Restaurant Reviews Pranzo at Waters Edge – Dinner Buffet

Pranzo at Waters Edge – Dinner Buffet

2019 May 6

Open Time:

7.30pm – 10.30pm


316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla


Pranzo is the main restaurant at the Waters Edge Lobby

Contact No

0112 863 863

A buffet worth every buck!
Pranzo at Waters Edge was always known for their reliable Italian cuisine but apart from their a la carte menu, the well-known restaurant now does a delicious dinner buffet as well. With an upscale ambience and impeccable service, the spread at Pranzo is mostly Western, with a clay-pot Sri Lankan section as well. Save for the lack of more traditional seafood options, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Pranzo and think the LKR 2950 nett price tag is fully worth it!


You can order drinks off their a la carte menu with no lack of choices. They serve a range of wines and cocktails that will tingle your taste buds as well.

Lime Juice
A little strong on the lime, and slightly bitter, this wasn’t our top pick off their beverage menu. But something light and refreshing of this nature is perfect to wash down the delectable spread to follow.

Orange Juice

A little pulpy and very delicious, this orange juice was the perfect balance between sweet and sour. An ample drink to sip on while we dove into the buffet courses, we would recommend you order this!

Lime Soda

This was again a little too strong on the lime for our taste but the cool drink made for great refreshment on a warm day.


An incredibly impressive array of appetizers from sushi to cold cuts, this appetizer spread has got to be one of our favorites.

Cream of tomato soup

I’m not usually a fan of tomato-based dishes but the flavour and texture of this soup really won me over. With a nice creamy base perfectly accentuated by the tang of the tomato, and topped with a bit of parsley for an extra flair, this was a perfect start to the meal.

Chicken and sweet corn soup

Chicken and sweet corn soup has always been a comfort food for us Lankans. This dish was very well executed and made yummier with a sprinkle of parmesan as garnish.


Serving 3 maki options with the whole works for sushi, including the pickled ginger gari and chopsticks, we could feast on this course all day. With cucumber, crab stick, and tuna options, the sushi spread was delicious.


On plate: Bacon wrap with chicken liver dates, seafood roulade, salmon roulade, tandoori chicken salad, tandoori prawn salad, eggplant salad, grilled vegetable salad, pesto pasta salad

Bacon wrap with chicken liver dates

With an interesting balance of flavours and innovative take, the sweet and savoury nature of this dish really tingled our taste buds. Props to the mastermind behind this!

Seafood roulade and salmon roulade

A nice balance of flavours in each, the seafood and salmon roulades had quite a mushy texture but tasted great!

Tandoori chicken salad

Now here’s a delicious salad! A great fusion dish, the chicken was well-seasoned and the combination of tandoori, cucumber, and tomato was quite refreshing.

Tandoori prawn salad

Much like the tandoori chicken salad, this was also executed well. Though the prawns were not as traditional as the tandoori chicken, it worked quite well together.

Eggplant salad

With a more earthy and Sri Lankan flavour, the eggplant salad was quite reminiscent of the batu moju we love eating with rice. It was a more interesting flavour profile and though I liked it, it wasn’t suited to everyone’s palette.

Grilled vegetable salad

The grilled vegetable salad was our top pick for its deliciously charred nature and yummy coating of parmesan cheese. With carrots, capsicum, and aubergines in the mixture, I quite liked it!

Pesto pasta salad

Penne pasta with a nice coating of pesto and olives is just what you need to finish off your salads course. A great balance of flavours!

Cold cuts and cheese

Never have we seen such a satisfactory spread of cold cuts at a buffet! From the smoked pepper beef to the seafood terrine, and the assorted cheeses to follow, this is a meat lover’s paradise. The cheese was served with grapes and we did miss the olives but I guess you can’t really have it all.


Divided into three interesting sections, the mains at the Pranzo dinner buffet left us stuffed to the brim. One thing we noticed was that the arrangement could have been optimized in terms of how a guest would serve a plate. For instance, you would find the Chicken Korma in one section but the rice in another section – we’d suggest you scout the entire buffet before you serve so you can pair dishes according to your preference.

