Everything else.. Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2022

Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2022

2022 Jan 5

In 2020 – 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic sparked many new trends in the way we live and do things. Whether it be in fashion, food, culture, business, technology or social media, we all looked forward to the year 2022 to choose which trends best suite us and discover how we could involve them to make the best versions of ourselves. So, here are a few trends that would be popular in this roaring year.

1. Health and Wellness

  • Yoga and Meditation

Along with the love for a holistic lifestyle, many people have grown a love for yoga and meditation during the pandemic. It not only helps you to relieve stress, but it also improves your physical and mental health. Here are a few spots that you could join to try yoga or meditation.

    • Body Bar

Phone – 0112 505 462

Instagram – @bodybar.lk

Facebook –@bodybar.lk

Address – 3 Jawatte Ave, Colombo 05.

    • Barressential

Phone – 0777 778 953

Address –  514/3 Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 05.

    • Mantra LIFE centre

Phone – 0112 883 356 | 0711 728 981

Instagram – @mantralifelk

Facebook- @mantralifelk

Address – 09, Thanthri Mawatha, Kotte Road, Ethul Kotte.

    • Prana Lounge

Phone – 0112 684 808

Website- Pranalounge.lk 

Instagram – @pranalounge

Facebook – @PranaLoungeHolisticHealthYogaMeditationColombo 

Address – no. 60 Horton place, Colombo 7.

    • The Om space

Phone – 0750 783 383

Website- goodmarketglobal.com

Facebook – @theomspace

Address – no. 185/10 havelock Road, Colombo 5.

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  • Personalised Nutrition

With the rise of multiple health concerns, personalised nutrition has gained more recognition. People are moving away from the ‘one diet suits all’ mentality as more and more research illuminates that we all have very unique metabolisms and nutritional needs. Based on biological evidence, you can now determine your food choices and nutrient requirements.

  • Medical and Wellness Apps

Due to the pandemic many of us were advised to remain in our homes and not travel outdoors unless it was completely necessary. As a result, most healthcare centres in Sri Lanka have pivoted towards providing their services through online mediums. Another trend that has become popular due to the pandemic is the use of medical apps that help you with your healthcare needs. Here are a few popular apps that might come in handy for you to use.

    • Flash Health – it is an app that offers medicine delivery, medical equipment and mobile lab testing services in Sri Lanka.
    • Echannelling – this app allows the public to book their medical appointments online and to arrange virtual doctor–patient consultations, cost effectively and conveniently.
    • oDoc – an app that lets you channel doctors, get medical advice and receive a prescription if needed, from the comfort of your home.
  • Natural Ingredient Incorporated Skin Care Products 

Another trend in the sphere of wellness is the demand for holistic, natural and cruelty free skin care products. Here are a few local brands that meet those expectations.

    • Spa Ceylon

Spa Ceylon has made its way towards popularity by pioneering in modern ayurvedic beauty by producing cruelty free, natural ingredient-based products. These products range from bath oils to moisturising lotions and balms to soothing body scrubs and cleansing balms.

Phone – 0112 338 111 0112 337 111

Website – spaceylon.com

Instagram –@spaceylonofficial

Facebook –@SpaCeylonAyurveda

    • Biseka

Organic handmade skin and hair care products that have been manufactured using indigenous medicines.

Phone –0767 613 017

Website – biseka.com

Facebook- @bisekaofficial

Instagram – @Biseka 

Address – no.108C Stanley Thilakarathne Mawatha, Nugegoda

    • Coffee Bean Body

A cruelty free, handmade and non-toxic beauty brand that consists of an array of natural body oils, scrubs and lotions.

Website – coffeebeanbody.com

Instagram- @coffeebeanbody

Facebook – @coffeebeanbody

    • Prevense skincare

A locally developed skin care brand owned by British Cosmetics that is vegan friendly and cruelty free. It has a range of skin care products that have been formulated to all types of skin.

Phone – 0772 303 030

Website- britishcosmetics.lk/prevense

Instagram- @prevenseskincare 

Facebook – @prevenseskincare

Address – no.174 Galle road, Dehiwala – Mount Lavinia.

    • Spice Island

Contact: 0112 307 212

Facebook: @spiceislandbeauty

Instagram: @spiceislandsl

Address: Level 15B, Parkland Building, No. 33, Park Street, Colombo 2.

    • Green Leaf Herbal

Contact: 0770 663 184

Facebook: @greenleafherbals

Instagram: School Ln, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.

