Terminal 20

2019 Jan 16

Open Time:

10am to 10pm


B-1, Crescat Boulevard, No. 89, Galle Road, Colombo 03.


Facing the food court, the stall in the far corner on the right.

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Hefty portions at unbeatable prices!

Founded by Thisura Goonewardena, Terminal 20 is the latest addition to the Crescat Boulevard’s Food Court. The restaurant offers dishes from multiple cuisines at highly affordable prices! There are, of course, the dine-in and takeaway options, along with delivery through Uber Eats.

Although the area tends to get crowded during rush hour, Terminal 20 is the ideal eatery to indulge in a filling meal while taking a break from shopping at Crescat. We tried out an array of dishes from their menu, but do note that this is simply their introductory menu, they will have much more in store for you in the near future. We were told they intend on serving beer and wine soon as well.

Also, all their dishes are priced below LKR 600!



Honey Lemon Ice Tea – LKR 200

This drink was absolutely refreshing and chilled. The lemon to honey ratio was balanced, and taking a sip from this beverage was a delight considering the warm weather that had been bestowed upon us. However, do drink it quickly as the ice cubes tend to dilute the beverage, resulting in a lack of flavour.


Milo Dinosaur – LKR 350

Terminal 20 nailed this Lankan favourite! The Milo Dinosaur tasted amazing and would be the perfect pick me up at the end of a long day. The taste of chocolate is very evident with a generous topping of milo powder, making it rich and filling. We highly recommend this, best paired with the Mac n’ Cheese.




Mac n’ Chicken with Peri Peri Chicken – LKR 550

This dish consisted of oodles of cheese embedded in a hefty portion of macaroni, topped off with a sprinkling of parsley. A little more cheese would have rendered this dish that oomph factor, but it was still good! The Peri Peri Chicken was the clear winner of the dish. The two succulent boneless chicken thighs were seasoned well and cooked to perfection. These two elements definitely combined well to provide comfort food at its best.


Arabic Biryani Rice with Kalu Pol Chicken – LKR 500

You get an option of either Peri Peri Chicken or Kalu Pol Chicken, so because we tried the former with the Mac n’ Chicken, we chose the latter. Aromatic and flavoursome, this dish was quite good. The amount of curry leaves was uncanny though, and the lack of gravy made this dish quite dry. Nevertheless, the coriander and fried onions saved this dish in terms of flavour.


Crispy Fried Noodles with Chicken – LKR 480

This is definitely a must try! Although the sweet and sour noodles were quite overpowering in terms of taste, this meal (available in either a box or plate) is packed with veggies and chicken. This main was completely worth the price since it was quite filling, along with ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, cubes of chicken, and of course the components making up the sweet and sour sauce.


Sausage n’ Mash with Gravy – LKR 480

We couldn’t believe this dish cost 480 bucks! It comprises of five sausages, a hefty serving of mashed potatoes and boiled veggies with a side of gravy. The sausages were made well and tasted great with the mash. Albeit consisting of some lumps here and there, the mash was still great flavour-wise. The veggies and gravy however were disappointing since some of the veggies were under-boiled and the gravy was too salty!


Fish n’ Chips – LKR 500

Although this dish took forever to arrive, it was worth the wait. The batter used for the fish was seasoned well and the fish was fried to perfection. The dish also included a super generous portion of fries (you can never have too many fries!), a side salad and plenty of tartar sauce to go around. The tartar sauce was the ideal dip for the fish and chips and was made quite well. Needless to say, at LKR 500, this dish was such a steal and we highly recommend it.




Chocolate Biscuit Pudding – LKR 260

Unfortunately, their cheesecakes were not available the day we visited, so the Chocolate Biscuit Pudding was our only option. The biscuits had been soaked for too long and the bottom layer of the pudding was too soggy. There was a faint taste of chocolate but this dessert was just too sweet for my palate. The only good thing about this was the top layer which was quite chocolaty and tasted alright.



The staff was accommodating, however they need to improve on service and cutting down on waiting time. Terminal 20 has some fine tuning to do, but since they opened up less than 2 months ago, hopefully they will improve soon. This is definitely a place to visit if you are at Crescat, which won’t create a dent in your pocket!


Have you been to Terminal 20 yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – Try the Milo Dinosaur and Mac n’ Cheese!