it, which is ultimately better for your health as well. While it’s already a wholesome choice, a bit more spiciness would elevate the taste to perfection. Whether you’re health-conscious or simply crave a satisfying meal, the Chicken Flipside delivered with its well-balanced ingredients.



Bitter-Sweet Symphony – LKR 690 (3/5)

The only thing better than enjoying the scenic view from the rooftop at Mongolian Street, is sipping on a cool beverage while doing it! For this, consider the Bitter-Sweet Symphony mocktail. Made with Red Bull, orange juice and crushed lime this was refreshing and satisfying without overdoing the sweetness and bitterness components. This drink is part of the partnership Mongolian Street has with Red Bull to create a series of non-alcoholic beverages that friends and family alike can sit and enjoy. 



Apart from the food and the superb hospitality, the other defining feature of Mongolian Street was the ambience. With both indoor seating downstairs and open air seating on its rooftop, it’s a versatile location for any social gathering. We had the privilege of dining at the best possible time and seating location at the restaurant. Any guesses? We dined on the rooftop with a backdrop of Colombo’s iridescent skyline and a beautiful setting sun.

While Mongolian Street has a no alcohol policy to make the restaurant more inviting and family friendly, for special events where the entire rooftop is booked, alcohol is allowed. The rooftop can accommodate roughly 50 people comfortably and with its stellar location right in the heart of Colombo, we’d recommend it to anyone hosting a small gathering for friends or family. The indoor seating downstairs however, can comfortably seat 16 people. 

Their journey of success started five years ago with food stalls and catering, after which they were able to open their own physical restaurants. Today they have 2 outlets in the convenient locations of Thimbirigasyaya (which we reviewed) and Battaramulla. 

The owner, Shevon’s introduction to all things culinary started at home, when his grandmother taught him cooking from a young age preaching that he should learn these skills so he does not become a burden to his spouse (we love a progressive grandmother)! This wisdom echoes in the care and attention streamlined into creating each dish. 

Lastly, do keep an eye out for their social media posts because they will be having a few events, like open mic nights and other performances soon!



  • Try your best to get the outdoor seating on their rooftop rather than the indoor seating, as the building which Mongolian Street operates in is also an apartment complex. Therefore having indoor seating might be less private and intimate since guests and tenants may be walking in and out of the building.

Did You Know?

  • The indoor seating downstairs is open during the day time while their rooftop seating is open only at night. 
  • Because Mongolian Street is located on one of the tallest buildings down Torrington Avenue, the view from their rooftop is uncontested and has a view that’s as clear as the eye can see.
  • They have a special event coordinator to manage events and gatherings on their rooftop by the name of ‘Parté’!