    • Bodylicious by Shaakya

Contact: 0779 177 655

Facebook: @BODYLICIOUSSkincare

    • Bath Bliss Eco

Contact: 0778 752 774

Website: bathbliss.shopbox.lk

Facebook: @bathblisshandmade

    • Iris Garden

Contact: 0777 544 521

Facebook: @irisgardensl

Instagram: @irisgardensl

    • Home Waxer

Facebook: @homewaxersl

Instagram: @homewaxer

    • Cocolie

Contact: 0774 877 898 

Facebook: @cocolie.lk

Instagram: @cocolie_lk

Website: cocolie.lk

    • Tathya

Contact: 0777 107 743

Website: @Tribe/tathyaskincare.lk

Facebook: @tathyaskincare

Instagram: @tathyaskincare

  • Healthy Food

During COVID-19 many of us have grown more concerned about what we consume. Due to this, many people have turned towards gluten free and vegan food. Especially during the recent years, many restaurants and cafes have become popular in the Sri Lankan community by meeting these needs. So here are a few choices that you could try from to give your taste buds a culinary journey.

    • Willow café

A café that is famous for its smoothies and smoothie bowls that are not only nutritious but also organic and affordable. If you’re having a thirst to try a smoothie, Willow Café is the perfect place to indulge your taste buds.

Phone –  0764 913 939

Facebook – @willowcafe

Instagram – @willowcafe

Address – No. 43 Sri Sumanarama Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia.

    • Superfood Café

A café dedicated to making healthy wraps, vegan desserts and healthy food bowls. This menu has been curated to extend a balanced nutritional meal, packed with essential minerals and nutrients, that not only satisfies your food cravings but also consists of minimum calories.

Phone – 0766 668 177

Facebook – @superfoodlk

Instagram – @superfoodlk

Address –  NO.20A, Guilford Crescent, Colombo 7.

    • Café Kumbuk

This café offers dishes that are made with the freshest and healthiest ingredients that would leave you wanting more.

Phone – 0112 685 310

Website – cafekumbuk.com

Instagram – @cafekumbuk

Facebook – @cafekumbuk

Address – No. 3/1, Thambiah Avenue, Colombo 7.

    • Café Nuga

Situated in the heart of Colombo, this café is renowned for its take on organic and healthy fusion food. Not just that, it has an open kitchen in which you could witness how they combine the freshest ingredients to make the most mouthwatering dishes ever.

Phone –0773 445 377

Website – cafe-nuga.lk

Facebook –  @cafenuga

Instagram – @cafenuga 

Address – no. 52 Rosmead Place, Colombo 7.

    • Café Bagatelle

This café offers a menu that helps you to keep an eye on your calorie intake. This is also one of the few restaurants in Colombo that makes delicious meals while maintaining nutritional aspects.

Phone – 0112 503 339

Website- bagatellebakery.com

Instagram – @bagatellebakery

Facebook –@bagatellebakery 

Address – No.18 Batagalle road, Colombo 3.

    • Kol Kanda Osupan Shop

Address: 120 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7.

    • Health house by fit meals

Contact: 0777 141 786

Facebook: @fitmeals

Instagram: @fitmeals

Address: 2B, Reid Avenue, Race Course Ave, Colombo 7.

    • Seed Café

Contact: 0117 773 470

Facebook: @seedcafe

Instagram: @seedcafe

Address: 60 Horton Pl, Colombo 7.

    • Calorie Counter

Contact: 0706 777 111

Facebook: @caloriecounter

Instagram: @caloriecounter

Address: 59 Ward Pl, Colombo 7.

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  • Mental Health

Being confined to our homes for the most part, many of us have begun to notice how important mental health is. This is significant especially given that we live in a traditional country where people have long held a stigma of seeking mental health support. In the recent years many influencers have opened up about this topic and encouraged people to seek help or pay a visit to a mental health professional. Mental health counselling would not only help you to improve your quality of life but also to get a better understanding of yourself.

Many health care facilities provide a number of services including therapy sessions to the public.  Try checking out these places for mental health support.

    • Sumithrayo

Phone –0112 674 436

Website – sumithrayo.org

Address – 60/7, Horton Place, Colombo 7.

    • Shanthi Margam

Phone- 0717 639 898

Website- shanthimaargam.org 

Address- Gothami Rd, Colombo 8.

    • Arnaha Centre of Wellbeing

Phone – 0770 518 173

Website – arnahawellbeing.com

Address – 24/1, Maliban Aramaya Road Beddagana.

    • CCC (Courage, Compassion, Commitment) Foundation

Helpline – 1333

Website – cccfoundation.org

Address – 379/4, Galle Road, Colombo 03.