On plate: margarita pizza, buttered vegetables, grilled seafood kebab, spring rolls, chicken lollipop, vegetable tempura
In the nicknamed snacks section, we had a range of different cuisines to choose from, all in the form of “short eats” served in quite an impressive spread.

Margarita Pizza

The Margarita Pizza was thin-crust and tasty but a little more cheese would have given it the stand-out factor that was missing.

Buttered vegetables

Deliciously buttered and well done, the vegetables were a light and healthy escape from all the heavy food we were eating.

Grilled seafood kebab

The grilled seafood kebab was really something to rave about for its tender selection of seafood and incredible seasoning. Our favourite pick from this section, we absolutely loved these kebabs!

Spring rolls

A little bit on the burnt side and not as crispy as we would have like them, the spring rolls were alright, but didn’t really take our breath away.

Chicken Lollipop

Not your typical batter-fried Indian chicken lollipop, this one was more pan-tossed version with a delicious gravy.

Vegetable Tempura

The vegetable tempura wasn’t too great. The vegetables were coated in a thicker, less flavourful batter than tempura and came off quite heavy.

On plate: yellow rice, cuttlefish curry, thibbatu fry, ambarella curry, tempered green beans, nelum ala and mushroom curry
Served right out of clay pots, the Sri Lankan fare at Pranzo was quite good as well. With a myriad of flavours and spices contributing to a delicious blend of ingredients, the mushroom and cuttlefish curries really stood out. The yellow rice was fragrant and fluffy and the ambarella curry was out-of-this-world spicy. Mix well and enjoy!

Moving onto a more heavy mains plate, we were introduced to the roasts and proteins portion of our experience.  

On plate: grilled fish with saffron sauce and cherry tomatoes, roast leg of lamb, wok fried seafood noodles, chicken korma, mushroom and spinach pie, pineapple and braised pork, chili chicken with cashew
Grilled fish with saffron sauce

The flaky grilled fish seasoned with pepper and salt, topped with a delicious rich saffron sauce and cherry tomatoes, was a real winner! The tomatoes gave it that extra bit of flavour and the combined flavours really complemented one another.

Roast leg of lamb

Tender and well-seasoned, this rack of lamb was all about the delicious meat and the heavenly bits of fatty pieces. Yum!

Wok fried seafood noodles

One of the few carbs on the menu, the wok fried noodles had bits of carrot and capsicum in them and was tossed to perfection. A great accompaniment to all the rich meats we were eating.

Chicken korma

With a delicious gravy and spices galore, this chicken korma could have been ideal with a naan or biryani – definitely won our hearts!

Mushroom and spinach pie

Full of juicy portabello mushrooms, and spinach, this vegetarian pie didn’t miss the meat – it was very wholesome!

Pineapple and braised pork

An interesting sweet and savoury dish, this braised pork was a little bit too sweet for our liking but still tender and succulent.

Chili chicken with cashew

With an abundance of cashew and pan-tossed chili chicken, this was a great dry dish – quite enjoyable with the wok fried noodles.


Never have we seen a dessert spread this innovative and different! We were absolutely stuffed by this point but from the use of kiwi to the apple mousse, we loved every minute of it!

On plate: Chocolate mud cake, fresh strawberries, chocolate swiss roll, apple mousse, caramel brownie, kiwi tart
Chocolate mud cake

A warm, gooey, delicious concoction, this is the definition of comfort food and ideal for a rainy day!

Fresh strawberries

Fresh and juicy, topping the mud cake with a few of these will ensure a home-run!

Chocolate swiss roll

A bit on the dry side but delicious nonetheless, this swiss roll wasn’t anything like your regular store-bought cakes.

Apple mousse

An incredible twist to the usual chocolate mousse, this apple mousse was fresh and delicate and we loved it!

Caramel brownie

A chocolate brownie topped with caramel? Yes please! A classic dessert made even better with a twist!

Kiwi tart

We absolutely loved the innovation with this dessert. The kiwi was fresh and tasty and went quite well with the cream base.

The service at Pranzo is incredible, quite friendly and accommodating, with the staff paying attention to every little detail.

Tip: One thing we noticed that could have been improved upon was the layout of the buffet – they have parable dishes scattered in different sections so make sure you scout the entire buffet before you serve your plate!