Restaurant Reviews PastaMania Sri Lanka

PastaMania Sri Lanka

2018 May 11

Open Time:

11.30am – (Fridays: 1.30pm – 11pm)


502, R.A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03


opposite Fashion Bug

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Pastamania has been causing quite the buzz around Colombo even before it officially opened! The hype is real, with Pastamania serving up authentic Italian dishes fit for everyone. Walking into Pastamania, you are greeted with their classic logo and an array of their delicious gelato. The interior décor fits the theme and the employees are very energetic, bringing out the real essence of Italia!


Strawberry Quenched – LKR 500

Pastamania surely knows their items and how to present them! This drink comes in a tall, insta-worthy glass with cute Italian wordings. Staying true to its name, this drink is rich with strawberry flavor and consists of sliced lime, giving it a more tangy feel. For 500 bucks, there’s really good quantity with really good flavor.

Wildberry Smoothie – LKR 750

If you want something a little creamier, the Wildberry Smoothie is the way to go! Topped off with Pastamania’s blueberry gelato, fresh blueberries, strawberry syrup and a whole lot of creamy goodness, this drink is very refreshing!


Honey Garlic Chicken – LKR 550

Uh huh, honey! I can’t even begin to describe how good this dish tasted! Drenched in thick honey, the Honey Garlic Chicken is crispy, moist and absolutely heavenly. There’s a change in texture and flavor in every bite that definitely builds up your appetite.

Cheddar Cheese Sticks – LKR 750

Upon first sight, this dish looked like something I could whip up in the comfort of my own kitchen…but of course, we were still hopeful. This dish consists of six Cheddar Cheese Sticks with a side of chili and garlic sauce to complement. The best thing about this dish is that the cheese sticks arrive to your table crispy and absolutely FRESH! A little too price-y, but nevertheless, really good.

Garlic Pizza Bread – LKR 450

The Garlic Pizza bread is embellished with slices of garlic and comes with two different types of salsa for more flavor. The dish consists of 12 pizza bread slices, each being very soft and easy to munch on. The presentation on this dish looked as good as it tasted as well.

Pastamania Paprika Wings – LKR 600

This dish comes with 6 deliciously packed chicken wings, marinated in paprika. The wings are crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside, with a delicious hint of lime to it. Definitely worth the money!


Marinara (with a homemade broth) – LKR 1000

The Marinara at Pastamania is an absolute winner! For all you seafood fanatics out there, this dish is topped off with fresh prawns, cuttlefish and DELICIOUS clams! We were told that not many people preferred trying out their homemade broth over the tomato base, and boy, are they missing out! The homemade broth is simply made out of tomato and apple extract, but it tastes like a world of flavor especially with the seafood!

Alfredo – LKR 1000

Ah, the classic Alfredo. Topped off with broccoli, chicken ham, chicken and TONS of cheese; Pastamania’s Alfredo is among the best out there! The broccoli in this dish is extremely fresh and crunchy, mingling well with the creaminess of the dish. The Alfredo is extremely filling, salted well and worth every buck.

Supreme and Hot Basil Chicken – LKR 1950

We simply couldn’t set our minds on which of Pastamania’s pizza topping to choose from, so we went half-half on two of them! For less than LKR 2000, we got the best of both worlds! The Supreme consists of a whole load of ingredients ranging from pineapples, mushrooms, chicken bacon, pepperoni and bell pepper! One might think it’s a bit much, but if anything, Pastamania has proven to be the genius of Italian gastronomy. The ingredients combine well, giving a different and intriguing experience to those who consume it. The Hot Basil Chicken on the other hand looks less “extra”, but don’t let its looks deceive you. Filled with a generous amount of hot basil chicken, red chili and a humongous amount of cheese, this pizza topping is as good as the Supreme!


Strawberry Pizza – LKR 750

Strawberry Pizza? For dessert? Why not? Pastamania appears to show no fear in introducing new flavor into the market, this item being one of them.

One bite into a slice of this and I was blown away! Topped off with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, cream cheese and a whole lot of strawberries, this dish is a definite MUST! It’s not too heavy on the stomach, which is very important after a hefty meal. Make sure to expect the flavors swirl on your palette from sweet to cheesy to tangy!

All in all, our experience at Pastamania matched our expectations, if not exceeded them. The food is AMAZING and the prices are very reasonable! Make sure you drop by!