Restaurant Reviews TricycleBnB & Cafe | Restaurant Review

TricycleBnB & Cafe | Restaurant Review

2023 Oct 20

Open Time:

Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm


17/2A, Lauries Road, Colombo 04


Opposite Majestic City and 60m down Lauries Road.




“A criminally underrated hangout spot in the heart of Colombo”

TricycleBnB & Cafe is tucked away on Lauries Road, away from the bustle of the city but still in the middle of it all. As they put it, “a place to experience and enjoy life”, perfectly describes this adorable cafe.

Owned by Deshika Van Haght, what sets her cafe apart from the rest – aside from the fact that she manages to make every customer’s visit feel like a unique and welcoming experience – is the distinctive touch her chefs add to each dish they prepare. Their dishes are reasonably priced and come in very filling portions so no matter what you order, you will not leave feeling hungry. 

Read on to hear what we tried!



Tuna Salad – LKR 1,100 (4/5)

This salad was a light and refreshing start to the meal. Apart from the substantial portion of tuna, the salad had a nice variety of vegetables including cucumber, onions, lettuce leaves and olives. If there was anything missing from this dish, it was a good dressing that would tie everything together. 



Quiche Lorraine – LKR 1,450 (5/5)

Don’t be overwhelmed by the price because one full quiche can serve up to eight people. After taking a bite of this quiche, I completely forgot I was there to review the food, because I got lost in how delicious it was. The filling was absolutely delightful! It’s made with local cheese, vibrant bell pepper and bacon. The quiche itself was rich, creamy and generously loaded with bacon and had a buttery crust. Of course, it did come as a surprise, when I learned that there was no cream used in the stuffing! Instead, the chef makes his own special sauce, which is what makes it simply melt in your mouth. A full quiche, enough for 8 to 10 people can be pre ordered for LKR 5,450.

Pesto Pasta – LKR 1,100 (5/5)

Despite the fact that this dish is entirely vegetarian, the carnivore in me was compelled to eat more.  Usually I need a little something extra in my pasta, like a bit of chicken or bacon, but this dish was perfect as is. Their creamy signature pesto sauce is made from scratch. Flavoured with basil and cashew nuts, the sauce had its own natural earthy flavour that was, for some reason, so compelling to the tastebuds. This is one of many great options the cafe has for vegetarians, and it’s a hit at the cafe.

Black Chicken with Steamed Rice – LKR 950 (4/5)

I’m always up for a good traditional Sri Lankan black chicken curry, so of course when black chicken was on the menu, I couldn’t wait to try it. However, rather than a curry, this dish comes with two large succulent pieces of black chicken that are packed with curry. It came alongside a large serving of steamed rice, a side salad, some chutney and potato curry. This is a real hearty meal. The skin of the chicken was steeped in curry and it had soft, spice-filled meat. It’s made with their own homemade curry powder which was what really added a distinct flavour to the dish while keeping the tradition alive. They also prepare black pork as one of their specials. 



Pumpkin Bread – LKR 1,950 (Full) (5/5)

You’re suspicious, I can tell. That’s only because this is a dessert you usually wouldn’t find in a restaurant or cafe in Colombo. The closest alternative I can give you to this is banana bread. One bite of this pumpkin bread and I could tell that it was a spice bomb. I could immediately taste the sweet and spicy cinnamon in the bread, along with nutmeg and clove powder, which gave the flavour even more of a punch. The bread had a soft texture, and it truly felt like I was biting into a spicy marshmallow. 



Regular Coffee – LKR 350 (4/5)

For those coffee lovers out there searching for a fine, strong cup of coffee, TricycleBnB & Cafe has just the thing for you. Since it’s served in a percolator, the coffee has a richer and darker flavour. Perfect for an early morning wake up call and as a pairing with your breakfast. 

Lemon Iced Tea – LKR 350 (3/5)

Their homemade iced tea has a fruity aftertaste and makes a cooling drink to enjoy your meal with. Although it could have used a bit more sweetness.



From the walk up to the cafe which is a paved walkway with lush greenery on either side you get the sense that this is a tranquil area. The cosy little cafe is located just at the end of the walkway at the bottom of the Tricycle Bnb. The cafe is a lovely quiet spot to sit and enjoy brunch with some friends or go read a book while you sip on a coffee. You get such a warm and welcoming feeling from the space, the owner and the people who work there who are incredibly friendly.  

Their BnB is a great option for tourists looking for boarding, particularly for a long period of time. What really makes this a highlight for tourists is the affordable prices. Would you believe us if we said that they only charge USD 35 with breakfast for two per night?!

Despite having only a few à la carte items on their menu, the cafe delivers in taste and quantity when it comes to their dishes. Don’t let its limited space fool you; this cafe has a lot to offer. Good food, good company and good vibes.

Did You Know?

  • The TricycleBnB & Cafe speciality pre-order menu contains a variety of sweet and savoury treats, including delectable quiches and pies which you have to order 1 to 2 days in advance.
  • The daily specials menu is also a highlight as the chefs try out new recipes once in a while. 
  • They accommodate delivery via UberEats.