Restaurant Reviews t-Lounge and Bar by Dilmah

t-Lounge and Bar by Dilmah

2020 Aug 22

Open Time:

10 AM to 10 PM


L 1-20, One Galle Face, Colombo 02


Outside the seaside entrance to the mall

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A tea lover’s safe haven!

Whether it’s to sip tea or spill some tea with your friends, the t-Lounge & Bar by Dilmah conveniently located right outside the seaside entrance of One Galle Face Mall is an excellent pick. And it is, without a doubt, every tea fanatic’s dream come true. Serving a wide variety of modern tea-infused drinks, t-Lounge is one of the best places to take a break from the daily hustle, relax and unwind with your loved ones. They are also working very hard to take all the necessary safety precautions to keep their restaurant and bar clean and sanitized, guaranteeing that their customers have a splendid time. We dropped by t-Lounge & Bar and boy oh boy, we were not disappointed! 

Tea Cocktails

Moroccan Mint Collins (LKR 950)

An interesting twist on the more traditional Tom Collins, this drink was a delicate concoction of rum, Dilmah Moroccan Mint Green Tea with lemon and lime, which was refreshing to say the least! It also gave off this tangy, zesty kick which was the perfect pick-me-up on a balmy Sri Lankan evening. The flavours of the spirits and tea blended really well together. Trust us when we say that we’ll definitely be ordering this one again! 

Swipe Right (LKR 1200)

This cocktail was definitely our personal favourite and not just because of its cheeky name! We were completely in love with the elegant presentation of the drink itself as it arrived on the table. This pastel pink cocktail was infused with a smooth combination of Vodka, Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla Tea and Bailey’s, one of the most luxurious Irish liqueurs. It goes without saying that this was love at first sip for us, as tasting the rich flavours was definitely a party in my mouth. And living up to its name, it goes without saying that we’d definitely swipe right on this drink over and over again!

Midsummer (LKR 720)

This drink was jam-packed with the punchy passion fruit flavour. Tied with the mintiness of Dilmah Moroccan Mint Green Tea, this cocktail soothed our taste buds with every sip that we took. This is definitely one of the drinks to sip on a warm, sunny, evening. 

Fool in the Rain (LKR 820) 

If you are a gin person and if you love the sweet flavour of berries, then this combination of gin, Dilmah Natural Infusion of Blueberry and Clove Tea and Butterfly Pea syrup will leave your taste buds singing in joy! The sharp, acidity of the gin complimented the sweetness of the berries, making it a rather delicious cocktail. 

Secret Garden (LKR 950)

This is another Gin based cocktail, infused with the Dilmah Lychee with Rose & Almond Tea and Blue Curacao. The combination of these flavours complimented each other spectacularly, making my taste buds very happy. Although, a fair warning to all the lightweights out there, this is one to look out for! It is safe to say that Secret Garden was definitely one of my favourites. 


Fish & Chips (LKR 1100)

Ah, you can never go wrong with the classic Fish & Chips. This dish was a real treat! Batter fried fish and crispy chips, Tartar Sauce and pickled onions will have you dreaming of the famous fish and chips restaurants in London. The fish was crispy on the outside and soft and flavourful inside. The freshly fried chips were irresistible and the creamy tartar sauce added just the right amount of tang to the dish, making it a fulfilling meal.

Avocado Scallops on Danish Rye Toast (LKR 1400)

The elegant presentation of this dish had us ogling it until it arrived at the table and sat in front of us. The dish was a pleasant combination of scallops, avocado, Danish Rye bread, sesame, red radish, Micro Arugala, Balsamic Vinegar and spring onions, infusing quite the blend of many different flavours. However, we felt the flavours could’ve worked together a bit better. 

Palak with Paneer (LKR 900)

A yummy, wholesome dish that is bound to be a delight to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians! You have the choice of selecting between Tofu and Paneer, which is then served in a creamy spinach puree and comes alongside Hummus and freshly baked Naans. The spinach puree and Hummus were light and airy and definitely packed with fresh flavours, making it feel like a homemade dish.  

Killer Bread Loaded Sandwich (LKR 850)

We can definitely confirm that this dish tantalised our taste buds with an outburst of so many amazing flavours. The sandwich was generously stuffed with egg, chicken salami, iceberg lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise, making you want to devour it, bite after bite. The dish was generous in portion size and it has a great value for money. It is the perfect dish to satisfy your lunchtime cravings!  


Dry Fruit Creamy Crepe with Dilmah Mediterranean Mandarin Tea Shot (LKR 700) 

A light, crispy crepe stuffed with bees honey, vanilla, dates, dried fruits, raisins, sultanas, pistachios, almonds, cashew, apricot gel and whipping cream. The crepes were fruity and delicious, with the nuts adding the perfect crunch to the light and airy crepes. However, we felt that there were too many flavours for our taste buds to pick up and it would have been much more delicious if it was simplified a little bit more. 


Apple & Cheesecake Taco (LKR 850) 

The Apple and Cheesecake Taco had a very unique blend of flavours. The interesting combination of ingredients included in this dish definitely piqued our interest. The vanilla, cinnamon and apple flavours blended together perfectly and each mouthful was so flavourful and delicious. However, we felt that the cheesecake element of the dish could be improved further.

Puff Doughnuts with Ice Cream of Choice (LKR 450)

This dish consisted of 3 yummy puff doughnuts stuffed generously with Vanilla, Dilmah Earl Grey tea and Avocado Ice Cream. Personally, I felt that the Earl Grey Ice Cream was a little too thick for my liking and the puff doughnuts were also a bit hard to bite into. Although, the doughnuts were packed with flavour, without a doubt!


The t-Lounge and Bar is located at a beautiful location that serves an extensive menu including a range of hot teas, iced teas, tea shakes, tea smoothies, tea mocktails, sparkling teas, tea pitchers, nitro tea, tea champagne, tea cocktails and of course, a variety of delicious food items as well. The ambience of the restaurant and the bar was laid back and comfortable, but was also luxurious and was definitely appealing to the eyes. We were very impressed with their staff members, who were helpful, attentive and efficient. All in all, it is without a doubt one of the best places to drop by with your family and friends for a pleasant outing. Their great service and unique menu will definitely have us dropping by for another visit!


Swipe right on the Swipe right Tea Cocktail, you won’t regret it!