Restaurant Reviews Yasmin’s Cafe

Yasmin’s Cafe

2020 Dec 19

Open Time:

11AM to 9PM (closed on Monday)


477, Thalawathugoda Road, Madiwela, Kotte


Housed at the Masterpieces showroom - 200m to the right of Japan Friendship Road Junction (Kotte side)

Contact No
0112 799 488


The stuff that dreams are made of!

Yasmin’s is home to local artisanal Carino ice-cream, sorbets, gelato, frozen yoghurt, decadent cakes and more. Owned by hospitality industry veteran Yasmin Cader, the dessertery takes every effort to give you a healthy and palatable experience. With over 16 flavours of creamy and decadent ice cream flavours, vegans are also in for a treat! Their ice creams are completely natural and fresh, as they support local communities by sourcing home-grown ingredients.

What’s more, Carino’s uses no gelatin at all, no colour and no preservatives. Alternative sugars such as kitul, jaggery and bees honey are used with coconut milk, almond milk and cashew milk in the making of ice creams. We loved the concept of ethical ingredient sourcing and take my word, natural can be phenomenal! Get the scoop on our experience, right here. 


Caffe Mocha (LKR 350)

Presentation matters and this was nicely served. The drink was not too strong nor was it too light. Perhaps an extra caffeine kick?

Caffe Latte (LKR 320)

Cutting back on caffeine? Not to worry. This drink has a smooth coffee flavour and a balanced good blend of espresso and milk.

Ice Creams

Fig and Honey (LKR 400)

I tasted the forest in this ice cream. It was a spoonful of authentic and cool honey melting away in your mouth. Perfectly balanced fig to honey ratio, this ice cream took me straight to my childhood. Had Yasmin’s served this flavour back in the days of A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh himself would hoard tubs of this nostalgic flavour. Like he says, “You don’t spell it. You feel it.” 

Pistachio-Almond (LKR 400)

Addressing a specific taste profile, the pistachio-almond ice cream comes with a good crunch. The nutrient-packed seed is versatile and the ice cream flavour does not disappoint. If you crack open one hundred shells of pistachios just to bite into that buttery crunchy seed, you’d know just how important this is. Both almond and pistachio flavours do ample justice to this unique ice cream. 

Chocolate and Almonds (LKR 400)

This one felt like biting into a big cakey chunk of rich chocolate ice cream. The soft crunch of almond shavings sealed the sweet deal. 

Coffee Almond Fudge (LKR 400)

A favourite out of the many ice cream flavours at Yasmin’s. The smell of coffee was very pleasant and the taste was no different. It was exquisitely flavoured and chewy. Almonds packed a great crunch. 

Salted Caramel (LKR 300)

The caramel flavour will take you by storm! A soft and smooth ice cream which looks like a dream, it is a powerful combination of exquisite yet subtle flavours.  

Vegan Vanilla Fudge Brownie (LKR 300)

Whoever said vegan ice cream flavours are boring, say your biggest hello to this one. It tasted just as great, or better with a chewy and gooey fudge greeting you here and there. Vanilla and chocolate flavours were in perfect balance.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie (LKR 300)

A scoop of notably rich and decadent chocolate flavoured ice cream. Brownie fans, prepare to be wowed. This just might be the best chocolate fudge ice cream you’ve tried in a while. The brownie overtakes the ice cream a little but you won’t regret it. Why? Because it is just so good. 

Tin Kiri (LKR 300)

Localising and playing with an interesting flavour, the Tin Kiri ice cream packs a bit of adventure. While it was not one of my favourites, it was subtle and mildly sweet. 


Rose Kulfi (LKR 300)

Life sure is no bed of roses but this Rose Kulfi is. Rosewater, rose oil, rose candles or Rose Dawson, you will find everything rose in here. An oriental flavour consisting of rosewater, nuts and cream the aroma will awaken senses you didn’t know you had. This ice cream can put me to sleep. It’s therapeutic. We highly prescribe!