2. Fashion

  • Handloom and Batik Styles

Sri Lanka has pivoted towards more conscious fashion. What we’re talking about is handloom and linen clothes that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. These stores have dedicated themselves to making timeless fashion pieces while also celebrating the Sri Lankan culture and heritage in a unique manner.

    • Barefoot

Phone – 0112 589 305

Website – barefootceylon.com

Instagram –  @barefootceylon

Facebook – @barefootceylon

Address – no. 704 Galle Road, Colombo 03.

    • Kandygs Handloom

Phone – 0112 575 127 | 0112 554 858 | 0112 580 143

Website –kandygshandlooms.com

Facebook –@kandygshandlooms 

Instagram- @kandygshandlooms

    • Who We Are

Phone – 0765 444 474

Website –whoweare.lk

instagram –@whowearelk

Facebook –  @whowearelk

Address – no.73 Jawatta Road, Colombo 5.

    • Buddhi Batiks

Phone – 0112 689 488

Instagram – @buddhibatiks

Facebook – @buddhibatiks

Address – Ward Place, Colombo 7.

    • SALT

Contact: 0779 235 576

Website: salt.lk

Facebook: @saltbatiks

Instagram: @batiksbysalt

Address: 3, 1 Horton Terrace, Colombo 7.

    • Akira Batik

Contact: 0112 890 711

Website: akira.lk

Facebook: @akira.lk

Instagram: @akira_exclusive

Address: 53 Railway Avenue Nugegoda.

  • Sustainable Fashion

Better known as slow fashion, this is a new trend that brings about a more conscious lifestyle by creating sustainable clothing for everybody. To this end, many local brands have strived towards making clothes out of recycled or upcycled materials. Here are a few places where you could get sustainable clothing.

    • Derana By Tara

Phone – 0770 166 846 


Instagram- @deranabytara

Facebook – @deranabyrara

    • Selyn

Phone- 0777 937 810

Website- selyn.lk 

Facebook- @selynfairtrade  

Instagram- @selynfairtrade 

    • Pigeon Island

A resort wear brand that makes their swimwear out of recycled materials such as plastic bags or even water bottles. They also bring awareness about the threat towards marine endangerment in Sri Lanka.

Phone – 0772 696 788

Website – pigeonisland.co

Facebook page – @pigeonislandtropicalwear

Instagram – @pegion_island

    • House of Lonali 

Phone – 0778 562 858

Website – lonali.com

Facebook – @houseoflonali

Instagram –@houseoflonali 

Address – no.40 stratford avenue, colombo 7.

    • Don & Donna

Contact: 0771 256 167

Website: thedonndonna.com

Facebook: @thedonndonna

Instagram: @thedonndonna

    • LEO The Label

Website: leo-thelabel.com

Facebook: @leothelabel.sl

Instagram: @leo_thelabel

Address: 977/4/B, Dawatagahawatta Road, Pelawatta, Battaramulla.

  • Jewellery

Back in 2000s, the trend was ‘bigger is better’. But that saying seems to have changed in the recent years to ‘less is more’. Whether you just want to go out for a lunch with your date, or head out to a night event, minimalistic jewellery goes a long way in completing your outfit. Here are a few websites that you could check out to get your very own statement pieces.

    • Stoned Jewellery

Instagram –@stonedjewelry.official

    • Aadna Jewellery

Phone – 0778 809 890

Website- aadnastore.com

Instagram –@aadna.jewellery

Facebook –@aadna.jewellery

    • Tedora Jewels

Instagram –@tedorajewels

    • Atypical 

Instagram –@atypical.lk_


3. Communication and Social Media

  • Tiktok 

Since the majority of the world was confined to their homes, the TikTok platform has gained rapid popularity. It is still rising up the ranks in the social media world. According to Good Rebels, in 2022 TikTok may overtake Instagram due to its ever-growing crowd that mainly comprises Gen Z and millennials. Many influencers and companies are now turning to TikTok as a platform to promote their content and advertise their brands in a series of short form videos.

  • Instagram

Instagram is the new Facebook due to its popularity among the Gen Z community. A research conducted by HubSpot states that Instagram and twitter would remain popular and be an important asset to businesses. Besides that, many other organisations have put Instagram to good use by tackling controversial topics and bringing awareness about them.

