Restaurant Reviews Taco Shack | Restaurant Review

Taco Shack | Restaurant Review

2023 Mar 6

Open Time:

Weekdays, 11 am to 3 pm | Weekends, 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm (Closed on Mondays)


35, D. S. Fonseka Road, Colombo 05


Located behind the Police Park Rugby Grounds

Contact No

0722 736 332



The shack-like charm of Taco Shack

Taco Shack might just be Colombo’s up-and-coming go-to Mexican cuisine spot, so we had to check it out! Despite it being a small business, its central location and more importantly, its delicious cuisine is something that everyone is bound to enjoy. 

The restaurant is the brainchild of Shihaan, who founded it as a cloud kitchen during the peak of COVID-19 lockdowns. He said that it was the gap in the Sri Lankan market for Mexican food, as well as his love for the cuisine – which he developed while studying in the States – that inspired him to launch his very own restaurant with the help of his partner. 


Chicken Taquitos – LKR 1,350 (5/5) 

Mexican taquito now hold a special place in my list of ‘favourite foods’, all thanks to Taco Shack. What gives this dish in particular an extra “oomph” is the deep-fried tortilla wrap. Something about biting into a crunchy wrap, followed by a creamy shredded chicken filling makes for the perfect appetiser. At Taco Shack this portion gets you 3 perfectly crispy taquitos topped with Pico De Gallo – which is a type of salsa. 


Guacamole – LKR 350 (3/5)

If ‘’big things come in small packages’’ was a thing, this guacamole definitely has it down! This dip is avocado-based and filled with other vegetables like tomato and onion. While it tasted fantastic, I think a bigger portion of it would’ve gone a long way. 


Crispy Battered Prawn Taco – LKR 1,800 (5/5)

This is one of their signature best sellers and I definitely understand the hype. With each bite, you get a mouthful of crispy prawns and it really doesn’t get any better than that. Batter fried prawns are always a hit but the sheer size of each prawn leaves you full and wanting more. The homemade chipotle sauce which was drizzled atop sealed the deal. All things considered, definitely order this first when dining at Taco Shack!

Surf and Turf Taco – LKR 2,000 (5/5)

If you’re a rookie to Mexican cuisine, go with the Surf and Turf Taco which resembles (but isn’t identical to) the Sri Lankan black beef curry. The grilled and pulled beef was heavy on the seasoning, giving it an earthy and dark taste. The filling also consisted of shrimp, mozzarella cheese, pickled onion and their red salsa and truly, it was *chef’s kiss*. 

Mango Chicken Taco – LKR 1,500 (4.5/5)

This taco is proof that unlikely food combinations can work out – and quite well too! The fresh mango complimented the grilled chicken very well, giving it the perfect sweet-to-spicy ratio. The chicken itself was also marinated with in-house spices giving it a unique taste from everything else in the market. 


Cinnamon Sugar Churros – LKR 1,100 (2.5/5)

You’ve probably had churros before but did you know that it’s part of Mexican cuisine? I was also delighted to find that Taco Shack’s appropriation of the dish was spot on. The churros weren’t too oily and the in-house chocolate sauce added to the richness of the dish. The only bone I’d have to pick with this is perhaps the size of the dish –  a bigger portion would go a long way! 


Rose Lime Soda – LKR 550 (4/5)

I was captivated by this drink even before I took the first sip – that’s how good it looked. It only got better from there because it tasted even better. The rose essence reminded me of a sherbet, but the sugar wasn’t overbearing, so it was the perfect refresher.

Pina Colada – LKR 600 (5/5)

A classic Pina Colada is my favourite go-to drink, so thankfully Taco Shack’s rendition of it did not disappoint! It had a creamy texture and the perfect balance of sweetness too. 


The name of the restaurant is an indicator of its ambience. The owner made the interior and exterior emanate a shack-like charm to the place. Its cosy interior is filled with quirky designs and patterns that pay tribute to the vibrant Mexican culture. Some of the furniture pieces are even hand-made.

The service was also wonderful and it’s likely that your server might be the owner himself – but let’s call that another charm of running a small business. 

Note: Call before dining in with a group because seating might be somewhat of an issue for larger groups without prior reservation. 

I’d recommend Taco Shack to anyone and I’d be lying if I said it isn’t one of my new favourite go-to spots for some good ol’ Mexican food! Let us know in the comments what you’re most excited to try out!

Did You Know?

They have live music performances every Wednesday and Saturday. 

They accommodate BYOB for a corkage fee of LKR 1,500/= per person.