French Vanilla (LKR 300)

Prominent vanilla sourced from the most exquisite regions of the world, this is a soothing and soft textured ice cream. While Yasmin’s has a variety of vanilla flavoured desserts, we suggest this for the ‘strict vanilla’ fans. 


Milo (LKR 300)

I knew it when I saw it. This was the ultimate Milo treat. Of course, there is never a replacement for our Sri Lankan mothers’ customary morning milo, but this is the best of both worlds. Milo powder sprinkled generously on top, this chocolate-malt creamy dessert is just wonderful. I see myself going back for more. I’ll see you there.

Decadent Chocolate (LKR 300)

The strongest chocolate flavoured ice cream out of everything we’ve tried. Texture and colour of the ice cream were extraordinary.  A true chocolate affair.

Praline and Creme (LKR 300)

Okay, this is nuts. Vanilla, cashew and almond nuts give you everything you need for a crunchy and creamy mouthfeel. One spoonful and you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

Coconut Creme (LKR 300)

This is the part where I say, “Yasmin’s stop”. Having tried a number of ice cream flavours, the Coconut Creme serves yet another brilliant taste. Coconut shavings add the perfect amount of soft crunch. At the same time, it is just so creamy! Take a tub of this exotic ice cream home and see how everyone falls in love. 


Strawberry Sorbet (LKR 300)

Dairy-free mouthwatering sorbet anyone? Well, here it is. Strawberries sourced from Jagro, the sorbet leaves a pleasant smoky aroma and taste. A light and satisfactory take on sorbets. 

Lemon Sorbet (LKR 300)

A tangy ball of snow! This is another dairy-free sorbet sure to make you feel like you are sipping on your favourite lemon mojito. The best way to beat any heat. 


Ice Cream Trifle (LKR 650)

Dreamy flavours layered on top of another for one decadent bite of heaven! The grapes, vanilla ice cream, cherry and sweet crumble made the presentation very appealing. A fruity concoction absolutely worth the price for a richly flavoured trifle. 

Chocolate Eton Mess (LKR 650)

Less fruity, more chocolatey! Did we like it? We loved it. Loads of chocolate mixed into a song of smooth flavours that sings away in your mouth. We’ll simply let you experience this one of a kind Eton Mess and await to hear your comments. 


Ribbon Cake (LKR 400)

Not the usual ribbon cake which is loaded in pretentious extra flavours. Subtle sweetness complementing with the moist cake, this is undoubtedly the best ribbon cake ever. Simplistic presentation, amazing cake. 

Perfect Chocolate Cake (LKR 450)

Well, the name says it all. This is your perfect slice of chocolate cake. It is a moist cake and rich chocolate flavour,  you may not be able to go over two pieces at one sitting. 

Coffee Cake (LKR 480)

This wins. You’ve tasted coffee cake but not this. Simple and beautiful presentation, the coffee cake is creamy smooth. I have nothing but love to give for this one. 


The interior is a hit! Modernity and tradition have come together so well, this is more than we had in mind.  Natural light lighting up the parlour by day and ample modern lighting by night, we fell for this whimsical place. Pastel coloured seating, designer pieces of retro artistic furniture, we highly recommend Yasmin’s to anyone looking for a sweet but healthy treat.  

Yasmin’s serves you all five Carino ice cream ranges – Crème, Addict, Guilt-Free (vegan), Chill Out, and After Dark. More than 50 Carino’s flavours will be rotated for the avid ice cream fans out there on a regular basis. Apart from the coffee-based drinks, you’ll find more beverages on their menu as well. Around 20 people can fit into this cosy hangout spot. Excellent for a unique date or meet-up with a friend(s).

Affordable luxuries and overall indulgent experience.

Tip: Go for the exotic flavours such as the coconut and rose kulfi for an oriental flavour ride. Do not fail to try the chocolate range.