Restaurant Reviews Savour Shangri-La

Savour Shangri-La

2021 Jul 7

Open Time:

10 am - 10 pm daily


Home delivery via their delivery service


Home delivery via their delivery service

Contact No

0117 888 288

For those of you who have always enjoyed the many cuisines that Shangri-La’s dining offers, their latest venture makes certain that no food lover misses the opportunity to gorge on a delicious meal. Savour Shangri-La is an entirely fresh delivery platform with a unique menu featuring treats and delights from across the globe. You can order directly through their website and choose between a wide selection of appetisers, mains, snacks and desserts. For those who gravitate towards something healthy or light, there are plenty of salad options, and for those who prefer to dig into a rice and meat combo, there are plenty of East-Asian, Indian and Sri Lankan varieties.

We tried three distinctive food items from their easy-to-navigate menu and here is what we have to say:


Vegetable Spring Rolls (5 pcs) (LKR 900)

The Vegetable Spring Rolls accompanied by a side of spicy tomato sauce make for an ideal appetiser or mid-day snack. As a classic dish that almost everyone has tried, it falls nothing short of our expectations, with a crispy exterior stuffed with crunchy shredded vegetables. Be sure to eat these spring rolls as soon as you can get your hands on them as they taste best when hot on the inside and outside.



Kung Pao Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Dried Chilli (LKR 1,700)

Gripping from the first bite itself, the Kung Pao Chicken is served with steaming egg fried rice and a side of garlic broccoli. This combo meal is filling both in terms of flavour and appetite. The stir-fried chicken is salty, sweet and spicy all in one and is simmered in different sauces to bring out the strong Chinese seasoning. The cashew nuts, onions and chilli pieces add to the “Crunch”. Although the rice teetered more on the drier side, one thing to note was that there was plenty of egg to go around.


Ivory Chocolate Mousse (LKR 600)

The name itself suggests something exotic. Decked with layer upon layer of raspberry filling, mousse and salted caramel sauce, this dessert is designed for those sweet tooths out there. The mousse and salted caramel sauce are quite dense and heavy, but the decadent layer of berries cuts the sweetness to give it that perfect balance.

All parts of the meal are individually packaged in aluminium foil take-away containers and plastic cups so as to keep your food warm once it arrives at your doorstep. The fact that components of the meal are packaged separately ensures that your food doesn’t arrive in one big blended mess after a bumpy ride on our typical Lankan roads.

Savour Shangri-La makes certain that you receive a pleasurable and truly gratifying culinary experience on par with that of their in-house dining.

Keep note that any item ordered after 8 pm will be delivered the following day. In addition, the service only accepts payments made through Visa/ AMEX/ Master Credit or Debit cards with a minimum order value of LKR. 2,000.

Tip: Make sure to sink your spoon all the way down through each and every layer of the Ivory Chocolate Mousse, to get the complete experience of the trio of flavours.