Restaurant Reviews PappaRich Nawala | Restaurant Review

PappaRich Nawala | Restaurant Review

2022 Jul 23

Open Time:

11 a.m. to 11 p.m.


488, Nawala Road, Sri Jayawardenepura, Kotte


Opposite the Nawala Domino’s

Contact No

0712 910 910

Homely flavours but with an international twist

It’s always exciting to try out new cuisine, and it’s not every day that we can find good Asian food here in Colombo. PappaRich is a Malaysian owned restaurant chain geared towards sharing their flavours with the world, and their location in Nawala manages to do just that in a chilled-out and classy location.

We were obviously very excited to try out their food and the aromas that wafted by as we waited for our order were a sure sign that we were in for a treat.



Sambal omelette – Rs. 850 (4/5)

Who knew sprats (yes, that humble little fish that I don’t usually eat) and eggs made such a good pairing? This dish blew my mind mainly because it consisted of ingredients and flavours I was intimately familiar with, but they were concocted together in a way that I would not have ever thought of. The flavours were well balanced and this was a perfect high protein starter.


Chinese style butter chicken – Rs. 1800 (5/5)

OMG, this was out of this world! I always love trying out new ways of dressing up fried chicken, and this is certainly in my top five. This dish alone is a reason for you to come to PappaRich, and you have to try it out ASAP! It was buttery and creamy, and the curry leaves and garlic combined together to create a truly unique and comforting flavour profile.



Kway Teow beef with ginger – Rs. 1400 (4/5)

The delicate noodles, the rich broth and the flavourful beef combined together to make a comforting dish that I know I’ll be going back for. It was a truly big portion and would be perfect for sharing if you’re planning to order a bunch of things.


Curry Laksa – Rs. 1800 (4/5)

The first thing I noticed was the sheer size of the dish. It. Was. Massive! The second thing I noticed was the intoxicating aroma, which preceded the out-of-this-world flavour. The broth was unbelievably rich and the chicken was bursting with flavour. This is not a dish you should eat in a rush. It deserves your full respect and attention.


Kampung fried rice with egg, chicken wings and chicken satay – Rs. 1550 (5/5)

This is a dish you have to try! The fried rice, which I was told was based on a rural Malaysian recipe, was incredibly savoury and flavourful and unlike any fried rice I’ve had before. The chicken wings were some of the crispiest I’ve ever had, and the chicken satay was bursting with flavour. All these components came together to make a dish that was something I still think of to this day.


Roti with curry sauce – Rs. 800 (4/5)

A testament to the Indian influences in Malaysian cuisine, this was a comforting and familiar dish, but with its own twist. The roti was buttery and tender, and paired with the sauces it was DIVINE! It comes with a big portion of chicken, so it’ll satisfy your body, mind and soul.



ABC Special with ice cream – Rs. 700 (5/5)

Corn (yes, corn!) and beans in an ice-cream dish made this one of the most interesting desserts I’ve had in a long time. I was intrigued when I ordered the dish, and it managed to go beyond all expectations I had. It was a delight to discover. None of the contrasting flavour components overpowered each other, and they all worked together to make a truly pleasurable dessert experience.


Layer tea with pearls – Rs. 800 (4/5)

Tea is a quintessential part of Asian food culture, and this impressive-looking drink matched up to all our expectations. A strong brew that was both sweet and rich was the perfect pick-me-up.


Syrup Bandung jelly – Rs. 650 (5/5)

There’s no denying that I have a sweet tooth and love pretty drinks. Think of this as a less intense faluda that goes perfectly with a decadent meal. The sweetness and the rose flavour were perfectly balanced, and the jelly made it a fun treat.



PappaRich offers an elegant yet casual dining experience. The tall ceilings and the glass walls make the interior space feel bigger and more open, giving it a relaxing dining environment. The spacious outdoor area is ideal for private parties or casual evening/weekend get-togethers with friends. Adding to this is the fact that PappaRich is BYOB! The service was efficient, and the staff really made us feel at home.

Tip: The Kampung fried rice with egg, chicken wings and chicken satay is amazing value for money and came recommended by the chef.