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Savings vs. Insurance: What’s the right path for Higher Education in Sri Lanka?

2019 Apr 2

As a parent, one of the most defining and memorable moments of your life is when you see your child graduate – to have the potential to live out their dreams and have an even better life than you.

However, to get to see this moment and give your child that opportunity is no easy feat. One of the major obstacles faced in terms of providing a higher education -that is now more vital than ever in order to be successful – is the financial barrier.
With state university selections becoming more and more challenging, the only other alternative would be private higher education institutions (either local or international) that come with the baggage of a very high cost.

However, there’s no doubt that there are many places out there that are willing to lend a hand, but, how do you decide which is the most profitable and secure investment?

One that aims to protect and provide for your child and your family understanding that plans change and life plays out in the most unexpected ways?

Union Assurance offers an Investment plan for your child’s higher education that not only provides the necessary financial assistance for that purpose but it has the added benefits of an Insurance that provides protection afterwards as well.

With a mere savings plan, there is no benefit of protection provided.

Their Higher Education Plan has an enhanced return in a number of ways –

• Funds invested in the Company’s Life Fund, which are professionally managed with a past track record of attractive returns.

• 100% of distributable investment yield of the Life Fund credited as dividend to the holder’s individual Investment Account.

• Guaranteed minimum dividend declared at the beginning of each calendar year with Union Assurance ensuring that the actual declared dividend will not fall below the minimum guaranteed for the given year.

• The Individual Investment Account accumulating monthly with dividends to enhance returns.

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Life is something that we can never be certain about and is not straight cut; the best that you can do as a parent is to plan your family’s future to be able to withstand any adversity or change.The investment plan offered by Union Assurance allows you to do just that – it is flexible and will stand to protect your family’s future in the case of any unplanned emergency or even a mere change of heart.
You can rest easy knowing that your child’s future is in the hands of one of the most awarded companies in the industry, even on an international scale, and a professionally managed and trained team that is guaranteed to do their utmost to see you and your child’s dreams come to life.