  • Local Influencer Marketing

With the growing pool of local influencers, brands and companies have switched towards reaching the younger generation through influencer marketing. It has been considered one of the most effective marketing techniques in the recent years. Influencers such as Asherah Gomez, Senali De Silva, Senuri Rupasinghe, Tesaarah and Senani Gunatilleke have put their social media accounts into good use by promoting brands that they believe in, while also creating a safe environment for their followers.

  • Directly Out of Their Page

In recent times, social media shopping has risen significantly. Social media platforms are being used by the public to discover new brands and products. With this has come the option of in-app shopping without taking the user to another website off the app.

4. Work and Financial Trends

  • Self-employment

With the rise of the pandemic, many people lost their jobs. This has given rise to the trend of many people starting small businesses and working for themselves. Entrepreneurship has become a popular way of gaining income especially among the younger generation. Another advantage of being self-employed is the ability to balance work and life.

  • Work from Home Culture

Many companies in Sri Lanka are now exploring ‘remote working’ given the uncertain nature of the pandemic. To facilitate working from home, many innovations have come up in the online and tech spheres.


5. Tech Trends

  • Contactless Experiences

Due to health guidelines and regulations that were put in place by the government, contactless tools and contactless delivery have been gaining immense popularity. Many popular food apps such as PickMe Food and Uber Eats have been taking over the food delivery sectors in Sri Lanka. People have also switched to making all their payments (electricity bills, water bills, shopping bills, etc.) online. Speaking of contactless experiences, recently Keells launched its newest branch at Lauries, Duplication Road, which features Sri Lanka’s first ever self-checkout shopping experience.

  • Metaverse

So, what is a ‘Metaverse’? In simple terms, it’s a virtual reality platform that allows users to interact with other users in a computer generated environment that enables them to exchange or buy digitally using crypto currencies. Facebook and several other platforms are taking steps towards making this a reality.

  • Smart Wearables

With new gadgets being developed every day, one growing technological trend in Sri Lanka in 2022 will be smart wearables. An example of this are smart watches that can be used for everything from texting and calling to monitoring your heart rate and blood sugar levels.

  • Number Portability

For those who are wondering what number portability is, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Basically it’s the ability to switch from one service provider to another while keeping the same mobile number. Recently, Sri Lanka granted legal approval to implement number portability. Already service providers such as Dialog and Airtel have taken steps to implement this.

  • Cryptocurrency

You heard it! Sri Lanka is ready to implement the use of cryptocurrency. So what is crypto currency? It’s a digital currency using which secure payments could be done and recorded by the system. Here are 5 trusted online cryptocurrency exchanging operations that are carried out in Sri Lanka that you could try.

    • Kraken – an app that consists of an international market and very strategic investors on board.
    • Binance – one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in world. It became popular due to the handsome number of cryptocurrencies they offer.
    • Gate.io – established in 2013, this is another platform that offers secure bitcoin and crypto exchange.
    • Coinmama – with this leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, anyone can buy and sell crypto with credit card, debit card or a bank transfer.
    • Paxful – consisting of diverse payment methods and a special person-to-person marketplace, it enables the customers to buy or sell bitcoins in all currencies.
  • 3D Printing

This is a process in which manufacturers would make a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model. It’s typically a fast process with low manufacturing costs that can create complex structures quickly compared to the traditional technologies.

  • Shifting to Renewable Energy

With global warming becoming a serious concern, and fossil fuels being an expensive and limited resource, the demand has risen towards renewable energy. Renewable energy includes hydropower (energy from water), biomass, solar power and wind. Being a tropical country, Sri Lanka is fortunate enough to have an abundant supply of these.

  • Vertical Agriculture 

It’s a farming method where produce is grown vertically in stacks or on a wall. This tackles the problem of space faced by farmers. With vertical agriculture, agricultural lands could be more efficiently utilised. Here are a few Sri Lankan brands that employ vertical agriculture.

    • Honest Greens

Contact: 0117 024 251

Facebook: @honestgreens.asia

    • Earth Bar

Contact: 0773 679 889

Address: Samagi Mawatha, 11222.

  • VR Exercise

Virtual Reality could be beneficial especially with regards to health. As many of us lack the motivation or the discipline to stick to a workout regime, VR can help people workout while indulging in engaging and exciting games. Isn’t it a real win-win?

  • Drone Delivery

The growing demand for delivery services may raise the issue of finding adequate drivers to make deliveries efficiently and in a timely manner. Welcome to drone deliveries! We are now able to use aerial transport to deliver packages on time and with accuracy. These drones are being operated remotely with operators overseeing several drones at once

There we go folks! Be sure to use these trends in 2022 to uncover your best life. Have we missed any exciting trends to look out for? Do let us know!