Everything else.. A Definitive Guide to Rehabilitation Centres in Sri Lanka

A Definitive Guide to Rehabilitation Centres in Sri Lanka

2021 Jun 26

By definition, rehabilitation centres help individuals in restoring their mental and physical health through training and therapy. More often than not, taking the step to actively seek help or support can be intimidating and cumbersome. Here in Sri Lanka, there are a plethora of centres equipped and tasked with handling a whole range of issues, from substance abuse and addiction to trauma. All these centres help with integrating individuals back into society and ingraining in them a sense of happiness and dignity.

Below is a list of well-established rehabilitation facilities across Sri Lanka:

Jayaviru Samadhi Rehabilitation Institute

Under the purview of the Department of Social Services, the Jayaviru Samadhi Rehabilitation Institute seeks to give young drug addicts the opportunity to contribute to the country’s national development by weaning them away from drugs by means of education and awareness.

Their services include group programmes, yoga practices for physical wellbeing, religious programmes, family counselling, vocational training to help integrate into society, sports programmes as well as activities associated with the environment.

Phone: 0363 362 126

Email: jayawirusewanasamadhi@gmail.com

Address: Jayaviru Samadhi Institute, North Ambalamwatta, Puwakpitiya

Mithuru Mithuro Movement

Mithuru Mithuro, meaning “compassionate friends”, is dedicated towards eradicating drug abuse in Sri Lanka. It has 10 centres across three districts in the country that conduct outreach programmes, vocational training programmes, nutrition programmes and meditation centres.

Phone: 0452 276 000

Email: rev.bodhi123@gmail.com

Address: Mithuru Mithuro Movement, Rilhena, Pelmadulla

Sahana Madura

Sahana Madura is a rehabilitation and healing centre that offers solace to victims of trauma that stems from a variety of causes. These causes could include political upheavals, impacts of war and personal trauma among others. The centre offers various counselling services and also has a residential treatment centre that offers rehabilitation through live-in health care and therapy. The residents follow a daily timetable that consists of spiritual, mental and physical therapy, which helps instil a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

It is important to note that there are certain criteria to be met in order to become a resident:

  1. Must be above 18 years of age.
  2. Must have a legal guardian.
  3. Must have a history of mental illness with clinical records detailing the illness.
  4. Must be able-bodied in order to carry out basic tasks by themselves.

Phone: 0112 235 359

Address: Sahana Madura, St. Anthonys Rd., Ja-Ela

Sithnivana Mental Health Rehabilitation and Counselling Centre

A non-profit organisation that promotes mental health counselling, rehabilitation, psychology and psychotherapy. The centre offers care for residential and non-residential clients suffering from long term mental illness. Sithnivana also provides residential care for senior citizens.

Phone: 0385 684 985 / 0385 686 022 / 0775 802 969

Email: sithnivana@gmail.com

Address: 260, Uyanwatta Road, Uyanwatta, Raigama, Bandaragama. 

Bethesda Reincarnation Centre

A faith-based non-profit organisation that seeks to enlighten the lives of victims who have fallen to various social ills, mainly those of drug abuse. The treatment centre’s approach in creating a drug free society comprises different activities under the guidance of the board members and the supportive staff.

Phone: 0719 423 916 / 0312 235 715

Email: bethesdareincarnation@gmail.com

Address: 60/14, Pathimawatta, Dalukotuwa, Kochchikade

Child Rehabilitation Centre

A non-profit organisation that works to support women and children who are helpless and underprivileged to step out into society with a sense of empowerment. It provides an array of services that include education, research and numerous other projects. 

Phone:  0771 445 821

Email: crcampara@yahoo.com

Address: No. A/03, Sri Dammaratana Mawatha, Ampara