Everything else.. Protecting Our Ocean with Pearl Pacify

Protecting Our Ocean with Pearl Pacify

2021 Nov 2

“One drop of water helps swell the ocean… none are too small, too feeble, too poor to be of service. Think of this and act.”

Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa is the first-ever university-based Rotaract Club in Sri Lanka that was initiated with a fraternity of sixteen young undergraduates. It has now grown up to a membership of over 200 members.

Some major milestones in Rotaract Mora’s glorious history of 25 years are:

  • The Most Outstanding Club of Rotary International District 3220 for 7 consecutive years
  • 7 times Rotary International Award Winner

“Pearl Pacify 1.0” is the first-ever initiative brought forward by a university-based club, based on the dreadful X-Press Pearl ship disaster that happened on the 20th May 2021. X-Press Pearl caught fire off the coast of Colombo causing a huge, irreversible disaster where the vessel was engulfed in flames by 27th May and declared a total loss.

By the initiative Pearl Pacify, we as a club, aim to come up with all the possible solutions to minimise the adverse effects caused by the disaster. Hundreds of tons of oil in the ship’s tanks could devastate nearby marine life and beaches inevitably. So with regards to this major prevailing issue, Pearl Pacify plays a great role in making attempts to heed our obligation to nature.

The project is carried out under three main phases; Global Solution Research Competition, Nurdle Collecting Campaign and Finally Evaluating the Winning Solution, helping educate people to take accurate measures to prevent the spread of effects of the disaster.

Pearl Pacify, being implemented with the collaboration of the Pearl Protectors and Interact Club of Isipathana College, encloses a huge stretch, building up team spirit, leadership qualities and interactions among one another as well as different clubs and leading associations both within the country and abroad.

Phase one includes the Global Recovery Solution Competition, webinar series conducted by top-tier persons in the specific fields and the award ceremony to reward with prizes and appreciate the winners. The competition is named “Competencia”, mainly focusing on bringing up innovative solutions to prevent disasters like X-Press Pearl ship-fire, minimising the adverse effects of disasters after being caused and educating people about the necessary measures they could take to ensure the betterment of the marine life and conserve the scenic beaches and the ocean.

The competition will be held under two main categories with Individual and Group participation. Submissions will be judged under three sections as the Most Innovative Solution, the Most Strategic Solution and the Best Solution in Terms of Legislation. Winners will be rewarded with cash prizes and will be acknowledged as The Mastermind, The Administrator and The Trailblazer for the three sections respectively. Soon after the competition is held, team Pearl Pacify plans on converting the official website into a disaster recovery hub and all the submissions will be categorised and uploaded under above mentioned 3 categories in order to edify the citizens in the society, government authorities and other organisations.


Under the second phase, The Nurdle Collecting Campaign, the procedure is being carried out by starting off with registration, recycling the collected nurdles and acknowledging the participants. Team Pearl Pacify being involved with Rotaractors, Interactors and the Pearl Protectors, are looking forward to having the nurdle collecting campaign in the affected coastal areas and all volunteers are welcome to join the campaign. Kindly check out the link we have mentioned at the end of the article to join our official WhatsApp group for the event if you’re willing to participate.

Phase three consists of assessing sustainable and feasible solutions for the matter and bringing ideas and innovative solutions into practice. The aim is to choose the best and the most approachable solution from the factual submissions we gain from the competition and take immediate steps to implement it and put it into action.

To incorporate these strategic ways of approaching the appropriate solutions to overcome disasters like this and save the ocean and marine life, make Pearl Pacify a unique turning point for a practically approachable and groundbreaking change! Let’s not hesitate to make it happen!

Website – http://Pearlpacify.rotaract.social

Guidelines for the competition – https://rotaract.social/Guidelines_Competencia

Nurdle collecting campaign registration form – https://tripetto.app/run/9NV9ZUTW6P

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pearlpacify1.0

Instagram – @pearlpacify1.0