Everything else.. Where to get Kavili in Colombo this Avurudu

Where to get Kavili in Colombo this Avurudu

2022 Apr 8

Avurudu is approaching soon and you know what that means! We finally get to eat our favourite Kavili. So, we’ve listed down several places that sell these scrumptious Sinhalese and Tamil New Year foods.


1. Kavili Street

Kavili Street is selling a Kavili Hamper for only LKR 1,000 containing 6 Karapincha Kokis, 3 Undu Valalu, 3 Mun Kavum, 3 Athirasa, 3 Kiri Aluwa, 3 Naran Kavum and 200g of Butter Cake.

Contact number – 0761 880 572

Facebook – @kavilistreet


2. The Dara Lipa

This place is named after the traditional Sri Lankan stove, a hearth made of clay. Located in Kandy, they deliver island-wide! You can either choose to buy their Avurudu festive pot for LKR 12,000 or make a custom box with Asmi (LKR 100), Dodol (LKR 50), Athirasa (LKR 70), Mung Kavum (LKR 70), Konda Kavum (LKR 70), Udu Valalu (LKR 70) and Kokis (LKR 20).

Contact number – 0777 913 266

Instagram – @the_dara_lipa

Facebook – @TheDaraLipa


3. Aunty D

Aunty D. is a full-time mom always cooking something up in the kitchen. This Avurudu she brings you 3 different Kavili boxes. These consist of Kokis, Konda Kavum, Mung Kavum, Naarang Kavum, Athirasa, Aasmi, Pol Toffee, Rulan, Undu Valalu, Kalu Dodol and Aunty D’s signature Vanilla Cake. The kavili and quantity vary for each box and are priced at LKR 4,500, LKR 6,900 and LKR 10,500.

Contact number –  0775 484 402 (pre-order before April 9th)

Delivery/Pickup available – Until April 12th

Instagram – @auntydlk


4. Five Star Bakers

With several outlets, they sell Kavili per piece. They offer Mung Kavum (LKR 50), Konda Kavum (LKR 55), Athirasa (LKR 45) and Kokis (LKR 20).

Contact number – 0112 733 967


5. Caravan Fresh

The cake and pastry shop offers a wide range of food items and Kavili are no exception. This Avurudu, they’re serving a special plate with 2 pieces of Kiribath, 1 Kokis, 1 Konda Kavum, 1 Kolikuttu banana and 1 piece of Butter Cake for LKR 420.

Contact number – 0719 721 484

Website – www.caravanfresh.lk


6. Upali’s by Nawaloka Colombo

Upali’s is THE place to experience authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. This Avurudu season, they’re selling Kavum (LKR 70) and Kokis (LKR 40).

Contact number – 0112 695 812

Website – www.Upalis.com

Facebook – @upalisbynawaloka


7. Kaha Bath Gedara

The Kaha Bath Gedara has 3 different hampers you can select from with a plethora of delicious Avurudu Kavili. The first hamper contains 200g of homemade Sinhala Achcharu, 500g of KBG Date Cake, 200g of KBG signature Kalu Dodol and 500g of Tangalle style Fish Ambulthiyal, all for LKR 7,900.

The second hamper contains 5 premium Kithul Honey Konda Kavum, 10 Rice Flour Kokis, 5 premium Mung Kavum, 3 Aasmi, 200g of homemade Sinhala Achcharu, 500g KBD signature Kalu Dodol, 200g KBG Cashew Milk Toffees and 5 Negombo Cashew Aluva, all for LKR 8,900.

Finally, the largest hamper for LKR 10,500 is filled with 10 premium Kithul Honey Konda Kavum, 10 Rice Flour Kokis, 10 premium Mung Kavum, 3 Aasmi, 5 Athirasa, 5 Negombo Cashew Aluwa, 100g Haalmasso Baduma, 200g homemade Sinala Achcharu and 200g KBG Milk Toffees.

You can even customise your hampers if you call them and ask.

Contact number – 0777 862 672

Facebook – @kahabathgedara


8. Green Cabin

Green Cabin also has great assortments of Avurudu food available and up for grabs. Their Avurudu basket is comprised of 6 Kavum, 6 Kokis, 6 Mung Kavum, 6 Thala Kerali, 1lb special Fruit Cake, 250g Kalu Dodol, 6 Pol Toffee and 3 Aasmi – it is priced at LKR 3,000.

You can also buy Kavili per piece: Kavum for LKR 80, Kokis for LKR 60, Mung Kavum for LKR 80, Aasmi for LKR 170, 500g of Kalu Dodol for LKR 1,000, 5 pieces of Pol Toffee for LKR 550 and Sinhala Achcharu for LKR 480. If you’re also looking for a couple of cakes to liven up your Avurudu table, Green Cabin has just what you’re looking for. They provide 1lb of their special Fruit Cake for LKR 1,200, 2lb of Bulath Kole design Cake for LKR 1,200 and 2lb of Happy New Year Cake for LKR 1,900.

Make sure to pre-order these items or visit their website for more!

Contact number –  0773 786 140 / 0773 423 863

Website – www.greencabin.lk

Facebook – @greencabin.lk 


9. Fab

The Fab has locations all over the country and is a staple for short eats within the island. They have an Avurudu Kavili and Sweets Hamper consisting of 4 Konda Kavum, 4 Mung Kavum, 4 Athirasa, 4 Kokis, 4 Milk Toffee, 4 Thala Guli, 4 Seeni Aluva, 4 Rulan Aluva, 4 Coconut Toffee, 1 Aasmi and 200g Kalu Dodol for the price of LKR 3,700. Make sure to pre-order before the 10th!

Contact number – 0740 852 734

Facebook – @Fabfood.lk

Website – www.thefab.lk


10. Sen Saal

Last but not least, Sen Saal is taking pre-orders for Avurudu Sweet Meats. A pack of 5 Mung Kavum is LKR 225, a pack of 5 Kavum is LKR 225, a pack of 10 Kokis is LKR 300, a pack of 5 Naran Kavum is LKR 275, a pack of 5 Athirasa is LKR 225, a pack of 5 Aluva is LKR 275, a pack of 5 Welithalapa is LKR 275, 100g of Dodol is LKR 120, a pack of 5 Kiri Aluva is LKR 375, a pack of 10 Milk Toffee is LKR 220 and a pack of 8 Pol Toffee is LKR 220. They deliver island wide!

Contact number – 0740 487 777

Facebook – @SenSaal


This year has been filled with its fair share of troubles, but the Sinhala and Tamil New Year is a time for family to gather and spend some time together. We hope our list has made your Avurudu planning slightly easier. Let us know if we’ve missed any places or you have any suggestions.