Everything else.. Embracing a Family Culture of Positivity and Growth during COVID-19.

Embracing a Family Culture of Positivity and Growth during COVID-19.

2021 Feb 9

‘Family’ stands the tallest amidst all uncertainty. Covid-19, the pandemic that shook the strongest of nations in 2020 has continuously proved the very same. Nobody escaped its effects despite how we perceive our social, economical or cultural differences. The world transformed in a blink of an eye, and COVID-19 cares less about who we are.

Discover, Accept and Act!

Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool in trying times. Handed over to us by our first nurturers, it drives every move we’ll ever make. There has never been a time so ideal to practice this very skill than right now. Within our own homes, the pandemic has us relentlessly guessing and worrying. Discovering, accepting and acting on the ‘unfamiliar’ developments have proven to be the biggest challenges. Isolation, managing finances, homeschooling, health care, deprivation of social life and more have long-lasting effects which need to be constructively managed. Tapping into individual energies of the young and old in a family unit is of great importance now more than ever. We understand that it isn’t easy. But achievable? Indeed.

“A critical element of maintaining a healthy emotional state in children is to have parents or care-takers being available to them emotionally. This means paying attention to their problems and validating their emotions whenever they express them. In Sri Lanka, parents need to be more aware of this and consider it a serious issue without letting children grow out of it.

Consultant Child Psychiatrist at Lady Ridgeway Hospital and a member of the Colombo Medical Faculty, Dr. Dulangi Dahanayake states the above, identifying the timely physical and mental challenges of both children and adults. Setting healthy family practices and creating a safe platform for expressing emotions should not be overlooked. Your child needs reassurance that you will understand and support them through their mental struggles more than you think!

What You Can Do When Your Children Speak and Don’t

The “All-Screen” culture entered our homes with good intentions. But it could also mean that we take one step back from certain family values. The time spent in e-learning and on-screen entertainment is better if regulated. Positively gained peace of mind is hard to come by and knowing when something is excessive, is important. Setting screen times, sleep schedules, healthy eating and partaking in activities together and showing them you are capable of being in ‘their shoes’ are key. Building trust and communicating support during these times are always the best gifts we can give our children and ourselves.

If you need professional support, be mindful of your resources as well. School counsellors, virtual counsellors and physical appointments with professionals at hospitals and organisations are available to help you navigate. Identifying the need, however, is our responsibility.

Moving Forward, Invest in ‘Honda Leda’

Physical and mental health are both the driving force to a fulfilled life. We still live in a time where mental health discussions often get shut behind doors and perhaps, remain online. As a brand thriving to create constructive conversation on mental health on all platforms, Softlogic Life believes in positive dialogue that leads to action. With its award-winning ‘Leda Leda’ campaign, ‘Honda Leda’ (good sicknesses) now encourages a supportive culture within family units. With a global pandemic at our hands, we all need to be equal participants in family activities and nurture healthy practices with children. A closely knitted family surrounded with positive energy is the future investment we need, and it’s time to act on it!